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August 2003 Highlights

017: One Tile Tute of the Peach and Butter Yellow Rose shaped petal for the Lei. 

WebCam: FijiFlower2 20 Screen shots

08-15-03 WebCam DemoLog: Peach and Butter Yellow Rose Petal Lei flower.

ljcswartz: wb
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to polymerfairy (8/16/03 3:29 PM)
auntyalias: Send invite to Bonny
auntyalias: folks are having fits with the camera?
ljcswartz: look good
frogger70301: maybe your cam is trying to tell us we need to get off here? 
frogger70301: I know I do, but don't want to.
auntyalias: ok, I'll start. Using a cane from pink to yellow, I mash the slice into a rose petal shape on the top and elongated tip at the bottom
auntyalias: Yahoo is mean to us
auntyalias: I'll be doing 11 more of these, constructing the flowers in the Lei technique
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: I think we got everyone on cam now
polymerfairy: black screen here let me close that one and redo
polymerfairy: ok now 
lilypond41 joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Cindy
lilypond41: Hi!! 
auntyalias: We're taking this rose shaped petal and doing the Lei grick to it
auntyalias: Let's make our first one and see how it comes out. I'm thinking it'll be good for Marigolds as well
polymerfairy: I like that...very pretty
auntyalias: I'll ruffle them before hooking them together next time
auntyalias: what a bother it was to do it after the fact
auntyalias: but it's sooooo cute
auntyalias: so I'll get these other two flowers done and we'll chain them together
frogger70301: I'm gonna head out. The rest of the housework is calling.
frogger70301 left the room
ljcswartz: could you write the movements... I'm not getting good pics that show it 
ljcswartz: this the edge
ljcswartz: thin the edge... and ruffle
auntyalias: k
ljcswartz: very pretty
auntyalias: we can coordinate our moves Jackie
auntyalias: I got to stretch out the top
auntyalias: then pull the tip at the bottom
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: and then "Tear Paper" to get the ruffle
auntyalias: you go, K when you got the shot
ljcswartz: k
ljcswartz: k
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
ljcswartz: k
ljcswartz: k
ljcswartz: k
ljcswartz: k
ljcswartz: k
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
ljcswartz: k
ljcswartz: k
ljcswartz: we did it!!
auntyalias: that's the best!!!
auntyalias: good doing business with you
ljcswartz: maybe I should upload these
auntyalias: now all folks got to do is repeat as necessary
auntyalias: ya, why don't you and I'll finish off this last flower
ljcswartz: you will have some editing to do
auntyalias: say Hi to Katie
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: Hi Katie
Katie: hI kATIE
auntyalias: we were coordinating our moves for screen shots
auntyalias: LOL
polymerfairy: Hi Katie
Katie: Hi me
auntyalias: LOL, you're cracking me up
auntyalias: Let me do this last flower so Katie gets to see
Katie: Oh good
auntyalias: did you see the Lei tute?
auntyalias: Katie?
Katie: Pretty!!
Katie: In your website?
auntyalias: or did you see it done yesterday?
auntyalias: ya, new tute, got this step by step with the stargazer cane
Katie: No, I didn't see it done. Was late getting in yesterday cause of no power
auntyalias: ah, ok, the link is by my name on your Friend's list
auntyalias: I'll do this slow so you can see
auntyalias: I'm using the cone shape clayshaper as a stem
Katie: Yes, I went to that.
Katie: ok
auntyalias: that's the first part
Katie: Looks easy enough
auntyalias: now we take the flower off the cone and put the cone in from the top
auntyalias: and pinch the bottom closed over the cone tip
auntyalias: ok so now we put that flower pointy end into the center of the flower chain to the left
auntyalias: and the lei gets longer
auntyalias: this is so sweet I want to pop it into my mouth
auntyalias: like some marzipan
Katie: ohh, that will be really nice when done.
ljcswartz: plumeria flowers
ljcswartz: very pretty
auntyalias: the possibilities are endless
auntyalias: but Golden Poppies
auntyalias: Marigolds
auntyalias: a lot of bean, vine sort of trumpet shaped flowers
auntyalias: honey suckle
auntyalias: that sort of thing
Katie: pretty
auntyalias: but this is just too yum
polymerfairy: great ideas
auntyalias: now
ljcswartz: my mind is in slow motion compared to yours :-
auntyalias: if we had different sizes of petals
auntyalias: if we reduced this cane into a CONE shape
auntyalias: so there's small, medium and larger flowers
auntyalias: could we then get a gradation in size in the chain
auntyalias: going from big to small?
auntyalias: does that make sense? 
polymerfairy: yes...a lot of sense 
auntyalias: I've nattered about doing your flower petal canes in a cone shape for gradation of size
auntyalias: ok, now let's take this one step further
auntyalias: what if
auntyalias: the cone
auntyalias: was a blend?
auntyalias: the smaller end darker than the larger end
auntyalias: slice petals, form, chain and you got wisteria
polymerfairy: that would look neat
auntyalias: my feeling is take two big honking petals
auntyalias: and make them bend back upward radically
auntyalias: ruffle the edges
auntyalias: with the gradation in size and color, it might just work
auntyalias: string on a wire with tube beads of green between the flowers
polymerfairy: I don't see why not...sounds great to me
auntyalias: that'll work
auntyalias: let me save log at this point
polymerfairy: brb dh wants me to check out the workshop...he got new tools LOL
lilypond41: Thanks for the lovely ideas! 
auntyalias: my pleasure, Cindy
ljcswartz: I love this color mix
auntyalias: ain't it yummy?
ljcswartz: it is
ljcswartz: I'm going to have to fix dinner before it gets too late
auntyalias: Jackie I'm going to load these up wholesale into an album
ljcswartz: ok
auntyalias: ok, thanks for the help with the screen shots
ljcswartz: yw
ljcswartz: my pleasure.... thanks for the super demo
auntyalias: I'm going to get these pix into an album and announce to the list, those who are staying it's break time
Katie: k
auntyalias: Ya, it did turn out well, Thanks Jackie
ljcswartz: I will be back later
Katie: Bye Jackie
ljcswartz: bye
auntyalias: ok, I'll be on late
lilypond41: Bye and thank you!
ljcswartz: but still hanging out --- the cable is working right now... 
lilypond41 left the room
crzy4dzny left the room
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
auntyalias: Here's the screen shots of the flowers in the cam window
auntyalias: I'm getting the shots announced and on the site, brb
crzy4dzny left the room
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
polymerfairy: ok mother nature is calling...brb
Katie: Saved it to read it later.

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