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12-31-05-11: Back from Hilda's

12-31-05 Demo Log Index
norajean_sf: Ok, saving log and I got to go check in
with my old darlings
vlady6us: ok hurry back
norajean_sf: be back as soon as I can.
carolynjordan_nh: hee that was more fun than an hour
ago LOL
vlady6us: lol
pcajenny: lol
wwpeabody: well guys been a long day going to bed for
the rest waitig for the ball to drop HAPPY NEW YEAR
raven_hill_wench: I have to try to get some sleep, I
have to actually get up and get moving in the morning
vlady6us: night wanda. happy new year and be safe in
your travels
pcajenny: Night
carolynjordan_nh: night!
vlady6us: night shawna
wingsbe2: Night Wanda take care
vlady6us: happy 2006
wwpeabody: poof and gone
lunytuner: Night Shawna...Happy New Year!
wwpeabody has left the conference.

raven_hill_wench has left the conference.

elissaheart has joined the conference.

vlady6us: hi elissa. happy new year
pcajenny: Hi Elissa
elissaheart: hi all, happy new year!
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Elissa!
carolynjordan_nh: right back atcha :)
elissaheart: didn't know y'all were here.  Was sitting
home all alone, but I'm not any more!
vlady6us: we have been here for many many hours
elissaheart: well, better late than never!
vlady6us: got that right
elissaheart: beautiful bowl!
vlady6us: ty
vlady6us: something new for me to
stargazer_sbpcg: yeah, all day long...
elissaheart: Lehman, move over!
vlady6us: yep and most of yesterday too
vlady6us: lol
pcajenny: I think the seat on this chair is
permanently attached to my rear!
pcajenny: lovely Sandie!!!
vlady6us: ty jenny
wingsbe2: Sandy those are very pretty
vlady6us: me too jen
elissaheart: wow!!
vlady6us: ty everyone
vlady6us: i have 2 more in the oven. or maybe 3
vlady6us: thats my basket of flowers
vlady6us: scrap clay
elissaheart: those are truly stunning, Sandie!
wingsbe2: O.K. Sandi....newbie question how do you
bake those and keep the shap??
vlady6us: tyvm
wingsbe2: shape   ooops
vlady6us: they are on glass...salt shakers. votive
candle holders
elissaheart: familiar looking cane there...
wingsbe2: O.K. so they don't fall or droop
down......the bowls I mean     LOL
vlady6us: thought u would like that elissa
vlady6us: no they dont...wings...
elissaheart: lol!  I do!  flattered as all he**!
vlady6us: i shape them and they keep their shape
vlady6us: lol
wingsbe2: Thanks   LOL
vlady6us: that cane is a few years old thank you
vlady6us: one of the very first nice canes i did.
vlady6us: thanks to your tutorial
elissaheart: aw, geee!
vlady6us: i made several and they are so big they last
forever. almost time to make more tho
elissaheart: You did a great job with it.  did you
also make that butterfly cane?
vlady6us: the butterflies are paper
vlady6us: but i have made butterflies but..sold them
elissaheart: WEll, that's a beautiful vase.  paper or
no.  :)
vlady6us: actually its an atc
vlady6us: heres my butterflies
elissaheart: gorgeous too!
vlady6us: ty
buffy10207: those are so cool!!!
vlady6us: ty
buffy10207: Gotta go guys
vlady6us: night buffy. happy new year
lunytuner: I've gotta get up from the computer or I
don't think I'll ever be able to move again! Thank you
so much - NJ, Sandie - Jenny for spending your New
Year celebrations and sharing your time and talent
with us. I have had the best New Year's eve
celebration that I could wish for. Jenny, I wish I
could hang on to see your "Tumbling blocks" finished
but all that extruding has plumb wore me out. LOL!
Sandie - your bowls are truly works of art and I thank
you again for 'getting my attention" when you were
getting ready to shape your bowl. NJ - as always you
amaze me with all that you do for all of us. To all of
you I wish the best year ever and hope that happiness
and health will be with you always. hugs, luny.
elissaheart: ttfn.  HNY!
buffy10207: everyone have a Happy New Year
wingsbe2: Happy NY Buffy
buffy10207: Thanks for the demos,,enjoyed them all
vlady6us: night michele..and thank you for being
here..happy new year
vlady6us: ty buffy
buffy10207 has left the conference.

wingsbe2: Night Michele Happy NY
elissaheart: that was a very sweet message.  Happy new
yeart o you, too
lunytuner has left the conference.

stargazer_sbpcg: awww....
vlady6us: jeans flying too now
elissaheart: I have to tell you all  a great story. 
My next-door neighbor was robbed today, and she has
been laughing ever since.
vlady6us: laughing. wow
elissaheart: she was sitting in har car in a parking
lot, cleaning out her car.  she had just put a bag
full of trash outside the door and was working on
another bag whan a guy rode up on a bike and snatched
the bag and rode away!  LOL!
stargazer_sbpcg: LOL
stargazer_sbpcg: too funny!
vlady6us: oh too funny
pcajenny: lol
carolynjordan_nh: hee
stargazer_sbpcg: and serves him right...
vlady6us: i can just see him now the creep
pcajenny: I had something like that happen once
greatauntjudy has left the conference.

pcajenny: my DH work at a liquor store, we were going
to a friends wedding, they asked us to bring Ice
pcajenny: so he filled some bags of ice, put them into
an empty whisky case and put it in the back of the
vlady6us: lol
pcajenny: we stopped at a couple places on the way and
when we got there the box was gone!
pcajenny: LOL
vlady6us: thats tooooooo funny
vlady6us: hope they enjoyed the ice
pcajenny: yeah! we got a good laugh out of it
vlady6us: some people are just so stupid
elissaheart: that's hilarious!
wingsbe2: Hey folks.....I have enjoyed the demos, but
wingsbe2: I don't get to bed it will be noon when I
get up
pcajenny: lol
pcajenny: nite
wingsbe2: See ya all later Happy New Year
elissaheart: good night
vlady6us: night happy new year
wingsbe2 has left the conference.

elissaheart: Jenny, I have a color question for you.
is the turquoise skinner blend you make just a blend
of fimo #37 and white?
vlady6us: getting quiet here now
pcajenny: not usually
pcajenny: I usually mix the blue with something else,
depending on the project
elissaheart: mind telling what you use?
elissaheart: I was using some of your scrap clay
today, and I just loved the pieces of that blend.
pcajenny: like I said it depends ont eh project
pcajenny: boy I don't know
elissaheart: ok.  It was pretty bright, if that helps.
pcajenny: do you know which cane it came from?
elissaheart: nope
pcajenny: I could not tell you
pcajenny: but I do use that combo occasionally, so it
might be it
elissaheart: oh well.  I guess I'll just have to
figure it myself.  lol!
vlady6us: heres the new bowls
carolynjordan_nh: nice sandie!
vlady6us: thank you carolyn
vlady6us: they arent quite cool yet
elissaheart: beautiful, Sandie!
vlady6us: well everyone. im gonna get out of here for
vlady6us: thank you elissa
carolynjordan_nh: night sandie!
vlady6us: will see everyone soon and have a wonderful
new year
elissaheart: thanks for sharing your beautiful work
with us!
vlady6us: nite carolyn
vlady6us: thank you for looking elissa. night now
elissaheart: good night
vlady6us: someone tell nj night please...
vlady6us: poof
vlady6us has left the conference.

elissaheart: who else has their webcam on?
elissaheart: sorry
carolynjordan_nh: jean and jenny
carolynjordan_nh: but jean was booted off yahoo I
elissaheart: thx.  tried Jean - "server is busy."
elissaheart: oic.
elissaheart: that might explain it.
carolynjordan_nh: her cam seems frozen....
carolynjordan_nh: or she is staying very very still
elissaheart: :)
carolynjordan_nh: oops now shes gone...
pcajenny: all done extruding!!
carolynjordan_nh: good gawd
pcajenny: lol
pcajenny: taking a break before the next stepp
pcajenny: I am gonna call it a night
pcajenny: I have been going for 11 hours
pcajenny: I think I am gonna go read for a while
carolynjordan_nh: goodness
pcajenny: thanks for keeping me company!
pcajenny: see you all tomorrow
carolynjordan_nh: i am gonna hop to I think..its
getting late here
pcajenny: Happy New year!
carolynjordan_nh: see ya jenny
pcajenny has left the conference.

carolynjordan_nh: good night to anyone left....and
thanks..see ya all later!
carolynjordan_nh has left the conference.

posey4u has left the conference.

minimadness423 has left the conference.

norajean_sf: back and everyone is heading out?
elissaheart: hi, NJ
elissaheart: I think everyone is napping!
norajean_sf: it took longer than I expected
norajean_sf: there's you, Stargazer and Kim
norajean_sf: everyone else seemed to have left out
elissaheart: LTNS.  How ya been?

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