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12-31-05-09: Rang in for the East Coast

12-31-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: saving log, brb
vlady6us: ok
okeedokey55: wow, that's a ways to go before Monday
vlady6us: naw hes almost there
okeedokey55: k, good
vlady6us: he started out in arkansas
okeedokey55: oh
lunytuner: See what happens when you experiment
Sandie?  That's the best part cause you never know
what you are going to end up with!
vlady6us: of course it all depends on the weather
pcajenny: bk
vlady6us: yeah it is michelle...its really fun
okeedokey55: Hey I've got to make some switchplates
that look like granite and marble.  Has anyone ever
tried that?
norajean_sf: back
bonsaikathy has joined the conference.

vlady6us: try granitex jeanne
You have invited bonsaikathy to view your webcam.

vlady6us: wb nj
minimadness423: Look whose back!
vlady6us: hi kathy..wb
norajean_sf: Hey Bonsai Kathy
norajean_sf: we have three cams open
okeedokey55: I have used that before and like it too
norajean_sf: me, Sandie and PCAJenny
bonsaikathy: HI there, thanks KathyL
vlady6us: me too. i think it might be hard to find tho
stargazer_sbpcg has joined the conference.

bluebell5071: hey Kathy
norajean_sf: Jean is on the Scene
minimadness423: Hey Stargazer!
vlady6us: hi jean
bonsaikathy: yeah home now thank goodness
norajean_sf: Hey Stargazer/Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: Wahoo!!!
pcajenny: yeah Jean!!
stargazer_sbpcg: been trying to get in for awhile...
pcajenny: finally
tlt1946: lol Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: NJ has the MAGIC touch!!
norajean_sf: No kidding, what was the problem, Jean?
bonsaikathy: what a week, now it will get dead for the
most part for 3 months
stargazer_sbpcg: the room thought i was still there...
stargazer_sbpcg: Yahoo had crashed...
vlady6us: lol
pcajenny: I see 2 of stargaze on my list
stargazer_sbpcg: hmm  i only see one of me... 
norajean_sf: Oh that happens. Most folks got to reboot
from scratch to get their evil twin out of the
conference room.
norajean_sf: I only see one of you too
stargazer_sbpcg: so i'm not sure if i've been cloned
or not...
stargazer_sbpcg: yes, i did reboot.
minimadness423: I just see one of stargazer...but I
was one of the crazy ones to upgrade Messenger
bonsaikathy: nice sculpt NJ
bluebell5071: you are not showing as on line on mine
stargazer_sbpcg: i have the upgraded version too
stargazer_sbpcg: no, i'm currently invisible...
norajean_sf: Thanks BK, just warming up for the face
sculpting demo coming up
bonsaikathy: Sandie whatcha making
vlady6us: another bowl
posey4u: hey guys its almost time here in the east
norajean_sf: Sandie has those lovely bowls.
okeedokey55: woo hoo
pcajenny: thats looking great Sandie
vlady6us: thank you nj and all
bonsaikathy: oh cool
norajean_sf: Yes, 10 minutes to Midnight for the East
vlady6us: gonna do tiny flowers on the inside
pcajenny: jean you have your cam on now?
stargazer_sbpcg: yes
okeedokey55: pretty Sandie
nndewbre: I gotta get some more FIMO clay, this sculpy
is too soft.  NJ, how does the Premo compare to FIMO
in firmness?
vlady6us: all shades of blue i think
stargazer_sbpcg: and i'm visible now
stargazer_sbpcg: i like those colors, Jenny
nndewbre: 10 minutes to go
norajean_sf: Server says busy again for Stargazer
pcajenny: well I have 5 more colors to extrude yet
bonsaikathy: I can't wait to take pictures of the wine
goblet I covered for hubby for CHristmas
vlady6us: cant wait to see it kathy
bonsaikathy: I'll be sure to share it with the list
norajean_sf: Jean I sent a picture of my monitor to
CNN when they asked for how folks are celebrating
their New Year's Eve
bonsaikathy: they are great fun to make
vlady6us: hey jeanne. this is a combination of two
different groups on here tonight
stargazer_sbpcg: awesome, NJ!
bonsaikathy: cute NJ
norajean_sf: some of us are tuned into CNN to see if
the picture gets shown
stargazer_sbpcg: hey, we're all clayers...   lol
stargazer_sbpcg: oh neato...
vlady6us: guess i will have to put that on my list
then kathy
okeedokey55: I see that...this is pretty cool...I
thought NJ said there was 3 cams
stargazer_sbpcg: well, 4
vlady6us: jenny and nj have their cams on
stargazer_sbpcg: sandie, jenny, NJ, and me
okeedokey55: really...I gotta get with the times here
stargazer_sbpcg: hee-hee
vlady6us: can u guys get jeanne on your cams..shes
sorta new at this stuff
norajean_sf: 7 minutes and counting
stargazer_sbpcg: oops, gotta check the pie in the
oven...  brb...
vlady6us: hey. nj..jeanne is a great sculptor also
norajean_sf: for the East Coast
okeedokey55: kinda...I have NJ
pcajenny: what is Jeanne's ID?
vlady6us: oh cool jeanne
okeedokey55: captured magic
pcajenny: there are so many on the list I don't know!
bonsaikathy: yup 7 minutes to the ball drop and to me
dropping lol
vlady6us: i cant go to bed til after 2
okeedokey55: why??
pcajenny: hmmm I don't know if I have her listed as a
vlady6us: have to pick stepson up at work
bonsaikathy: boy I sure can and am
vlady6us: i dont think u do jenny
norajean_sf: So does anyone have New Year's
vlady6us: no
tlt1946: Yes
okeedokey55: wow, your a nice step mom
bonsaikathy: this has been a really busy week at work
and I'm beat
buffy10207: no
norajean_sf: my resolution is to not make resolutions
pcajenny: what is her ID, can someone type it
vlady6us: i think hes moving in with us
raven_hill_wench: I dont make resolutions, they only
stick for a week
vlady6us: jeanne. tell us your yahoo id again please
okeedokey55: really, wow that will be different
okeedokey55: captured magic
bonsaikathy: Gary wanted to know what we were going to
do next couple days because he's off 3 days and I said
absolutely nothing and relax
norajean_sf: Jeanne needs something, which yahoo id?
pcajenny: but since I don't have her on my list, I
can't see if if she types it
stargazer_sbpcg: ok pie is done...  :)
vlady6us: captured magic
vlady6us: sorry
norajean_sf: Luny figured out how to fix that
tlt1946: apple, lemon?
okeedokey55: I have two...try okeedokey
norajean_sf: to see folks type who are not on your
Friend's list. Don't ya Luny
vlady6us: she cant see u jeanne
okeedokey55: that's what I'm using tonight...duh...
norajean_sf: okeedokey
norajean_sf: is that Jeanne?
stargazer_sbpcg: apple
okeedokey55: sorry....
vlady6us: okeedokey....jenny
okeedokey55: yes, that's it
vlady6us: jeanne is okeedokey tonight
pcajenny: lol
okeedokey55: yes
norajean_sf: Luny figured out how to see everyone type
even if they aren't on your friend's list.
bonsaikathy: 4 minutes
norajean_sf: Luny you there?
norajean_sf: oh she's counting down
vlady6us: 3:20 mins
pcajenny: ok I think I have her now
okeedokey55: got it, ty
norajean_sf: it's exciting to share the new year with
everyone here
bonsaikathy: yes it is
pcajenny: yw
stargazer_sbpcg: sure is!
vlady6us: yeah it is nj
pcajenny: now I can see you!
bluebell5071 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: I'll give my guy face a big smile
vlady6us: hi shirley
bonsaikathy: I did get to tell my son Happy New Year,
he was on when I got home and I expect my daughter
will call in a few minutes but time will tell
lunytuner: Sure nuff NJ. Just go Yahoo on "Ignore List"...on right side
click the "Ignore these contacts"...and leave the box
raven_hill_wench: I squished my face
raven_hill_wench: first he started looking old, then
he looked like a zombie
lunytuner: I can give better instructions if anyone
needs them.
bonsaikathy: 2 minutes everyone
norajean_sf: One minute
norajean_sf: for NY
bonsaikathy: 1 minute they said
norajean_sf: they got their hand on the ball. I'll
move my cam to the TV
wingsbe2: Happy New Year from the east coast--the ball
has fallen
stargazer_sbpcg: ...   should  auld acquaintance be
nndewbre: It's coming down!
minimadness423: don't forget that leap second...don't
waste it
vlady6us: 20
okeedokey55: Ok, I think I have myself situated...I've
never done this
vlady6us: lol
vlady6us: 5
lunytuner: It's Happy New Year and the New
Year's Best to each and everyone of you. Gotta go
smooch the pooch and the hubby ...not necessarily in
that order... Be back after the countdown
vlady6us: happy new year
okeedokey55: HAPPY NEW YEAR
nndewbre: HAPPY NEW YEAR
bonsaikathy: Happy New Year
pcajenny: lol
stargazer_sbpcg: Yay!!  Happy New Year East
wwpeabody: happy new years east coast
pcajenny: my DH went to bed a little while ago
bonsaikathy: had to go kiss hubs :)
buffy10207: happy new year
okeedokey55: Cool Nora Jean
pcajenny: we are SUCH party poopers!!
stargazer_sbpcg: lol
bonsaikathy: ok everyone, I'm hitting the sack
vlady6us: mine is on the phone
vlady6us: night kathy
norajean_sf: Nighty Night Bonsai Kathy
bonsaikathy: night all and catch you tomorrow
okeedokey55: Nite Kathy
buffy10207: nite kathy
tlt1946: good night all.......
nndewbre: My hubby has been asleep for three hours
norajean_sf: I'm going to have to leave for a half
hour or more to put my old darling to bed.
tlt1946 has left the conference.

bonsaikathy has left the conference.

vlady6us: ok nj
norajean_sf: I'll be checking in with Hilda in a few
minutes. But his bed time is 9:30
stargazer_sbpcg: we'll keep yer seat warm...  :)
norajean_sf: coolness, Thanks
norajean_sf: LOL
pcajenny: lol
norajean_sf: I look forward to putting Gerald to bed
because I've been on all day and I got NUMB BUTT
norajean_sf: give me a stretch
norajean_sf: When I was counting down for the East
Coast my husband thought it was midnight here
norajean_sf: "Give me a kiss" he says
norajean_sf: I said, "Wait three hours"
norajean_sf: LOL
okeedokey55: lol
lunytuner: We'll keep the candle burning...
vlady6us: hubby is on mountain time. lol
norajean_sf: It's going to rain buckets on the Rose
vlady6us: bummer nj
norajean_sf: first time in over 50 years it'll rain.
We've been so lucky for too long.
norajean_sf: I love the Rose Parade, although I've
never gone in person
lunytuner: and Missy Jenny just keeps on
pcajenny: lol
vlady6us: i went to see the floats after the parade
one year nj
pcajenny: yeah, I must be obsessed or something
vlady6us: they were so gorgeous
norajean_sf: before I leave out I'll save log again,
by the time I get back it'll be time to save long
norajean_sf: that'll work
pcajenny: actually I just have some bills to pay!
okeedokey55: did I miss it or did she tell us...What
are you making Jenny?
raven_hill_wench: Im back happy new year!
pcajenny: oh you missed it jeanne
norajean_sf: Happy New Year Shawna
pcajenny: I am working on a quilt cane
norajean_sf: did you get your New Year's Kiss?
okeedokey55: cool
pcajenny: extruding 54 rods in 13 colors to fit
raven_hill_wench: no hubby is working I was watching
the fireworks from the park
lunytuner: Obsessed Jenny!? just know how
to party clay style!
vlady6us: over the phone nj
pcajenny: here is my sketch
okeedokey55: wow, it should be huge
norajean_sf: Fireworks, where are you again Shawna?
okeedokey55: wow, look beautiful
raven_hill_wench: Im in detroit
okeedokey55: I'm from Roseville
raven_hill_wench: there is a veterans park nearby and
they shoot fireworks for every holiday
pcajenny: ty
raven_hill_wench: okee youre my neighbor?
pcajenny: it is going to be HUGE
norajean_sf: Coolness. Our I'm hoping it doesn't rain
on our Fireworks in three hours down town
okeedokey55: Well, I live in Florida
pcajenny: actually I am thinking I might break it in
raven_hill_wench: lol
carolynjordan_nh has joined the conference.

okeedokey55: It may be easier to handle that's for
You have invited carolynjordan_nh to view your webcam.

pcajenny: and do 1/2 with the ivory background
vlady6us: hi carolyn
norajean_sf: Howdy Carolyn, Happy new year
vlady6us: happy new year
pcajenny: and 1/2 with a black background
carolynjordan_nh: howdy !
okeedokey55: sounds really pretty
norajean_sf: we got three cams going
carolynjordan_nh: <:-P happy new year!
norajean_sf: or four
norajean_sf: vlady6us, pcajenny, I couldn't get
stargazer_sbpcg's cam
okeedokey55: How can anyone fit 4 on their monitor?
carolynjordan_nh: I have 3 ..nope 4 lol
norajean_sf: but it's a cam-athon
okeedokey55: lol
norajean_sf: Make your chat screen small and you can
fit two under there
vlady6us: ive got them on mine jeanne
norajean_sf: two to the side
norajean_sf: that's what I do
raven_hill_wench: okee you squish them all together
and leave a tiny chat area
stargazer_sbpcg: hee-hee
pcajenny: lol
okeedokey55: Yes, my chat area is small
pcajenny: I increased my screen resolution
carolynjordan_nh: this is tricky LOL
norajean_sf: I still get server busy for Stargazer
pcajenny: makes reading the chat a challange, but I
can see all 4 cams, and the chat at the same time
norajean_sf: I'm not doing anything right now and can
shut down mine until I get back from doing elder care
raven_hill_wench: Im a speed reader lol
okeedokey55: it's pretty tricky for
stargazer_sbpcg: :(
vlady6us: gotta take dog out. brb
norajean_sf: Let me shut my cam down and I'll open it
again when I get back from my hot date with a 96 year
okeedokey55: raven where are you from in Detroit area?
carolynjordan_nh: i have a long skinny chat
stargazer_sbpcg: k
raven_hill_wench: okee Im actually in warren just off
norajean_sf: Carolyn you got your dinner message on
your status line
norajean_sf: fyi
carolynjordan_nh: oh I lost your cam NJ....
okeedokey55: wow, I lived on 10 mile
raven_hill_wench: carolyn she turned it off
carolynjordan_nh: yeah have not changed it yet LOL
okeedokey55: me too...
norajean_sf: I'm going next door to put a 96 year old
to bed and will be back, I turned my cam off
raven_hill_wench: okee we were neighbors!
pcajenny: I recognize that book Jean!
norajean_sf: I'm going to save log and then go check
next door with my old darlings. brb
okeedokey55: yes, we you know the hanleys?
raven_hill_wench: no I dont think so
okeedokey55: just thought I would ask...


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