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Epson Albums - 05-17-08: Post to CITY-o-Clay Micro Cam set up
Since Epson photo storage closed down I've been
building photo gallery pages for the screen shots from
past webcam demos.

It's a little more than half done but I'm really
excited about it. On the pages for the old screen
shots I'm putting links to the pages where those
screen shots were mentioned, adding links to other
relevant areas, etc. So when you visit the new photo
gallery pages for the old screen shots you can click
over to other areas on the site that supported that

For those new ClayMates who never got to attend a
webcam demo this is the next best thing. Check out the
screen shots, the demo logs, and the digital pictures,
all together and I'll betcha you'll learn something
new in the process.

Before it's all said and done I'll be putting the
names of the volunteers who captured the screen shots,
moved and hosted them when Epson cut down the amount
of storage space for accounts, and those who sent me
screen shots from their computers.

It's important to give credit to those who helped
because I didn't take any of these screen shots, my
hands were busy doing the demos and explaining in chat
what was being done. Without the help of dozens of
volunteers we wouldn't have this chronicle of the
demos that were done.

Some of the screen shots has the chat log in the
picture as well. If the chat is too small to read
increase the magnification of your browser window to
125 to 150 %, then you can see what was being typed.

So I best get back to rebuilding the remaining albums.
The link above shows what I've been doing the last
couple of days.

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