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12-31-05-10: Rang in with Central Time Zone

12-31-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: I'm going to save log and then go check
next door with my old darlings. brb
okeedokey55: yes, we you know the hanleys?
raven_hill_wench: no I dont think so
okeedokey55: just thought I would ask...
norajean_sf: Ok, just got my email reminder to put
Gerald to bed. I'll change my status line and be back
in a half hour or so.
norajean_sf: see you in a bit.
carolynjordan_nh: ok :)
okeedokey55: later
vlady6us: back
okeedokey55: wb
vlady6us: ty
wwpeabody has joined the conference.

vlady6us: wb wanda
wwpeabody: ty
vlady6us: nj has gone to put gerald to bed wanda
wwpeabody: ok
nndewbre: Well, I made it into the New Year. Haven't
done that in 10 years or so. Guess I can go to bed
nndewbre: night everyone
pcajenny: night
vlady6us: night nn..happy new year
buffy10207: nite
carolynjordan_nh: night!
wwpeabody: nite
nndewbre: Happy New Year to thos of you who haven't
had it yet.
wwpeabody: ty
nndewbre has left the conference.

okeedokey55: Hey everyone, I thought i would be able
to hang but my Im fading fast...gotta say goodnite
vlady6us: night jeanne
vlady6us: happy new year
carolynjordan_nh: night!
okeedokey55: nite nite
buffy10207: nite
wwpeabody: nite
okeedokey55: I want to see a pic of the bowl later k?
vlady6us: ok
vlady6us: will show u all of them
okeedokey55: Happy New Year!  cool
okeedokey55 has left the conference.

lunytuner: Peabody honey...I just foundM to invite you
to webam but I think it was an old message
wwpeabody: yep but thanx you were busy
minimadness423: back...didn't even have time to
raven_hill_wench: wb
minimadness423: what is it about men and remotes at
important times on the tv
raven_hill_wench: I have control of the remote here
vlady6us: lol
lunytuner: Let me try this again Peabody... I got the
message from you requesting an invite to the web cam
demos and didn't know how to do an invite...sheeshhhh
...what a dunce! ALso didn't know how old the message
minimadness423: dad suddenly got static for sound
about 20 seconds before ball dropped in New
York...never mind we are still an hour away here.  he
was only waiting to see New Year in some time zone.
of course he wanted me to "fix" it.  I have no idea
which button he might have pushed when he shouldn't
pcajenny: Jean, what are you working on?
wwpeabody: thats ok Luny I got in stupid yahoo booted
wwpeabody: Luny can you see me?
lunytuner: Glad to see you here honey! It's so great
that you can still keep in touch even when you are on
the road! HOw's the trip going? (Yes I can see you!)
stargazer_sbpcg: making a cane
stargazer_sbpcg: Skinner blend first...
wwpeabody: finally out of the snow and ice,trip going
nice forgot how small these trucks are
vlady6us: lol wanda...thats funny
lunytuner: Hee hee! No place like  home huh?
vlady6us: at least it has bunks
wwpeabody: home not much bigger lol
wwpeabody: hey I have 2 beds a kitchenette a pantry,
an armoir, and 2 vibrating chairs
wwpeabody: in this truck
pcajenny: lol
lunytuner: many bowls have you made
tonight...4 - 5 ?? You are on a roll!! As much as I
have tried to pay attention I have not been able to
catch you shaping the bowl yet! You're just toofast!
vlady6us: im on the third one tonight..have made 9 in
past two days and working on #10 now
lunytuner: Hey Peabody...your accomodations sound
pretty classy. Your truck sounds more comfortable than
my house! lol!
minimadness423: Jenny, where did you say you got your
extruder device?
vlady6us: do u have a cooker too wanda?
pcajenny: let me get the link
wwpeabody: all in a 6x5 ft box
pcajenny: you get the clay gun at the craft store
pcajenny: the disks for quilts from me
pcajenny: and the EZ Squeezer here
wwpeabody: no not this time, but before was able to
cook full turkey dinner
vlady6us: cool
lunytuner: Sandie... I hope you will have some
pictures to put in your Epson album later. I really
want to see your bowls. My webcam pictures are not the
best quality with dial up.
vlady6us: i will
minimadness423: I alredy have the kemper extruder and
disks that came with are making that EZ
Squeezer look like a lot of fun
pcajenny: lol
wwpeabody: this company wont allow a big enough
inverter for much
vlady6us: dean just uses the little lunchbox cooker.
doesnt take much juice
norajean_sf: Hilda and Gerald aren't ready yet. I have
to go back in a half hour.
vlady6us: ok
norajean_sf: so I won't open my cam until I'm finished
next door.
lunytuner: Boy, those youngsters...just can't control
wwpeabody: ya but not gonna be out that long and I'm
trying to lose some fat so eating lite
norajean_sf: I tell ya, they were watching the ball
drop on TV and he's not had his soup yet.
norajean_sf: having a wild old time
raven_hill_wench: thats so sweet
lunytuner: God bless 'em!
raven_hill_wench: I love old timers
stargazer_sbpcg: wb NJ
norajean_sf: They have been married for more than 65
years, longer than my grandfather lived his whole
raven_hill_wench: wow thats awesome
lunytuner: Wish it could be that way for all of us.
vlady6us: how awesome
norajean_sf: They so are affectionate towards each
other. That's why I think he's lived so long. All that
stargazer_sbpcg: neato!
raven_hill_wench: affection does help people to live
longer, thats why they say we should own pets
norajean_sf: Ya, Hilda figured that Gerald couldn't
stay awake for our  New Years so she wanted him to see
norajean_sf: Ya know, I couldn't think of having
better company to ring in the new year than my
raven_hill_wench: this is the best new years Ive had
pcajenny: yep, this is fun!
norajean_sf: LOL, that so, Shawna
vlady6us: its been really fun nj
norajean_sf: good kick start to having demos weekly
pcajenny: but I need to go release some fluids, brb
norajean_sf: ok honey
vlady6us: ok
carolynjordan_nh: ohh is that the plan?
raven_hill_wench: oooh weekly?
wingsbe2: I have certainly enjoyed myself and everyone
norajean_sf: I had them weekly for a couple of years,
last year was an off year for me for demos
norajean_sf: off and on, more like
norajean_sf: had some health issues, some family
stargazer_sbpcg: what time will you have them, NJ?
raven_hill_wench: every saturday?
stargazer_sbpcg: Noon PT?
norajean_sf: Oh I wanted to ask you Stargazer, you
have demos on Saturday Noon, right?
norajean_sf: how long do you usually hold your demos?
stargazer_sbpcg: nope, 10am PT
norajean_sf: oh yikes
norajean_sf: until when then?
stargazer_sbpcg: i picked 10am on purpose to avoid
your demos...  :)
norajean_sf: LOL, I'm willing to start later so folks
can go to both
stargazer_sbpcg: until i wear out, or until your demo
or Kat's demo starts...  lol
carolynjordan_nh: untill we all poop out? lol
norajean_sf: so how long do you run your demos?
stargazer_sbpcg: yup, carolyn...
vlady6us: hey michele
stargazer_sbpcg: usually a couple hours
stargazer_sbpcg: but i've been known to go for 5
stargazer_sbpcg: but only when you or Kat aren't doing
a demo
norajean_sf: well we can work out our schedule so they
don't overlap
raven_hill_wench: I think Ive been here for 5 hours
stargazer_sbpcg: neato!
stargazer_sbpcg: i start at 10am PT cuz it's
norajean_sf: So what if I schedule for 1 or 2pm PST?
stargazer_sbpcg: i could start at 9am
stargazer_sbpcg: then you could keep noon?
norajean_sf: I'll still be asleep, being a night owl
norajean_sf: early don't work well for me
stargazer_sbpcg: asleep at noon?
norajean_sf: crusty eyed at noon
pcajenny: bk
stargazer_sbpcg: ahh... ok
norajean_sf: welcome back
stargazer_sbpcg: then i'll stay at 10am, and we'll
wander to your demo at 1 or 2pm PT...
stargazer_sbpcg: whichever
stargazer_sbpcg: usually the whole gang moves from one
to the other..
carolynjordan_nh: hee
carolynjordan_nh: true!
raven_hill_wench: what is that in eastern time?
stargazer_sbpcg: way more fun that way
norajean_sf: sounds good, we'll be doing different
techniques so those folks who want to see a particular
technique can pick if we overlap
stargazer_sbpcg: add three hours, raven
carolynjordan_nh: jean starting at 9 am will be 12
noon eastern
raven_hill_wench: ok thanks
stargazer_sbpcg: except jean will start at 10 am PT -
1 pm ET
pcajenny: sounds like fun!
raven_hill_wench: I can never remember if its 3 or 4
norajean_sf: Central Time is counting down 8 minutes
stargazer_sbpcg: yup!
norajean_sf: Stargazer you're on CITY-o-Clay aren't
wwpeabody:   thats me on central time now
stargazer_sbpcg: yes
vlady6us: last one for tonight
norajean_sf: post to the list when you're going to do
demo, put it in the calendar
pcajenny: me too on central time
stargazer_sbpcg: don't visit too often cuz i'm so busy
norajean_sf: and automatic notices will go to the list
so folks know you're doing demos.
stargazer_sbpcg: oh, almost every Saturday...
stargazer_sbpcg: i'll be visible on Yahoo when I'm
doing webcam
stargazer_sbpcg: except when i have a class...
lunytuner: Sandie...that is wicked cool! Thanks for
buzzing me and letting me know it was "shaping time"!
lol! I would have missed it for sure!
norajean_sf: I usually put it in the Calendar a week
ahead of time.
wwpeabody: hubby has fallen asleep will have to wake
stargazer_sbpcg: ok...   everyone is adding me to
their friends list now...   :)
raven_hill_wench: lol
stargazer_sbpcg: so they'll be able to "see" me...  :)
vlady6us: its really easy michele..
norajean_sf: Folks will know about your demos if they
read these logs
vlady6us: just try to get the edges sort of even
stargazer_sbpcg: true
lunytuner: Hah! Sandie...YOU make it look easy!
pcajenny: and I do demo's sporadically
vlady6us: it really is michele
norajean_sf: 5 minutes and counting for Central time,
who's on Central time zone?
wwpeabody: me
lunytuner: I love that bowl!
pcajenny: just have to keep an Eye on my status
norajean_sf: that's my favorite bowl Sandie
pcajenny: I am on central
vlady6us: just drape it over something round
vlady6us: ty nj
vlady6us: mine too
pcajenny: that's really nice Sandy
norajean_sf: it's counting down for you Jenny, under 5
vlady6us: no this is my fav
wwpeabody: pretty
norajean_sf: Giant Pot of Gumbo being lowered for New
stargazer_sbpcg: hee-hee
stargazer_sbpcg: watching...
buffy10207: i'm on central
wingsbe2: Sandi...I missed what you did to the
edges....Mary in Indy
lunytuner: watching too!
norajean_sf: I got CNN on, because I love Anderson
minimadness423: brb
norajean_sf: he's cute as buttons
pcajenny: I dont' have anything on
pcajenny: I got tired of all the noise
vlady6us: on some of the edges i use scrapbooking
scissors. on some i just leave them plain
norajean_sf: you don't have anything on, computing
while naked?
norajean_sf: LOL
carolynjordan_nh: jenny you shouldnt clay nekkid...:D
norajean_sf: LOL
stargazer_sbpcg: hee-hee
norajean_sf: he he he
pcajenny: lol
vlady6us: lol
pcajenny: why not
wwpeabody: lol
norajean_sf: 3 minutes and counting
pcajenny: I do it all the time, when the cam is off@!
lunytuner: runnin' around nekkid
stargazer_sbpcg: oooh   James Brown!!
wingsbe2: Thanks Sandi
vlady6us: yw
lunytuner: Just be careful bending over the pasta
machine while nekkid...

vlady6us: i need to get more of those scissors
carolynjordan_nh: ouch
vlady6us: only have 2
wingsbe2: LOL
vlady6us: lol
stargazer_sbpcg: fireworks in Chicago!
stargazer_sbpcg: (*)
pcajenny: I am kicking myself, I had a pair of those,
and never used them
carolynjordan_nh: heh fireworks here in
danville...over an hour now...
pcajenny: so I gave them to a friend!
vlady6us: u need to get more then jenny
vlady6us: i only got the dollar ones
norajean_sf: One minute to central time zone
carolynjordan_nh: crazy teens in neighborhood :D
vlady6us: adults here
norajean_sf: Chicago and New Orleans
norajean_sf: 3
norajean_sf: 2
stargazer_sbpcg: 3
norajean_sf: 1
stargazer_sbpcg: 2
stargazer_sbpcg: 1
wwpeabody: Happy
vlady6us: happy new year
norajean_sf: Happy New Year Central time zone
carolynjordan_nh: welcome to 2006!
stargazer_sbpcg: (*)
buffy10207: happy new year
wwpeabody: nNEW YEAR
stargazer_sbpcg: <:-P
carolynjordan_nh: <:-P
pcajenny: Happy new year!!


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