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Everybody must get Lei'd

DemoLog of 08-14-03 : Three new books for the library, the big power outage, California Recall, Folding clay and how it's uniquely our trick.

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auntyalias: Howdy Doodie
shargoose: Hi NJ
shargoose: Did ya get your keyboard?
auntyalias: Do you know James had a working keyboard by his desk all
this time
auntyalias: so
auntyalias: Is Mitch there?
auntyalias: I'm so excited
shargoose: Great
auntyalias: I got THREE new clay books for our library instead
shargoose: A freebie!!
shargoose: LOL
auntyalias: he he he
shargoose: You are too much
auntyalias: phone, brb
frogger70301: oops, sorry forgot I had came here.
frogger70301: am I here or is my puter messing up?
shargoose: You are here
shargoose: NJ is on phone
frogger70301: ok, was getting worried.
polymerfairy joined the room
frogger70301: hiya, Bonny!
polymerfairy: Hiya Mitch!!
auntyalias: sorry
auntyalias: Was making my birthday party plans
frogger70301: no prob. We're still here.
auntyalias: I think we're doing SpongeBob Square Pants
shargoose: Oh what fun
auntyalias: as a theme
auntyalias: with tinker toys as gifts
shargoose: cool
frogger70301: oh, Lene would have a fit!
auntyalias: carrot cake and natural sorbe sort of ice cream thing
shargoose: Love carrot cake
auntyalias: now check out the books I got for our library, since James
already had a keyboard, that goof
frogger70301: oooh, that one looks fun.
shargoose: I just got that one
shargoose: It is GREAT
bettyintennessee joined the room
shargoose: Got the ideas for my butterfoies from that one
polymerfairy: <---reaching for phone to call Borders to order it hehe
frogger70301: Hiya, Betty!
auntyalias: let me give you the ISBN number
shargoose: Hey, Betty
bettyintennessee: Hi, Mitch!
bettyintennessee: Hi, NJ
auntyalias: 0-87349-563-2
bettyintennessee: Hi Sharon, Polymerfairy
auntyalias: Howdy ALL... this book is just the cutting edge on clay
polymerfairy: Hi Betty.. Bonny here
bettyintennessee: Hi, Bonny!
polymerfairy: wrong # that one that is 12 or 13 #'s?
bettyintennessee: I am so bad at names
shargoose: That's OK, so am I!!
shargoose: I answer to anything nice!!
bettyintennessee: Thanks
bettyintennessee: lol
polymerfairy: I used to work at Borders....supervisour
auntyalias: wrong number? I don't understand
polymerfairy: ISBN is either 12 or 13 #'s
polymerfairy: 1 sec brb
polymerfairy: ok yours is right....brain fart LOL
Davester (biodredd) joined the room
shargoose: Hey Dave
bettyintennessee: Hi, Dave
Davester: Hey!
polymerfairy: Hi Dave
Davester: Well, I guess its safe to say that we all still have power.
shargoose: So far!!
bettyintennessee: Yep, so far so good
shargoose: For once NH lucked out
Davester: Sharon, I think you are safe, as they are slowly bring power
back on in the New York area.
polymerfairy: my mom's in CT...she only lost it for a few minutes
bettyintennessee: You are close, Sharon
shargoose: Hope so
Davester: It will take anywhere from 4 hours to all night.
auntyalias: sorry was talking to Said's half brother
auntyalias: who hadn't understood this webcam/list thing
Davester: Parts of Grand Rapids are not out. Just happened in the last
few minutes.
shargoose: Usually we go out if a Knat erches on the wires!!
Davester: LOL!
shargoose: perches
Davester: Hey NJ!
auntyalias: gosh, it's grand central station over here at my place
auntyalias: Hey Dave
Davester: parts of Chicago are now affected as well.
auntyalias: didn't see you there
Davester: Story of my life, hon.
auntyalias: Oh the black out is rolling westward
auntyalias: how interesting
shargoose: Just think if the Iraquis
auntyalias: no kidding
shargoose: They have been without poer for months now!!
Davester: Slowly, but it seems to be losing steam as New York State
slowly begins to bring generators back on lone.
auntyalias: and they have 120 degrees to deal with for weather
bettyintennessee: I'm under TVA, and they say we'll be okay..we'll see
shargoose: I'd be bitching, too!!
bettyintennessee: really! Me too
auntyalias: I heard that the service personnel in Afgan and Iraq are
not going to get separation or hazardous duty pay anymore
auntyalias: I'm really offended by that budget cut
shargoose: Geesh
bettyintennessee: me too
shargoose: That's ridiculous
auntyalias: time to write to our congress persons
bettyintennessee: heard anything of NESARA?
auntyalias: and pitch a bitch for our folks in the service
shargoose: As if they listen!!
shargoose: But I write to them anyway
auntyalias: many voices add up to a large voice
auntyalias: I'll bother Barbara Boxer and Diane Fienstien
shargoose: Mine must count for three or foour!!
shargoose: Got to eat, but will keep all on
shargoose: Keep peeking as I munch
bettyintennessee: There is supposed to be a reformation act going on,
but they haven't announced it
auntyalias: I'm still getting settled from getting in from shopping
auntyalias: let me write a check for Said and then I'll be done with
my mommy duties
bettyintennessee: k
polymerfairy: brb dang phone
frogger70301: I'm so sorry for all this. Today is too busy.
Davester: Oh! Write me a check too!
auntyalias: today is busy
auntyalias: but it's nice to get together even if we're disorganized,
auntyalias: who is looking at the cam? This is one book for the
auntyalias: now for the second of three books
bettyintennessee: I want one, definately
bettyintennessee: oh, I saw that at Michaels, Almost got it
frogger70301: oooh, I almost bought that one a couple of weeks ago!!!!
auntyalias: by Dotty McMillan
auntyalias: so it's going to the library
auntyalias: and for the third and my favorite of the lot
frogger70301: that is gorgeous!
bettyintennessee: I didn't see the title
bettyintennessee: A little too high
bettyintennessee: that's better
bettyintennessee: thanks
auntyalias: great section on tools, the clay extruder gets attention'
frogger70301: hey, that's my setup!
bettyintennessee: Who is that one by?
frogger70301: anyone want a four year old?
bettyintennessee: got it..thanks
patab12000 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Patty
bettyintennessee: lol, Mitch. Not right now, thanks
auntyalias: just showing the crew here the three new books I got for
the library
bettyintennessee: Hi, Patty
auntyalias: I'll be sending the review for these books to the list
auntyalias: along with a review of a bunch of other polymer clay books
I did not buy and why
biodredd left the room
patab12000: Hi
auntyalias: but this one on TLS is just so exciting, finally a book
that focuses on TLS
frogger70301: I gotta go. i'm bout ready to de-brain this child of
mine, so I'm gonna let her go run outside!
frogger70301: hopefully she'll wear herself out and go to sleep!
auntyalias: good thinking, See you Mitch
frogger70301: bye for now!
frogger70301 left the room
bettyintennessee: bye, Mitch
auntyalias: I'm watching the news with all the folks walking through
new york city
auntyalias: it's amazing
polymerfairy: back...seems my mom now has water problems steming from
the blackout
patab12000: I have been watching too
bettyintennessee: I have it on, too
patab12000: Glad Im down here not stuck in the subway
auntyalias: I'm glad my darling Miss Lori Lynn is in San Diego right
polymerfairy: me too...only problem we had was the internet not
auntyalias: she'd have been stuck
auntyalias: we have power outages because we're California
bettyintennessee: An elevator or subway would be my luck
auntyalias: and we're stupid
bettyintennessee: lol
auntyalias: the State of Chaos
auntyalias: ergo the recall
auntyalias: LOL
bettyintennessee: Just storms cause it here, except when a snake got
in a substation not long ago
auntyalias: I want to vote for Arnold
auntyalias: snake in the substation, good name for a rock band
bettyintennessee: lol..yeah, it does, doesn't it!
polymerfairy: if he doesn't get it his parting words will be " I'll be
back" LOL
patab12000: Hay, I think he's ok,
auntyalias: He took the money from Conan movies and got a MBA
auntyalias: he came with no money and has 200 million
patab12000: If Ragan could be Pres, He can be a gov
auntyalias: he's a business man and we need that here
auntyalias: He just can't be Pres because he is not born here
auntyalias: but I think he'd be a good govenor, we need sound business
practices in our state govenment
patab12000: He is a little bit liberal, but my conservative friends
say that I am to
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: he's middle of the road enough to get liberal votes here
for a Republican
auntyalias: I feel so sorry for those folks walking in NYC
auntyalias: so I'm going to wash my hands and get some clay out
auntyalias: what do you all want to see today?
auntyalias: think on that and I'll be back
bettyintennessee: k
bettyintennessee left the room
bettyintennessee joined the room
auntyalias: welcome back Betty
auntyalias: Let's do roll call, first name and location
bettyintennessee: Thanks, NJ..and I had just rebooted
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
bettyintennessee: Betty, Nashville
patab12000: Patricia HouYX
polymerfairy: Bonny, West Palm Beach FL
patab12000: TX
auntyalias: Sharon, you away from your keyboard?
auntyalias: what I wanted to show you here is these two blue pendants
auntyalias: they are folded clay and turned out like shells
bettyintennessee: kewl
auntyalias: this folded clay trick is really nice when using pearl
auntyalias: mixed with other colors
auntyalias: for those who were not here for this big shell here
shargoose: Just got back
auntyalias: was showing folded sheet shells
shargoose: Oh, Those are so pretty
shargoose: I love the pastels, as you know
auntyalias: Ok for the pink shell
auntyalias: it was the cane end of the stargazer lily
auntyalias: pressed real big
auntyalias: and then backed with pearl and pressed some more before
auntyalias: now this brown one
auntyalias: was a cane end of Leopard cane
auntyalias: same as this little one
auntyalias: by using our flower and animal cane ends
auntyalias: we can make very organic and natural looking shells with
folding sheets
auntyalias: shall I get the folding clay link?
bettyintennessee: Please
patab12000: yes
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sheets-Group start with
shargoose: I love to just play with shapes of scraps
auntyalias: Biz-Archive/Sheets/FoldClay/Pots-thms
auntyalias: from this link there's an album of screen shots on folding
auntyalias: it's a great technique that folks have not really
auntyalias: I looked
auntyalias: there's nothing like our pressed sheets and folded clay
shargoose: When I first started claying
auntyalias: nothing on animal print either
shargoose: I would not want to waste anything
auntyalias: you don't have to, there's no wasted clay
bettyintennessee: They're beautiful
shargoose: so I would make snakes of clay in colors and then different
auntyalias: not with miniatures, a booger's worth of clay is something
on a plate
shargoose: I liked them but no one ever mentioned it in books
shargoose: I still do it!!
shargoose: Never waste any clay!

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