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12-31-05-08: Face sculpting plus 2 other cams open

avi files on sculpting

12-31-05 Demo Log Index

norajean_sf: saving log, brb
bluebell5071: oh I saw that in PC today
lunytuner: Sheesh ...did I ever screw up that
message...I read about the bowls on the log sent to
the list...made me join the web cam demos.
bluebell5071: that weave cane
bluebell5071: my PolymerCafe came toay
bluebell5071: thats pretty too
bluebell5071: I cant spell either
vlady6us: this cane started out like one in the new
poly. cafe
lunytuner: lol! it's just to much excitemnet for an
old fart like me! Can't talk...=))
vlady6us: lol
bluebell5071: lol
pcajenny: lol
norajean_sf: back, had to respond to a new poster
norajean_sf: Shall I do another face?
raven_hill_wench: I made a nose!
norajean_sf: I got an hour before I have to put Gerald
to bed.
norajean_sf: Good Girl!!
vlady6us: ok
pcajenny: for those who are interested, I will be
working on this and more canes almost constantly for
the next 2 weeks
vlady6us: i am jenny
pcajenny: anytime you want to watch, just buzz me
minimadness423: sounds like a quilt show coming up
pcajenny: yep
bluebell5071: that'll be fun
pcajenny: Road to California, in Ontario CA, I leave
on January 15th
raven_hill_wench: I really need those tools
bluebell5071: I love those tools
bluebell5071: I want them so bad
lunytuner: I was just gonna ask you about Gerald and
Hilda. Give those two wonderful folks an exra hug for
nndewbre: Hey CNN wants an invite to your webcams,
they want to know how everyone is celebrating New
Years.  <g>
tlt1946 has joined the conference.

vlady6us: hi terry
pcajenny: Hi terry
tlt1946: Hi ..........holy it party time?
pcajenny: yep I am extruding 54 rods
pcajenny: for this cane
nndewbre: It's getting close on the east coast
pcajenny: in 13 separate colors
tlt1946: yeeks.......can I see please
You have invited tlt1946 to view your webcam.

raven_hill_wench: ok the nose trick worked for me but
what about an eye trick and a mouth trick?
vlady6us: another 45 minutes or so
nndewbre: and a chin trick
norajean_sf: Let's introduce ourselves to each other,
first name and location please
raven_hill_wench: lol
norajean_sf: NoraJean, San Francisco
raven_hill_wench: Shawna, Detroit
vlady6us: sandie florida
nndewbre: Norma, Georgia
buffy10207: Diane - Iowa
bluebell5071: Shirley in Mississippi
creationsbypat: Pat P'cola FL
wingsbe2: Mary in Indy
pcajenny: Jenny Pat NW Minnesote
wwpeabody: Peabody Washington state
nndewbre: Where in Washington peabody? I was born in
wwpeabody: diane where in Iowa
posey4u: Marsha Clearfield,PA
norajean_sf: I got to send a picture of my monitor to
buffy10207: council bluffs
wwpeabody: Gig Harbor
norajean_sf: brb
vlady6us: ok
wwpeabody: I'm in Desmoines right now
nndewbre: Oh man, haven't heard that name in 40 years.

buffy10207: I have family in Knoxville..just south of
tlt1946: I'm
buffy10207: youre a long way from home
wwpeabody: why
vlady6us: how come terry
creationsbypat: Peabody, did I ever ask you if you had
seen my daughter on King 5?
nndewbre: just wondered. Still get homesick
tlt1946: lol.....too many windows popped at one time
and I didn't know where I was!
vlady6us: lol
tlt1946: took me a minute to realize that Jenny was
demoing in Nora's chat.........:D
wwpeabody: No, why was she on tv
vlady6us: lol terry
lunytuner: Jenny, I gotta tell you honey ...with  all
you are doing it kind of makes the "instant
gratification" of clay to be  a mere myth! LOL!
creationsbypat: She is the evening meterologist anchor
pcajenny: LOL
donnarae44 has left the conference.

pcajenny: that's true
lunytuner: Lunytuner (Michele)Tavares, Florida
pcajenny: some canes will take me days and days to
creationsbypat: Rebecca Stevenson the weather girl
wwpeabody: cool,but dont watch much news
creationsbypat: LOL she is on every evening
creationsbypat: we miss her down here in FL
wwpeabody: heard the name though
creationsbypat: she did theater, tv commercials, etc
for some years
wwpeabody: news and weather people moe alot
tlt1946: boy, that ez squeeze is the cat's meow!
wwpeabody: talent runs in your family
creationsbypat: she has been in Seattle nearly 15 yrs
creationsbypat: it seems to
wwpeabody: thats movelol
wwpeabody: does she like it  there
creationsbypat: she must to be there this long
norajean_sf: Anderson Cooper at CNN said send a
picture of our New Year's Eve celebration
norajean_sf: So I sent him a picture of my monitor
with three webcams open
vlady6us: where do u send it to
vlady6us: oh wow.way cool
norajean_sf: I cc'd it to COCpictures
vlady6us: thats awesome
norajean_sf: Let's see if he shows it on the news. I
might be at Hilda's when it happens
norajean_sf: but it's a shot, he just asked a few
minutes ago and I sent it right away.
norajean_sf: Hopefully it'll be one of the first they
norajean_sf: he he he
vlady6us: cool
norajean_sf: I caught the picture when everyone was
introducing themselves
wwpeabody: neat
vlady6us: lol
norajean_sf: If you're subscribed to COCP you'll see
the pix
raven_hill_wench: cool
vlady6us: cocp?
vlady6us: oh duh. nm
wwpeabody: lol
creationsbypat: oops got booted
lunytuner: I got it TV and Anderson Cooper on now!
norajean_sf: Thank you for submitting material for use
on CNN programming. Visit to see the
terms of use and for further information.

norajean_sf: Just got that back after sending
vlady6us: cool
norajean_sf: Now I'll continue on this face here.
Just had to give it a try to get our webcam demo on
raven_hill_wench: my little face has a huge chin
norajean_sf: make the chin and jaw line before doing
the face
norajean_sf: that's a trick I use
raven_hill_wench: I fixed it
norajean_sf: it keeps things from getting out of hand
and the faces looking like Jay Leno
raven_hill_wench: rofl thats what it looked like
lunytuner: I think the chin and jaw are the hardest
parts to do.
raven_hill_wench: Im having trouble with the eyes and
raven_hill_wench: but he has a nose!
creationsbypat: wish I could stay but I have to be at
work in the morning, early, so don't get to party with
your guys tonight.
lunytuner: The part NJ is doing now is difficult for
me to do.
wingsbe2: see ya pat
creationsbypat: hope to catch a demo later
vlady6us: night pat. happy new year
creationsbypat: Happy new year to you all
lunytuner: Happy New Year Pat!
bluebell5071: bye Pat
wwpeabody: byehappy new year
creationsbypat: Thanks, Jenny and NJ
lunytuner: Sandie...I can see why this bowl is taking
longer...the canes are a lot smaller!
creationsbypat has left the conference.

vlady6us: some of them are less than 1/4"
lunytuner: That's really small but it's going to be so
pretty and intricate!
bluebell5071: so were we on CNN?
vlady6us: ty michele
raven_hill_wench: my little guy is starting to look
lunytuner: Looking pretty Jenny!
pcajenny: lol
tlt1946: wow Jenny!
pcajenny: 5 colors to go!!
vlady6us: oh wow jenny
pcajenny: this cane is gonna be HUGE
pcajenny: but that's ok,
pcajenny: I just hope my customers like ti
pcajenny: it
lunytuner: Industrial strength Cane!
tlt1946: MONSTER Cane strikes again!!!
pcajenny: LOL
tlt1946: Um, you figured out ahead how you're gonna
reduce the puppy?
minimadness423: KathyL - Kentucky...okay I'm late for
roll call...Mom tried to "choke to death" on popcorn.
one of the hulls got stuck on the back of her throat
and refused to budge.  I've been sitting in there
supervising the rest of the bag of popcorn.
tlt1946: :D
lunytuner: With all those gorgeous colors they are
gonna love it!
bluebell5071: Oh Kathy, how scarey
okeedokey55 has joined the conference.

vlady6us: hi jeanne
okeedokey55: hey
minimadness423: she wasn't really choking...just
couldn't quit coughing and couldn't knock that one
aggrivating hull spite of the fresh glass
of tea.
vlady6us: hey everyone. this is a friend of mine from
central fl also
lunytuner: Hey Jean... Happy New Year!
minimadness423: wouldn't the monster cane make a
terrific skinner?
pcajenny: time to go do some stretches, be back in a
few minutes
okeedokey55: Hello how's everyone this Year?
minimadness423: you mean something other than
stretching clay?
vlady6us: fine so far
vlady6us: hey jeanne look at t his
okeedokey55: Great
pcajenny: yeah gotta go stretch my back
lunytuner: There's quite a few of us Central
Floridians here tonight. We know how to celebrate!!
You have invited okeedokey55 to view your webcam.

okeedokey55: Wow, that's really pretty
vlady6us: ty
norajean_sf: Who's on the East Coast?
norajean_sf: It's almost time to ring in the New Year
vlady6us: i have 7 baked and 2 more ready to bakd
vlady6us: almost nj
raven_hill_wench: east coast here
vlady6us: there are 3 of us from florida
lunytuner: I know why everyone was
raving about your beautiful bowls!!
vlady6us: thank you michele
norajean_sf: it's about time for you East Coasters
tlt1946: wis here, only 10:40
vlady6us: i made my first one yesterday michele
norajean_sf: 8:42 here in San Francisco
okeedokey55: getting close to the count down
vlady6us: yep
lunytuner: That's amazing Sandie! You are a quick
okeedokey55: hubby's in bed already
vlady6us: i experimented michele
wingsbe2: It's about 18 mins away for us  :)
vlady6us: oh bummer jeanne
raven_hill_wench: my hubby is working
vlady6us: mine is in idaho
okeedokey55: that's ok...we celebrated early! :)
vlady6us: LOL
lunytuner: Ny hubby is usually in bed by 9 but he is
trying to tough it out tonight. LOL!
vlady6us: mine should be calling at midnight
okeedokey55: Where's he at tonight Sandie?
vlady6us: idaho
vlady6us: has to be in portland monday

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