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Crazy teapots How to make pumpkin teapot and snowman teapot

Almost anything can be turned into a teapot. You just have to remember to keep the basic parts: a body, a sprout, a lid and a handle. We'll try to make two teapots following this steps:

Pumpkin: make a large ball using orange clay to make the body
Snowman: make two balls, one smaller than the other (they'll be the body and the head)

Pumpkin: press the ball to flatten the poles. Using a knife tool (or other tool) make indentations from pole to pole to get the pumpkin sculpted
Snowman: press the ball to slightly flatten them and place the smaller one on top of the bigger one

Now we'll make the different parts for our teapots:
Pumpkin: a thin log for the handle, a flatten ball and a small cone for the lid and a cone for the sprout (give it an "S" form), all in dark green
Snowman: we'll need to decorate and to make the different parts, so roll a thin log for the handle and an "S" with a cone for the sprout, both in black. The lid will be a hat, we'll need a flatten ball for the wings of the hat, a short but wide log for the cup of the hat and a small ball as handle for it. Roll a red log and flatten for the scarf and do the same for the stripe of the hat in light blue. A small orange cone will be the nose and two small balls in dark brown will be the eyes.

Pumpkin: place the flatten ball on top of the pumpkin, use a needle tool to give proper texture and place the small cone in the middle (point facing down)
Snowman: Place the red stripe as a scarf around the neck of the snowman, place the nose and the eyes. Place the flatten ball over the head, the log over it and the small ball on top. Place the light blue stripe around the cup of the hat.

Pumpkin: place the sprout on one side and use a needle tool to mark it's opening. Place the handle on the opposite side. Smooth unions
Snowman: place the sprout on the right side of the snowman, and the handle on the left side. Smooth unions.
Now both of our teapots are ready to bake. 15' at 130C will be enough. When cool down, you may apply shinny look if desired.
NOTE: As a way to save some clay, I use aluminum foil balls inside the body of the pumpkin and the body and the head of the snowman, and cover them with the clay. This is not strictly necessary but it's a way to have more clay for further projects!
Hope you enjoy making teapots!!!!
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