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PRESS RELEASE 09/06/05, a leading website with information for Hurricane Katrina survivors and their families, has implemented a searchable photo database. Evacuees with access to the internet will be able to upload their photograph and post their relevant information so family members can search for them. Conversely, family members can post photos of their missing loved ones in hopes someone has seen them at a shelter.

Office Depot in Houston has been generous enough to donate 1000 copies of a flyer for volunteers to bring to shelters. This flyer is available on our website

We are also sending an email out to our over 2700 registered users and posting this information on our home page letting everyone know of this implementation and hopefully getting volunteers to visit the shelters and take the photographs.

************************************************************* ("HKS"), based in Ormond Beach, FL began on August 28, 2005. It's initial purpose was to provide a central location for the affected people to go to for information regarding outages, road closures, school openings, shelters, etc. Once the magnitude of the devastation was clear, HKS immediately set up forum boards for people to list the missing and inform family members of the survivors. A chat room and was set up for people to come together and help each other. Currently, HKS has a volunteer staff near 20 and receives approximately 3 million hits per day.

Beginning tomorrow, September 7th, we will have between 20 and 30 additional volunteers on staff to start cross-searching our names with names on other sites.

Robert and Marisa Gary
Ormond Beach, FL

This email was sent to me and 
I want to share it with anyone who wants to help.

To everyone that has volunteered to help, we salute you.  Unfortunately we have not been able to contact many of you that have offered assistance.  Know that in time we will respond to as many emails as we can. 
  Many of you have said you wanted to help but had no website or technical experience.  Well we have the job for you!
  We here at Hurricane Katrina Survivors are dedicated to the re-uniting of families, Friends and Loved Ones. There are so many lists out there that many people have become frustrated in their searches. Would you like to join us and help us FIND THESE PEOPLE??
  If you have any time, great or small, to dedicate to the searching of these missing people, shuffling through lists and internet websites, then we want you.  This is a daunting task but though the volunteers we already have, we have located many people.  Lets make it many many more.
  The job is not difficult and does not demand any serious knowledge of anything technical.  You're receiving this email because you were technically savvy enough to register.  You can defiantly handle this  :)
If interested, please reply to
Thank You
Robert & Marisa Gary


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