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12-31-05-12: Rang in the West Coast, End of New Year's Eve Gathering

12-31-05 Demo Log Index
stargazer_sbpcg has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: Yo Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: thanks for the invite!
elissaheart: and the truly fortunate person is blessed
with both.
stargazer_sbpcg: yo!
elissaheart: wb, Jean
stargazer_sbpcg: Thanks Elissa!   :)
norajean_sf: I tell Hilda that God made our friends
and the Devil made our relatives
norajean_sf: she laughs at my jokes
stargazer_sbpcg: >:D<
elissaheart: lol
norajean_sf: So Jean, looks like mostly all of the COC
ClayMates left out when I was taking care of my old
elissaheart: I had a "girlfriend" who just passed away
two years ago at the age of 99.  she was an amazing
norajean_sf: Wow. Some folks have Long Genes. I have
"cut off shorts".
norajean_sf: my grandfather died at 64, my father at
elissaheart: she survived the San Francisco Quake or
stargazer_sbpcg: oh dear...
norajean_sf: Wow, an '06 survivor
norajean_sf: amazing
elissaheart: of course, she has no memory of it.  she
was only 2... but she remembers the stories her mother
told her.
norajean_sf: Ya I don't feel I'm going to live into my
80's, but I'm cool with that. I started having
children at 16
norajean_sf: my oldest will be 40 in 2006
norajean_sf: and I have four grand children already.
The rest is gravey.
elissaheart: Or I should have put that in the past
tense.  I still often forget that she is gone now.,
norajean_sf: I know how that is Elissa
norajean_sf: I do that too
norajean_sf: I reach for the phone to call folks who
have died and remember.... dang, can't call them with
this joke.
stargazer_sbpcg: i have my cam on...  :)
norajean_sf: so I tell them the joke in my head
norajean_sf: Oh let me turn it on
elissaheart: well, invite us, Jean!
stargazer_sbpcg: ok
stargazer_sbpcg: i did...  hope it works...
norajean_sf: server busy for me. Invite me maybe
that'll be the work around
elissaheart: cool. the Californians will see the new
year in together.
norajean_sf: Yuppers
norajean_sf: Got KRON TV on
elissaheart: My DS is in your fair city right now,NJ.
norajean_sf: It's ON!!
stargazer_sbpcg: wahoo!
norajean_sf: I'll turn mine on, but I'm not doing
anything but resting right now.
stargazer_sbpcg: i guess i finally figure d it out...
elissaheart: on holiday from his teaching job in
stargazer_sbpcg: i'm making a weird cane
norajean_sf: Your sister is in San Francisco?
norajean_sf: I wonder if the rain will hold off for
the fireworks?
elissaheart: that's my Dear San, NJ.
elissaheart: Son, that is
norajean_sf: Oh Sorry, your son
norajean_sf: I have no clue where my sons are at
norajean_sf: celebrating I hope
elissaheart: I hope they're safe
norajean_sf: I'm sure they are. They know to keep a
low profile. My youngest used to sell glow stick
necklaces on New Years
norajean_sf: we'd package up confittee and horns and
he'd make money. Not this year.
norajean_sf: He didn't need the money and it looked
like rain.
elissaheart: I worry about mine.  he parties pretty
hard when he's with his buds.
You have invited elissaheart to view your webcam.

You have invited stargazer_sbpcg to view your webcam.

norajean_sf: How old is he?
elissaheart: 27
norajean_sf: Well he'll be fine.
norajean_sf: Coming up to his Saturn return at 29
elissaheart: I hope so.
norajean_sf: big astrological rite of passage
elissaheart: never knew that.
elissaheart: what kind of cane are you making, Jean?
norajean_sf: 28 to 29 years after birth Saturn returns
to the place when people were born. It's when big
decisions happen for a lot of folks.
norajean_sf: I quit drinking alcohol, went back to
college, got my degree
elissaheart: hmmm...  interesting.
norajean_sf: Some folks get married, have kids, get
divorces, quite med school to refinish furniture in
Vermont. That sort of thing.
norajean_sf: quit med school
norajean_sf: I mean
elissaheart: well, he's hoping for a big change.
Gonna get into Japanese commerce, he hopes.
mousefingers1 has joined the conference.

norajean_sf: Pam
norajean_sf: Hey honey
mousefingers1: hello
elissaheart: hi Pam
norajean_sf: the west coast is counting down
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Pam!   How's Bear?
norajean_sf: Jean has her cam up, making a "weird
stargazer_sbpcg: hee-hee
mousefingers1: freaked out by the neighbors
mousefingers1: oh good let me check
mousefingers1: I didn't get my rx thing done until 9pm
my tme
norajean_sf: Gosh
norajean_sf: Elissa do you have a webcam?
mousefingers1: I just couldn't find the link I found
before offering me a low cost premium
mousefingers1: gotta have that
elissaheart: not yet, NJ.
mousefingers1: so what have you wonderful clayers been
up to?
elissaheart: Need a new puter first.
norajean_sf: I'll bet. I was reading an article that
says the the Boomers are going to be mostly uninsured
when they are old.
mousefingers1: Jean, what are you making
norajean_sf: I got back from Hilda's and only Elissa
was here
norajean_sf: everyone else logged out
mousefingers1: :D Elissa *waving*
elissaheart: Hi, Pam!
norajean_sf: So I've just been chilling. I've been in
chat since a little after 1pm today
elissaheart: wow!
mousefingers1: how are you? long time no see:)
norajean_sf: Had to catch the folks in Europe
norajean_sf: Rang in the New Year with Germany.
elissaheart: Took my sister's MIL out to dinner
mousefingers1: Oh, that's sweet
norajean_sf: where'd you go, what did you eat?
elissaheart: marie calender's.  I had the saled bar.
mousefingers1: Elissa, I still have a few of those C.
canes left.
mousefingers1: they have come in handy
mousefingers1: yum
mousefingers1: How fun NJ
elissaheart: Her son (the doctor) and his family went
skiing in Oregon, and she was alone.
mousefingers1: I saw Dick Clark for a few.
norajean_sf: it was sweet of you to take her out
mousefingers1: I agree
elissaheart: really Pam! 
elissaheart: :)
mousefingers1: I made 7 layer bean dip
mousefingers1: on TV
stargazer_sbpcg: :)
norajean_sf: I'm watching the local NYE broadcast,
seeing a couple of 70 year old dudes doesn't do it for
me. I'm watching things happening downtown SF.
mousefingers1: not in person...and yes I have cane
mousefingers1: lol
elissaheart: NJ, it
mousefingers1: Now that sounds like fun to me
elissaheart: 's always exciting where you live.
something's always going on.
mousefingers1: I haven't been to SF for many years
mousefingers1: don't like this color tonight
elissaheart: Pam, where are you?
mousefingers1: Utah
norajean_sf: Not where I live, next to SFSU and a lot
of green stuff, quiet as the country where I am.
mousefingers1: Land O'Mormons
norajean_sf: and I don't go out much. I have enough to
entertain myself at home.
elissaheart: You're the only non-californian here!
norajean_sf: Best bus stations between the West and
East Coast in Salt Lake City
norajean_sf: always looked forward to Utah for a real
norajean_sf: bless their hearts. A hot shower is great
after a couple of days of riding the bus.
elissaheart: NJ, are you near 19th and Juda then?
norajean_sf: I'm near 19th, but closer to the Daly
City line
norajean_sf: I can walk to Daly City Bart from my
norajean_sf: 10 - 15 minute walk
norajean_sf: so I'm on the southern most edge of SF
elissaheart: I know that area, used to pass thru there
when I went to visit my bf (decades ago)
norajean_sf: and I can walk to the ocean from here
too, down Brotherhood way
norajean_sf: around the lake.
mousefingers1: That would be me. the only odd one out
norajean_sf: Oh Elissa have you seen the CITY-o-Clay
mousefingers1: I had a friend that lived in Daly City
norajean_sf: You can see where folks live, like google
elissaheart: no
norajean_sf: I'll get the link, it's trippy
mousefingers1: I loved driving through Pacifica
elissaheart: cool!
marlea_anderson has joined the conference.

mousefingers1: Do you mean the Greyhound station?
You have invited marlea_anderson to view your webcam.

elissaheart: Hi, Marlea!
norajean_sf: Marlea Stargazer has her cam open and is
making a weird cane
marlea_anderson: hello folks! Happy New Year!
norajean_sf: Where are you located Marlea?
mousefingers1: HAPPY NEW YEAR<:-P
elissaheart: ty
norajean_sf: forgive me if I've forgotten
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Marlea!
mousefingers1: Elissa, where are you in CA
elissaheart: that is a weird cane, Jean.  what exactly
is it?
elissaheart: Santa Clara
mousefingers1: ok
elissaheart: that's about 50 miles south of NJ.
marlea_anderson: on the east coast- woo hooo!- hi
elissa, jean, pam, nj, beady
mousefingers1: Aren't your butts tired???:">
stargazer_sbpcg: just a pattern...
elissaheart: Nora Jean, not New Jersey!  lol!
mousefingers1: lol
mousefingers1: mine is still suffering
marlea_anderson: just made it home- i'm in PA
norajean_sf: My butt is numb, yes
mousefingers1: were you in time square
norajean_sf: but I did get to get up to put Gerald to
stargazer_sbpcg: mine too!
marlea_anderson: elissa- thanks for that foil- what a
wonderful surprise when i opened the mailbox!
mousefingers1: I'll be it is
norajean_sf: Where in PA, are you on our ClayMap,
elissaheart: yw!  Have you tried it yet?
mousefingers1: and I took a break for a couple of
mousefingers1: I have a ? about frappr
marlea_anderson: yeppers- i'm near blue ball and
mousefingers1: I have my name in twice. how do I
remove one of them? I can't get it out
mousefingers1: lol
norajean_sf: I got two boys in PA. New Hope and
outside of Philadelphia
mousefingers1: that sounds really bad:-P
norajean_sf: I don't see it twice Pam
marlea_anderson: my dad was from philly- can't wait
for the Mummers parade tomorrow!
mousefingers1: I'm under Pam and under Mousefingers
stargazer_sbpcg: wanna see the canes i made earlier?
mousefingers1: YES
marlea_anderson: sure thing
elissaheart: only one mousefingers for me, too.
norajean_sf: I had a good time in Philly. Sold hippy
clothes at a boutique on Rittenhouse Square. Back in
the old days
elissaheart: sure, Jean
norajean_sf: 6 mintues and counting
marlea_anderson: oh how wonderful!
mousefingers1: like a dummy I put Pam in first and
then thought better of it
elissaheart: cool!
mousefingers1: Jean those came out great
elissaheart: like Jenny's quilt pattern.
stargazer_sbpcg: Jenny helped me...   :D
stargazer_sbpcg: oh, it's almost time...
mousefingers1: oh loook Nora's TV
elissaheart: 6 more minutes...
mousefingers1: It was good to see Dick Clark
marlea_anderson: yes it was good to see him, i wasn't
sure he'd make it back
norajean_sf: Thought I'd show San Francisco Local
norajean_sf: I can't believe they have a commercial
just before Midnight
mousefingers1: lol
mousefingers1: chuckes at norajean_sf
stargazer_sbpcg: watchin channel 4 NJ?
norajean_sf: honestly who scheduled these commercials
stargazer_sbpcg: oh yes
norajean_sf: yup, KRON
elissaheart: that's when everyone's watching!  what
better time??  LOL
marlea_anderson: dang, for some reason the map isn't
loading for me
stargazer_sbpcg: i see
marlea_anderson: lol
mousefingers1: silly woman=))
elissaheart: not loating for me, either.
mousefingers1: the local coverage here was funny
norajean_sf: I got my New Year's kiss early
mousefingers1: a big celebration downtown SLC
norajean_sf: James is about to engage a gigantic
cyclopse on EQ2
stargazer_sbpcg: lol
mousefingers1: Applauds norajean_sf
mousefingers1: Bear gave me mine
norajean_sf: If I tried to kiss him while he was in
battle it just wouldn't work.
mousefingers1: A band from New Orleans
mousefingers1: Zygo ?
stargazer_sbpcg: that's for sure!
mousefingers1: lol
marlea_anderson: that cajun music? zaidico or
mousefingers1: Jean what are you making
norajean_sf: There's going to be fireworks from the
Bay Bridge, I'm so glad the rain held off
mousefingers1: Yes, that's it
norajean_sf: Marlea I don't know why the clay map
isn't loading up for you
marlea_anderson: wonderful music- makes you want to
elissaheart: so glad the weather is cooperating.
mousefingers1: it started to thunder and rain here.
melted all of the snow
mousefingers1: Yes it did. I like the guy that plays
the washboard
norajean_sf: Under the minute
marlea_anderson: yes, ours is all gone now too- had
some sleet today though, that was a little messy
norajean_sf: 40 seconds
elissaheart: here we go.  the ball in times square is
mousefingers1: I have no person rhythm
mousefingers1: 5
mousefingers1: 4
norajean_sf: you can see the seconds count down on my
mousefingers1: 3
elissaheart: happy new year~
mousefingers1: 2
mousefingers1: 1
norajean_sf: there's the fire works
stargazer_sbpcg: Yay!
marlea_anderson: <:-P !!!Happy New Year!!! <:-P
norajean_sf: 5
norajean_sf: 4
norajean_sf: 3
stargazer_sbpcg: 3
norajean_sf: 2
stargazer_sbpcg: 2
norajean_sf: 1
stargazer_sbpcg: 1
norajean_sf: HAPPY NEW YEAR
mousefingers1: I can hear it in the livingroom
marlea_anderson: oops   <:-P !!!Happy New Year!!! <:-P
norajean_sf: 2006
elissaheart: whoopeeee!  survived another year!!!
stargazer_sbpcg: Wahoo!!!!!!     <:-P
norajean_sf: no kidding
mousefingers1: HAPPY NEW YEAR<:-P<:-P<:-P
norajean_sf: what a year 2005 was
stargazer_sbpcg: Happy New Year!!
norajean_sf: I'm waiting for fire crackers outside
norajean_sf: we got a lot of Chinese folks here
norajean_sf: oh there they go
mousefingers1: gotta love that
mousefingers1: Bear hated it
norajean_sf: no shortage of illegal fire works around
stargazer_sbpcg: i can HEAR the fireworks from here...
stargazer_sbpcg: wow!
elissaheart: gosh, it sure is quiet outside here.
that's unusual.
marlea_anderson: Rich and I are renewing our vows
Tuesday- can't wait
marlea_anderson: great time to celebrate
elissaheart: how romantic!
norajean_sf: Wow that's sweet
mousefingers1: aww thats great
norajean_sf: here's some fireworks for you
marlea_anderson: woo hoo!
norajean_sf: put some of them in a bag
norajean_sf: LOL
mousefingers1: you timed that just right NJ
norajean_sf: There go es Law Vegas
mousefingers1: LV would be a scream fest tonight
norajean_sf: it's the number one travel place for New
Year's eve
stargazer_sbpcg: amazing that we have clear skies
after all that rain and flooding!
norajean_sf: and the rain held off, I'm so glad
mousefingers1: Has Sugarland played yet
norajean_sf: honestly. My little sister is on the
Russian River and is most likely flooded out
marlea_anderson: we finally made it to lv a few months
ago, i bet it would be amazing on new year's
norajean_sf: Over in Gernville
elissaheart: yeah, but we have to worry about the Rose
aParade tomorrow.
mousefingers1: I would love to see that in person
norajean_sf: Yeah, I hope it doesn't rain on the Rose
mousefingers1: watch it every year on TV
norajean_sf: I watch it each year.
marlea_anderson: oh is that an en vogue reunion?
norajean_sf: They are changing the format to be TV
friendly, with acts at a certain location for the TV
norajean_sf: Ya En Vogue
marlea_anderson: neat
elissaheart: I thinnk rain is predicted for southern
CA tomorrow.
stargazer_sbpcg: brb  phone
norajean_sf: Some folks said isn't that unfair for the
folks who show up to see it in person. The reasoning
was they didn't really want a lot of folks there in
norajean_sf: over a million people show up and that's
enough. So they are gearing the extra acts for the TV
norajean_sf: There goes Seattle
marlea_anderson: oh this is too cool!
elissaheart: brb.  gonna make me some cocoa with grand marinier.
norajean_sf: saving log, brb
norajean_sf: back
stargazer_sbpcg: me back too
stargazer_sbpcg: Cool, celebrating new years with two
of the folks who got me into clay!!
norajean_sf: small crowd at the Embarcadero, most
folks probably stayed away because of the rain
stargazer_sbpcg: and the flooding...
norajean_sf: that too
norajean_sf: If I ever saw Jan Whal without her hat
I'd faint
mousefingers1: brb, potty break
norajean_sf: ok
norajean_sf: fire works are still going on down town
norajean_sf: amazing
norajean_sf: this must be the finale
norajean_sf: wow, I love it
norajean_sf: folks are hooting and hollering
norajean_sf: well that was it
marlea_anderson: the fireworks are the best
stargazer_sbpcg: truly!
norajean_sf: I love fireworks, I live near an
exclusive golf course and they have Third of July
fireworks right outside my window.
norajean_sf: So I don't have to go anywhere in July to
see them. During some demos the fireworks went off and
I was able to share them with the ClayMates.
norajean_sf: Well I'm turning off my cam.
marlea_anderson: oh how cool
stargazer_sbpcg: k
marlea_anderson: lol, i think if i have some time when
i get home tomorrow i'll try to make a Mummer with
clay and feathers
elissaheart: bk
marlea_anderson: wb
elissaheart: ty
norajean_sf: I'll wait until Pam gets back from the
loo and then sign off for the night.
mousefingers1: hello
mousefingers1: I'm back
mousefingers1: lol
stargazer_sbpcg: Hi Pam!
mousefingers1: ooff the loo
norajean_sf: it's been almost 12 hours for me
mousefingers1: and your all gone
stargazer_sbpcg: Happy New Year!
mousefingers1: lol
stargazer_sbpcg: me too!
mousefingers1: happy new year
mousefingers1: too
norajean_sf: I didn't want to leave out without saying
Happy New Year to everyone
stargazer_sbpcg: since 11am this morning...
stargazer_sbpcg: hmmm   13 hours?
mousefingers1: I'll ask ? about siggy cane tomorro
stargazer_sbpcg: no wonder my butt is numb!
norajean_sf: really, Jean
marlea_anderson: wow- no wonder you girls are heading
off to dreamland
mousefingers1: if you are going to be on
norajean_sf: our butts are both numb
stargazer_sbpcg: marathon clay weekend...  :)
mousefingers1: are you going to be on tomorrow?
stargazer_sbpcg: i heard NJ was doing it and i wanted
to also!
norajean_sf: I think I might
stargazer_sbpcg: yes
mousefingers1: good
norajean_sf: Marathons are great for bonding with clay
stargazer_sbpcg: if i ever wake up...  lol
mousefingers1: then I can tell you about my new nephew
stargazer_sbpcg: yup!
mousefingers1: I'm finally an AUNT
elissaheart: lol
norajean_sf: WoW
norajean_sf: coolness, send me pix
elissaheart: congratulations!
mousefingers1: 5lb 7 oz
mousefingers1: #:-S
marlea_anderson: awwwww
elissaheart: boy or girl?
mousefingers1: first one ever
norajean_sf: wow, being an aunty is neat
norajean_sf: Ok, ladies, I'm off
mousefingers1: myparents are in their 60's and finally
stargazer_sbpcg: cool!
mousefingers1: hugs and kisses
norajean_sf: Take care and see you tomorrow
norajean_sf: xoxxo
mousefingers1: did you like your card NK
mousefingers1: ooops nj
norajean_sf: Yes I mentioned it earlier but it was
really busy
mousefingers1: oops sorry missed it
norajean_sf: my comment probably scrolled up too fast
mousefingers1: hugs
norajean_sf: Thanks for the card. xoxo
mousefingers1: bye

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