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09-01-04: Green Apples and Candied Apples 1999

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Do a blend of light green to dark. Make into a jelly roll with the light green in the center. Take a ball of white or pearl clay for the inside of the apple. Cover the filler ball with the green cane slice. Pinch one end of the apple for where the blossom is located. After pinching the end do a "X" with a tooth pick for apples have those stubby feet around the blossom. Indent the top where the stem will be. Use floral wire for the stem.

I used nail polish to make the candied apple. Now I know that nail polish can go "tacky" after a period of time. Mine didn't because I used "Wet and Wild" really cheap nail polish. TLS with clay color would work for a candy coating I'd imagine.

  What I wanted was to be able to see the inner white apple meat and the green peel with the mini bites.

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