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06-25-04 Oranges

06-25-04 Demo Log on Oranges

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vlady6us: hello nj
Fearless Leader: Howdy All
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: hi
elissaheart joined the room
vlady6us: hi elissa
Princess: howdy NJ
Princess: hi elissa
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Howdy Just invited everyone wholesalve
Katie: Hi everyone
elissaheart left the room
elissaheart joined the room
jill_z_q joined the room
Fearless Leader: setting up
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
wilddolls2000 joined the room
vlady6us: hello everyone
jill_z_q: howdy
elissaheart: hi all!
Katie: Hi Sandie
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: hi everyone
sewdaisy2001: Hi all
Katie: & all!!
Rickie Beth ( joined the room
nancy: hi everyone...will be right back...
vlady6us: ok
Fearless Leader: cam says server busy
elissaheart: Are we having a demo tonight?
Rickie Beth: hello Everyone - and I will BRB.....
Fearless Leader: I'm setting up for Demo
elissaheart: great!
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok
Rickie Beth:
sewdaisy2001: a bit hectic here right now. I'll be at demo as much as
chelyha55 joined the room
Fearless Leader:
Princess: it's mini food tonight right??
Fearless Leader: That's the page for tonight
Fearless Leader: for Cheryl since she asked for Citrus
Katie: cool
Fearless Leader: it'll give you a better idea for color
wilddolls2000: when in demo, is there sound with it
Fearless Leader: no sound
wilddolls2000 left the room
Fearless Leader: Let's do roll call, First Name and location
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Katie: Katrie NY
Katie: Katie
sewdaisy2001: Sheri, Ohio
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi CA
Princess: Princess Andi, Dallas TX
vlady6us: sandie florida
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: kathy, arizona
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Rickie Beth: Rickie Beth, in Walnut Creek and I need an invite to see
the web cam.......
Fearless Leader: Howdy Aunt Jude in Tehachapi
Fearless Leader: Ok, Rickie Beth
jude: Howdy!
elissaheart: Elissa, Santa Clara, CA.
Katie: Hi Jude
jill_z_q: eeps Suzy in Southern Calif.
Fearless Leader: There Rickie Beth
Fearless Leader: eeep Suzy
Fearless Leader: new name
jude: How is everyone tonight?
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: Here's a page I just put up
Fearless Leader:
Katie: Terrific!!
Fearless Leader: Please check it and then we'll discuss
chelyha55: great, how bout you?
jill_z_q: Hey cheryl you snuck in when I was in the other window
chelyha55: yeah I just got here
Fearless Leader: We have 9 out of 11 people with cam
Fearless Leader: anyone need help?
vlady6us: i have it
Princess: I have it
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: look at the oranges it's making my mouth
chelyha55: I'm good
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: looks real
Fearless Leader: ok, we got 10 and Rickie Beth got booted
Fearless Leader: she's on her way and that'll account for everyone
sharonvintn joined the room
Fearless Leader:
chelyha55: oh I hope she comes back I want to ask her about the kato
Fearless Leader: Prep Page Sharon
sharonvintn: Yup
greatauntjudy left the room
Fearless Leader: when she comes back add her to your friend's list
Fearless Leader: I need to invite her to the room when she gets
booted and I'd like a back up
Fearless Leader: for when I'm turned away from the monitor
Fearless Leader: ok?
babasbunja joined the room
Fearless Leader: Bernie
Fearless Leader: here's the prep pae
Fearless Leader: page, even
Fearless Leader:
babasbunja: Hey NJ, how are ya?
Fearless Leader: check that for color, Ok is everyone ready for me to
explain what I'm fixing to do?
Fearless Leader: Howdy honey
Katie: yes
sharonvintn: Ready
Fearless Leader: I've been preparing for this all afternoon
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes
Fearless Leader: ok
vlady6us: yeppers
babasbunja: you go girl
Fearless Leader: Now there's more than one color in orange peel
Princess: ready
Fearless Leader: there's the dark on the outside and the light on the
Fearless Leader: sorry I was helping Rickie Beth
Fearless Leader: ok, so the way we get those different colors is by
doing a .... what? Anyone? How do we get three colors on one sheet of
jill_z_q: a blend?
sharonvintn: Skinner blend
Fearless Leader: yuppers
Fearless Leader: exactly right
jill_z_q: ooh do I get a star?
rickiebeth1 joined the room
Fearless Leader: An extra petal on your good guess daisy, honey!
sharonvintn: Hey Rickie Beth
babasbunja: no, you get an orange lol
rickiebeth1: I am here this way - via MSAT
jill_z_q: lol Bernie
rickiebeth1: Hello Everyone
Katie: Hi
Fearless Leader: just sent you an invite to the cam Rickie Beth
vlady6us: hi
Fearless Leader: So the first picture on this webpage are the colors
that I'm going to blend
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: now how I got those colors
Fearless Leader: start out with red and yellow to get a base orange
Fearless Leader: then add a bunch of translucent to it
Fearless Leader: that will get you this bit of clay I'm going to show
you on cam
rickiebeth1: I got an invite from someone- could they please resend
Fearless Leader: I sent you an invite to cam if you don't have it
Fearless Leader: now the meat of an orange isn't this red
Fearless Leader: you have to add a touch of yellow to this
Fearless Leader: see how that looks like orange juice?
Fearless Leader: add some cured ice cubes to that and form like a
glass and you got iced orange juice
Fearless Leader: now the pith of the orange juice is that color but a
touch whiter
rickiebeth1: One more time, please, I am having trouble adding people
to my friends list
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to rickiebeth1 (6/25/04
8:19 PM)
Fearless Leader: again, RB
Fearless Leader: so I took this orange juice colored clay and added
vlady6us: brb. have to take the dog out..again
Fearless Leader: that will be the pith between the orange segments
jill_z_q: I know we don't have sound but for second the silence was
way too loud
jill_z_q: giggles
Katie: wow, I thought the other one was yellow
Fearless Leader: now we take the orange juice cane and form it like a
Fearless Leader: and cover it with pith this much
Katie: LOL Suzy
Fearless Leader: one side bare, one side with pith
Fearless Leader: understand to this point?
Fearless Leader: I'm going to explain it before doing it, ya see?
MK (celebrate_abundance2002) joined the room
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: That's what we're doing, honey
Fearless Leader: Ok, so we take the orange juice cane, form it into a
wedge and cover the wedge on two out of three sides
Fearless Leader: that so when you slice sections you can put them
bare side to covered side and not have double pith thickness
Fearless Leader: looks better
MK: Thanks...I'd guess you were responding to someone else since I
just joined you all...but Geez, it's like you're reading my mind! LOL
Fearless Leader: I just keep the prep page loaded up to paste as soon
as someone comes in the room
Fearless Leader: old trick
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: ok see these wheels here?
jill_z_q: passes around orange juice
Fearless Leader: wedges of orange juice wedges, cut and stacked as a
Katie: yes?
Katie: wedges
Fearless Leader: so we have a citrus round
chelyha55: Did you go over the ratio of trans to orange clay or is
that on one of the pages you put up?
Fearless Leader: and now we need the peel
Fearless Leader: Cheryl, I took a picture of a sliced orange and
eyeballed it, truth be known
rickiebeth1: I have seen these oranges in person, and they are
Fearless Leader: but I'll go over the relative ratios as we go
through steps, I'll guess my ratios
Fearless Leader: a handful of this and a booger of that
Fearless Leader: LOL
sharonvintn: Well my mouth is watering, slurp
chelyha55: I remember I asked you how you made the lime and you said
equal parts cobalt blue and zinc yellow with a ton of translucent
chelyha55: so it's mostly just according to taste, would you say?
Fearless Leader: exactly
Fearless Leader: salt to taste, that's the ticket
Fearless Leader: ok, now dig
chelyha55: ok, I can handle that
Fearless Leader: after we get the wheel of citrus with pith
Fearless Leader: we need to put the peel on it
Fearless Leader: this peel is a blend of three colors
Fearless Leader: then we wrap the wheel with the peel
Fearless Leader: and reduce it
Fearless Leader: I cut and cured some from this cane and put a drop
of finish on it to show
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: it's on that page too
Fearless Leader: at the bottom
babasbunja: Anyone remember the commercial character who wore a hat
of fruit?
sharonvintn: Carmen Miranda
elissaheart: fruit of the loom guy?
Fearless Leader: chakita banana
babasbunja: LOL
Katie: LOL
sharonvintn: Guess I went way back!!
babasbunja: You went back correctly.
elissaheart: lol!
MK: Makes me think...chiquita bananas
Katie: tiny
rickiebeth1: they are small!!!
sharonvintn: Nj did you wrap a ball of cane with orange clay for the
small orange??
sharonvintn: I'm getting befused here
Fearless Leader: ya know how you pinch the end for natasha beads?
Fearless Leader: or how I do?
Fearless Leader: you do the same to the end of the cane for one end
of the orange
Fearless Leader: cut off a bit of cane and then pinch the other end
Fearless Leader: then peel
Fearless Leader: or slice as you like
babasbunja: what's befusing my dear?
Fearless Leader: but darling
Fearless Leader: I'm going to show you how to do this
Fearless Leader: I figure if I explain it ahead of time
sharonvintn: How you covered the whole orange
Fearless Leader: you all can save log
Fearless Leader: and then watch me do it
Fearless Leader: and re read the log with the instructions all in one
Fearless Leader: I'll repeat myself, don't worry
Katie: where did NJ go?
chani69m left the room
Fearless Leader: I'm here
Fearless Leader: can't you see me type?
Katie: no
rickiebeth1: lol
Fearless Leader: Katie
Katie: yes
Fearless Leader: LOL
chani69m joined the room
Katie: duh
Katie: LOL
Fearless Leader: had me going there for a minute
Fearless Leader: ok, I'm going to save log
Katie: LOL
Fearless Leader: and I suggest those of you who want to do so too
Fearless Leader: then we'll get started
jill_z_q left the room
Katie: did it
Fearless Leader: me too
crysalis7 joined the room
Fearless Leader: ok, let me get you a link for these clay chips
Fearless Leader:

Fearless Leader: Please check this page
Fearless Leader: Top row raw, bottom row cured but not polished or
covered with shiney stuff. Starting from the left: Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Red Half yellow, half red, the resulting orange; Orange 1
part, translucent 8 parts; that resulting orange one part,
translucent 1 part...for the flesh of blood oranges; that resulting
orange one part, translucent 1 part...or the meat of regular oranges;
that resulting orange one part, translucent 1 part....For orange
crysalis7: Greetings, all. Just got home from Church.
Katie: Hi
Fearless Leader: Howdy Bobbie
Fearless Leader:

Fearless Leader: Cheryl you were asking for ratios
sharonvintn: Hi Bobbie
Fearless Leader: here ya go
Fearless Leader: how much yellow to red to make orange
Fearless Leader: how much translucent to that orange to get orange
Fearless Leader: just with this orange juice mix I'm using I'm adding
a touch of yellow
chelyha55: I would start with the yellow and add red
Fearless Leader: the mix gets refined each time you do it
Fearless Leader: one can start out in any order
Fearless Leader: just don't mix white in it until you're aiming for
chelyha55: well the cad red is so powerful
sharonvintn: Seems all reds are very strong
Fearless Leader: we want the meat of the oranges to be translucent so
just lighten the saturation with no color translucent
chelyha55: I guess then once you get the orange color then you add
tiny bits of it to the trans till you get the tint you want
Fearless Leader: yes
Fearless Leader: exactly
Fearless Leader: now since I have my orange juice mix already done we
can cover it with pith and cut it into sections
Fearless Leader: let me get you another link
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: I'll stay with the demo prep page
Fearless Leader: I was going to get you and old orange tute but I'm
doing a blend this time instead of stacking sheets
Fearless Leader: so anyway, we're all familiar with doing a blend,
Fearless Leader: who is not?
Fearless Leader: I assume everyone knows how to do a blend, yes?
chani69m: yes
Katie: yes
chelyha55: yes
sharonvintn: yup
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes
Fearless Leader: ok, then you know how to fan fold the ribbon, so
there's the dark clay on one side and light on the other and then
rest is zig zagged up in a stack?
sharonvintn: yup
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes
Fearless Leader: well this in the cam is that fan folded blend pressed
chani69m: no don't know what you mean there
Fearless Leader: ok, let me get you a link
chani69m: k
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: that's a fan fold with pearl and purple
Fearless Leader: but, it's a fan fold
Fearless Leader: with a ribbon that was a blend
Fearless Leader: let me know if that makes sense or not, ok?
chani69m: ok got it now
Fearless Leader: coolness
Fearless Leader: ok, what I did with my fan folded stack
Fearless Leader: was SMASH IT
Fearless Leader: smash it flat and pressed it to get this what's in
the cam
Fearless Leader: that's our orange peel
Fearless Leader: so with that I'll do save log and show you

babasbunja: Off topic: I have a big yard sale tomorrow, and I plan to
get up at 5 AM. I'd rather go to yard sales than sponsor one. Too
much work for this old lady.
Katie: me too
babasbunja: lots of stuff Katie?
Fearless Leader: Le
Fearless Leader: Let's do roll call please, First name and Location
Katie: Oh, no. I ment I would rather go to one than have one
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
Katie: Katie NY
chelyha55: Cheryl, Tehachapi, CA
babasbunja: Bernie, PA
vlady6us: sandie florida
sharonvintn: Sharon V in TN
chani69m: princess Andi Dallas TX
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: kathy, Arizona
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth in Walnut Creek, Calif
sewdaisy2001: Sheri , Ohio left the room
rickiebeth1: I am still here
Fearless Leader: It was your twin that left
rickiebeth1: I am rblee1 and Rickie Beth
rickiebeth1: yes, my invisible twin
sharonvintn left the room
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: when you come one , both names comes up
chelyha55: so Rickiebeth what is your price on the large size of kato
sharonvintn joined the room
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay (lvmypolymerclay) joined the room
MaMa Duke (pdduke2003) joined the room
vlady6us: hi pauline
MK: Mary K [Minnesota] here
rickiebeth1: Cheryl - I will send you a price list if you want ..
$7.35 or $9.00 minus 5% MSAT discount
vlady6us: so glad u could join us
chelyha55: ok so we only cover two of the three sides of the cane
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: here's the prep page
MaMa Duke: Hi NJ, Hi everyone
Katie: Hi Lynn & Pauline
chelyha55: ok thanks
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Howdy everyone
sharonvintn: Hello to all
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hi Katie
rickiebeth1: Hello To Everyone - from the one and only!!
MaMa Duke: hi rickiebeth
MaMa Duke: hmmm, looks good enough to eat
vlady6us: hello ME
rickiebeth1: LOL
MaMa Duke: hello Sandie!!!
MaMa Duke: LOL
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: Hey there Sandie
vlady6us: hi lynn...
vlady6us: hi pauline
MaMa Duke: jello
rickiebeth1: orange jello
MaMa Duke: lol
Katie: wow, that sure looks easy enough
vlady6us: my husband is so retarded ..or anal..or something
Katie: LOL
MaMa Duke: out of the blue she says......
Katie: do we dare ask why
MaMa Duke: why
vlady6us: i just got off the phone with him
vlady6us: he was talking about sheep in utah
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: that's not a good sign
vlady6us: being very very bad
sharonvintn: and?
rickiebeth1: lots of them there
Katie: LOL
vlady6us: yes there are
MaMa Duke: absence makes the heart grow fonder?
vlady6us: yes
vlady6us: lol
vlady6us: still gonna be over two weeks before he gets home...closet
to 3
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: nahhhhhhh
Katie: LOL Pauline
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: and he is talkin about sheep...hmmm
MaMa Duke: and you don't like him talking about sheep?
Katie: Oh oh, and the sheep are looking good to him?
sharonvintn: I'd worry
vlady6us: no. its scarey
MaMa Duke: nahhhhh
vlady6us: probably they are
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: maybe he can't sleep or he wants some mint
Katie: too funny
rickiebeth1: i think you need to visit him.. and SOON
vlady6us: mint jelly mayve
vlady6us: hes to far away to see me
MaMa Duke: real soon!
sharonvintn: Hope not KY jelly
vlady6us: across the country
vlady6us: LOL>.......
MaMa Duke: ha ha
Katie: LOL
vlady6us: i dont think so
MaMa Duke: looks good NJ
vlady6us: oh how cute nj
Katie: looking great NJ
Fearless Leader: now here's how you make it round
Fearless Leader: ready?
vlady6us: thats incredibly real looking
MaMa Duke: yes
chani69m: ready
Fearless Leader: poke the peel with a tooth brush or something
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I got me one of NJs oranges, but mine is peeled
MK: I see it and still can't believe it!!!
vlady6us: oh cool lynn
Fearless Leader: when you cut, ROLL the orange under the razor
chelyha55: very cute. I'll be using mine in cane form for the most
chelyha55: but it's still good to know how to make it round
sharonvintn: I have to try this
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: it's so tiny. I don't see how she make
something that hot hands would smear it so much
vlady6us: me too
Katie: me too
vlady6us: have to cut my nails
chelyha55: I have that problem too sometimes
chelyha55: you can keep a bowl of icewater on your table
vlady6us: but i need nails if im doing beadwork
chelyha55: or get a piece of marble or corian and put it in the
fridge before you work
chelyha55: really? I can't do anything with nails
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: I sit in my basement that's built into the
side of our's a constant 68 degrees, but me hot
handed...and headed too
chelyha55: or any rings on my fingers
vlady6us: i pick seed beads up in my nails
vlady6us: oh u r so lucky lynn
chelyha55: I have a cool little scoop for that
sharonvintn: NJ, very nice
rickiebeth1: There may be a happy middle - for clay and beads
chelyha55: scoop at one end, tweezers at the other
chelyha55: great tool
vlady6us: cool
chelyha55: oh she cut it the other way too. that's great!
elissaheart: gotta go now. thanks for the Demo, NJ!
chelyha55: bye Elissa
rickiebeth1: bye Elissa..
Katie: Thanks NJ. Gotta get to bed. Bye everyone
vlady6us: bye elissa
elissaheart left the room
chelyha55: nitey nite
Katie: And thanks for the laugh
rickiebeth1: Sweet Dreams..
vlady6us: night katie
crzy4dzny left the room
sewdaisy2001 left the room
chelyha55: too cute, little sections
vlady6us: way neat
MaMa Duke: was it something I said.....?
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: what will be the next fruit?
MaMa Duke: LOL
chelyha55: whoa, how did you peel that one?
rickiebeth1: BRB... This had made me thirsty.... I need to get a
drink of juice or something...
MaMa Duke: that is real cool NJ
Fearless Leader: the one on the penny is cured and has a finish
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: that's what mine looks like
MK: dang...amazing!!!
chelyha55: how did you peel that one?
Fearless Leader: want me to show you again?
MaMa Duke: yes
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes
MK: yes, please
chelyha55: I completely missed that part
chelyha55: must've been tending the cats
MaMa Duke: easy now Sandie!
vlady6us: shhhhhhhhhhh pauline
MaMa Duke: ha ha]
sharonvintn: I'm going to go. Been nice and I did enjoy it. Thanks,
chelyha55: nite sharon
MK: nite sharon!
vlady6us: night sharon
MaMa Duke: nite
sharonvintn left the room
rickiebeth1: good night
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: nite
Fearless Leader: ok ready for peeling, Cheryl?
babasbunja: Me, too, it's time for bed, thanks NJ
chelyha55: yes ma'am
MaMa Duke: how the heck does she hold something so small?
rickiebeth1: nite
babasbunja left the room
MK: just like peeling an orange! LOL
vlady6us: thats wild
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: imagine that lol
MaMa Duke: yup
MaMa Duke: I like that stylus tool
chelyha55: ok so she used her blade
chelyha55: very interesting
Lynn..Lvmypolymerclay: you should do a green apple and peel it like
Meg Ryan did in Sleepless in Seatle
chani69m: brb
Fearless Leader: ok, Iced Orange Juice...
chelyha55: oh is that what those are? Ice cubes?
chelyha55: I was wondering
rickiebeth1: back
vlady6us: wb
MaMa Duke: wb
rickiebeth1: thank you..
MaMa Duke: oh that gemini thing again
vlady6us: lol
chelyha55: that's cool, prebake the ice cubes and have them onhand
vlady6us: neat
MaMa Duke: cute!
chelyha55: lemonade
techi_mom56 left the room
MaMa Duke: orange juice?
vlady6us: looks good
MaMa Duke: neat!
Fearless Leader: I'll get you a link
vlady6us: this is something i will make after clay is on sale again
chelyha55: man I have to buy some clay, sale or not
ddmcc joined the room
vlady6us: im out of red, yellow, green, white
vlady6us: black
vlady6us: and low on others
vlady6us: hi ddmcc
ddmcc: helloooo, desiree here
Fearless Leader:
rickiebeth1: if you want Kato clay..please let me know
Fearless Leader: this is how to make this pitcher of iced lemonade
chelyha55: desiree from PCJ?
rickiebeth1: hello ddmcc
ddmcc: yup and from san jose1
crysalis7 left the room
chelyha55: ah. I sold one of the beads I made from your kitty's
Fearless Leader: Howdy Desiree we're reviewing how to do iced lemonade
Fearless Leader:

ddmcc: I LOVE lemonade!
Fearless Leader: ok, the trick to this is
Fearless Leader: take yellow
Fearless Leader: mix with a ton of translucent until you have the
lemonade hue you want
Fearless Leader: take lemon cane and slice a bunch and cure them
Fearless Leader: take your cured mini ice and set that aside
Fearless Leader: take a plug of the Lemonade mix, mix in the cured
lemon slices
Fearless Leader: and then form into a pitcher shape
Fearless Leader: take that and tippy tap the head into the cured mini
Fearless Leader: then cure
Fearless Leader: wetsand it to make it smooth on the sides
Fearless Leader: so some of that cured lemon cane and cured ice cubes
Fearless Leader: then add no color translucent for the lip, handle
and foot of the pitcher
Fearless Leader: garnish as you wish
vlady6us: thats so neat
Fearless Leader: the juice is the jug, the jug is the juice, it's
clay zen
Fearless Leader: same for canned vegetables
Fearless Leader: check this out
Fearless Leader: orange marmelade
Fearless Leader: use the orange juice mix for your oranges
Fearless Leader: chop up some of that three color peel
Fearless Leader: form into a jar shape and give it a lid
Fearless Leader: and you have a cupboard full of home canned food
vlady6us: neat
Fearless Leader: when you're doing juice for the smaller scales this
translucent and mini ice just fills the bill.
Fearless Leader: this lemonade glass doesn't have a finish on it so
it looks dusty
vlady6us: frosted
Fearless Leader: so there ya go
ddmcc: thank you!
vlady6us: like my mammas iced tea glasses were pretty
Fearless Leader: now what colors would you use for Ruby grapefruit
Fearless Leader: or cumquat?
Fearless Leader: or lime?
vlady6us: red. white, orange
vlady6us: trans
Fearless Leader: all of them need the three color blended peel
vlady6us: a touch of yellow maybe
Fearless Leader: you start with the meat of the citrus and add white
for pith
Fearless Leader: in all cases, oranges, lemons, lime
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: this is another fruit that uses the three color blend
Fearless Leader: but NOT for the peel
Fearless Leader: for the space between the peel and the meat of the
chelyha55: making the peel would be an interesting challenge
Fearless Leader: that green bit you cut down to when you do melon
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: cantelope going to be the next fruit?
Fearless Leader: check out that link
Fearless Leader: We'll do cantelope this week end, but I have to do
prep first
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok
Fearless Leader: just had time to do prep for oranges for tonight
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: k
Fearless Leader: Now for a new experiment with the oranges
Fearless Leader: what if
Fearless Leader: we take the orange juice mix
Fearless Leader: and make a lace cane with no color translucent or a
very thin layer of pith color?
Fearless Leader: and then make the wedges?
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: is the demo over for tonight?
Fearless Leader: wouldn't our slices have a bunch of little cells?
Fearless Leader: this part is almost over, I wanted to get through a
whole lesson before it got too late for those on the East Coast
ddmcc: looks like it, huh?
Fearless Leader: let me save log and if there's Short Orders hollar
out, brb

vlady6us: dunno
rickiebeth1 left the room
Fearless Leader: Ok, let's do roll call, First Name and Location
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
ddmcc: byeee
ddmcc left the room
chelyha55: well her cam is still on, hope Gerald is ok
Fearless Leader: are there any short orders?
Fearless Leader: I'm here, can't you see me type?
chelyha55: no
rickiebeth1 joined the room
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: i c a note
chelyha55: no we can't see
vlady6us: ok
chelyha55: ok
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: k

You are in "*g.MSATClayArt:1" ( )

chelyha55: have you guys ever noticed that lowfat popcorn burns
Fearless Leader: can you see me type now?
vlady6us: no
vlady6us: yes nj
chelyha55: yes!
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: wb NJ
Fearless Leader: what was the last thing you have in your chat log
that I typed?
rickiebeth1: I can see you type now....
rickiebeth1: I do not know ..I was booted, too
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: Fearless Leader: just had time to do prep
for oranges for tonight
vlady6us: i got booted too
Fearless Leader: ok, let me go see what I was nattering about
rickiebeth1: major boot!!!
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: Fearless Leader: check out that link
Fearless Leader: We'll do cantelope this week end, but I have to do
prep first
chelyha55: I'm watching a scary movie
chelyha55: it's distracting
vlady6us: im watching a nice movie
Fearless Leader: Fearless Leader: Now for a new experiment with the
oranges Fearless Leader: what if Fearless Leader: we take the orange
juice mix Fearless Leader: and make a lace cane with no color
translucent or a very thin layer of pith color? Fearless Leader: and
then make the wedges? Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: is the demo over for
tonight? Fearless Leader: wouldn't our slices have a bunch of little
cells? Fearless Leader: this part is almost over, I wanted to get
through a whole lesson before it got too late for those on the East
Coast ddmcc: looks like it, huh? Fearless Leader: let me save log and
if there's Short Orders hollar out, brb
MK: nite all...thanks NJ
Fearless Leader: nighty night
celebrate_abundance2002 left the room
rickiebeth1: I cannot watch them..I see spooky things all over the
place afterwards
Fearless Leader: it's so odd when that happens
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes
Fearless Leader: so are there any short orders?
vlady6us: do u have any tips for covering a round glass surface so
its smooth
vlady6us: christmas ornament
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: what can you make from the left over clay
you have there?
Fearless Leader: Orange Marmelade, I have some on bread, do you want
to see?
chelyha55: I love scary movies, just not gorey ones
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes
Princess: what colors do you use for the meat log?
vlady6us: suspense movies are good
rickiebeth1: Yes, that may be the difference, Cherly..
rickiebeth1: Cheryl
chelyha55: suspense, yeah. This "Lost Souls"
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: Princess let me get you a link
vlady6us: deceived with goldie hawn is an excellent suspense movie
rickiebeth1: I was a 'lost soul' a few minutes ago when I was
rickiebeth1: sort of
Fearless Leader:
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: well, you found your way back, that is a
good thing
rickiebeth1: Yes it is..and thank you..
Fearless Leader: that's the mix, but for tonight I added a touch of
yellow at the end, less like tangerine juice and more like orange
vlady6us: NJ. hold up your pen please
Fearless Leader: which pen?
Fearless Leader: the Orchid Drape from today?
vlady6us: the one u used a min ago
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: NJ..what other fruits have you made?
rickiebeth1: NJ..I need to see web cam again...
Fearless Leader: no pen here honey
Fearless Leader: sent Rickie Beth
vlady6us: didnt you just use a pen to write with????
MaMa Duke: did you have a rainbow mum cane pen in front of the cam
vlady6us: yes
vlady6us: thank you
vlady6us: thats gorgeous
rickiebeth1: server is busy - try again... Boo Hoo...
chelyha55: yeah, it's way cool
Fearless Leader: I didn't make it
Princess: too cute!!
vlady6us: lol..ok
MaMa Duke: I am not getting the cam
Fearless Leader: Polly Parrot/Elizabeth did
vlady6us: its still gorgeous
Fearless Leader: loads of translucent
vlady6us: i just sanded 60 pens today
MaMa Duke: tell her that please
rickiebeth1: 60???
vlady6us: pauline cant get the webcam
vlady6us: yes...60
rickiebeth1: that is a LOT of pens
vlady6us: it sure is
Princess: yeah it is!
rickiebeth1: I have no web cam either
vlady6us: im getting ready for 2 shows in october
rickiebeth1: I was just about to ask about this..
Princess: oh ok I see
MaMa Duke: she needs to turn on some button near her name
rickiebeth1: May you have good fortune in October
vlady6us: thank you
Fearless Leader: see I took the orange thinned out with Translucent
and then added more yellow
vlady6us: nj..pauline cant see the web cam
chelyha55: Suzy and I are going to try to do two in August, both at
the beach
Fearless Leader: ok, I'll send her an invite and another one to
Rickie Beth too
vlady6us: oh neat cheryl
rickiebeth1: You all should do well
Princess: how do ya'll find the shows you do??
Fearless Leader: done and done
vlady6us: good luck
vlady6us: ty nj
MaMa Duke: thank you NJ
Fearless Leader: so any short orders?
vlady6us: i found a website
rickiebeth1: server is still busy...Friday night is prime time for
web cams seems....
vlady6us: will post it later if you want
rickiebeth1: I just enjoy watching you orders from me...
Princess: that would be great, would love to try to make some money
instead of always spending
vlady6us: i have to sell some things so i can keep claying
Fearless Leader: I've been working on cooked meat and I did a T bone
but I don't like it
vlady6us: just sold 4 ornaments ...will get the money in a couple of
Princess: the meat cane NJ, I don't totally understand it from your
MaMa Duke: don't we all
MaMa Duke: cute
vlady6us: t-bone
MaMa Duke: now sandie......
Fearless Leader: but I took all those colors and made some nice franks
MaMa Duke: <EG>
vlady6us: now im hungry
vlady6us: lol pauline
MaMa Duke: cool
Princess: those are great NJ!
rickiebeth1: I just ate dinner..
vlady6us: its 1 am here
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: the cane shelves is a good idea, do you
cove it or leave it like it is?
vlady6us: long time ago that i ate
rickiebeth1: late?? for you
vlady6us: sorta
rickiebeth1: it is almost 10 here
Fearless Leader: I don't cover it
vlady6us: i stay up pretty late most of the time
Fearless Leader: just leave it open to the air
MaMa Duke: lucky you
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: no dust?
Fearless Leader: not really
rickiebeth1: NJ has fod to deal with
rickiebeth1: fog
Fearless Leader: LOL
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: you have lots of canes
MaMa Duke: I have FOG everyday LOL
rickiebeth1: LOL..
rickiebeth1: me too!!!!
rickiebeth1: I have forgetfulness fog
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: here is dry and hot, I'd have to cover them
vlady6us: i get dog hair on mine
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: because of lots of dust
MaMa Duke: ha ha I was just thinking the same thing sandie
vlady6us: lol
rickiebeth1: cannot you put a sheet over the canes???
MaMa Duke: I love Zoe, but her black hair gets everywhere!
chelyha55: those plastic drawers you find at walmart or kmart are
great to store canes
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: would the canes eat into the plastic?
vlady6us: i have plastic bullet cases for skinnier canes..they each
hold 50
vlady6us: shell cases i guess they are
chelyha55: no they don't interact
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: ic
chelyha55: and you can see into them to what color canes you have
rickiebeth1: good idea....
Fearless Leader: I'm going to get out some BBQ books
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: NJ....have you made watermelons?
chelyha55: it's windy here and I have cats so it's bad to leave the
canes out
MaMa Duke: I have mine in a 60 drawer container from the tool section
rickiebeth1: wow, that is big..
MaMa Duke: the only thing is, it does react to some of the plastic,
had to cover the bottoms of each drawer that I use
MaMa Duke: haha I don't have all sixty drawers for canes! I wish I did
chelyha55: i have 9 of those plastic drawer thingies and none of them
react with the clay.
chelyha55: but you could put foil on the bottom of the drawer if they
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: whatcha doin NJ?
MaMa Duke: looking at BBQ food to make I think
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: ic
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: ham?
chelyha55: I have 27 actual drawers full of canes
Fearless Leader: these are my mushroom slice canes
vlady6us: i have 5 shell cases full..each holds 50
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: chopped mushrooms, cream of mushroom ?
chelyha55: that's quite a few
vlady6us: yes it is..and i use them a alot
MaMa Duke: my drawers say they are 5 on the recycle number, but my
canes stick to it all the time
rickiebeth1: I cannot imagine how wonderful it is to have that much
space for polymer stuff/canes...
vlady6us: my canes dont stick in these
MaMa Duke: are the shell cases clear plastic
vlady6us: almost clear
vlady6us: only a couple of bucks each at harbor freight
vlady6us: donna kato told us about them
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: i can't imagine either, would have to move
one of the boys out side
chelyha55: mine don
vlady6us: they hold skinny canes tho
MaMa Duke: what is harbor freight - an army navy store?
vlady6us: no..
chelyha55: t have a number but they are made by Sterlite
chelyha55: Sterilite
vlady6us: they sell tools and stuff and lots of "things"
rickiebeth1: sterlite makes good stuff
vlady6us: they have a web site.
vlady6us: i have a lot of sterlite stuff
MaMa Duke: I know which ones you are talking about cheryl
chelyha55: they work best for me
chelyha55: I arrange them by color
chelyha55: and keep the flower canes separate
MaMa Duke: my 4 (3 drawers) that I have on my clay table are by
vlady6us: me too cept for leaf canes
chelyha55: that's what I have the most of is leaf canes
MaMa Duke: I do mine by color, except for leaf and flower canes
MaMa Duke: want to make a lot more flower canes though
vlady6us: my flower ones are by color
MaMa Duke: are we fanatics or what!
vlady6us: have to be
MaMa Duke: who says?
chelyha55: yeah. Well, I'm making beads and selling them fulltime
vlady6us: me
vlady6us: wow..way cool cheryl
chelyha55: making 95% of my income
vlady6us: thats awesome
rickiebeth1: That is wonderful..
MaMa Duke: good job cheryl
Princess: that is great Cheryl!
MaMa Duke: are you going to have to move?
chelyha55: it is, it's been my dream all my life to make a living as
an artist
vlady6us: congradulations to you cheryl
MaMa Duke: at one point cheryl I think you were talking about that
chelyha55: thanks!
rickiebeth1: well, it is your time to shine!!! from now on...
vlady6us: yw
chelyha55: oh, the new building owners say they don't plan on doing
any rennovations
Princess: I'm about to put some of my candy in a friend's shop on
vlady6us: if i wasnt so old i would love to have a shop for crafters
and artists to sell things
chelyha55: and even if they did they have to give us 180 days notice
MaMa Duke: so you can stay where you are?
chelyha55: yes, it looks that way
MaMa Duke: good for you
Princess: looks good NJ! just like the picture!
rickiebeth1: excellent!!! which candy do you like the best??
MaMa Duke: old - who says that stops us?
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: the one you chopped , is that a bead?
Princess: to make or to eat??
vlady6us: well money is really stopping me
chelyha55: well I am 49 and just now getting there
vlady6us: and location
rickiebeth1: to make!!! LOL
MaMa Duke: I hear you on that one Sandie
chelyha55: money is a problem. When I say I make my living, its barely
chelyha55: barely enough, but at least I am doing something I love
chelyha55: it's a fair trade-off
vlady6us: best of luck to you..i think its awesome u can make a dream
come true
MaMa Duke: it does provide a dream fulfilled though Cheryl
Princess: I really like neopolotins (sp) or andes mints
MaMa Duke: andes mints to die for!
chelyha55: I wouldn't trade it for anything
vlady6us: i love them
rickiebeth1: mints are good....
MaMa Duke: mmmmmmmmm
Princess: but I don't really have a favorite, I like trying different
things and seeing what happens
Princess: like when I got the bag of candy at the $1 store, and made
minis of those
chelyha55: what kind of candy? hmm...
chelyha55: chocolate in any form
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: hamburger pattie
vlady6us: cool nj
chelyha55: Dove Dark chocolate
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: or is that a mushroom pattie?
Princess: my goal is to make a Candy Barrel type store for my
Barbies, with the big barrels full of all different kinds
vlady6us: oh neat
chelyha55: or those awesome dark chocolate bars you can get at Trader
Princess: it was licorice allsorts I think
Princess: is that an onion NJ?
chelyha55: that's an onion she just put down
chelyha55: she must be making a sandwich or a burger
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: but it's black and white
chelyha55: yeah it is. oh well I thought it was a red onion
chelyha55: maybe it's purple
Princess: green pepper??
vlady6us: pickle
Princess: oh ok
chelyha55: those are pickles
Fearless Leader: Purple onion
Fearless Leader: tomato
Fearless Leader: pickles
chelyha55: NJ do you use trans in your onion?
Princess: just add the bun and it's dinner!
Fearless Leader: lettuce
vlady6us: lettuce
vlady6us: ketchup and mustard....
vlady6us: cheese
chelyha55: there's the bun
vlady6us: yeppers
rickiebeth1: NJ can you invite me to web cam again..
Fearless Leader: done
rickiebeth1: this is THE busiest server ... they said try later..and
thank you,..
vlady6us: bummer rickiebeth
rickiebeth1: Well, you descriptions are pretty good.....
rickiebeth1: my imaginationa nd your words... together make it OK...
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to rickiebeth1 (6/25/04
10:18 PM)
rickiebeth1: Thank you for trying NJ...
Fearless Leader: sent again
rickiebeth1 left the room
chelyha55: everyone who has seen the bread NJ sent me goes nuts over
how cute it is, and how realistic
rickiebeth1 joined the room
rickiebeth1: back and forth tonight...
vlady6us left the room
chelyha55: mmm.. I bought a fresh pineapple and it is starting to
scent the kitchen
vlady6us joined the room
rickiebeth1: I had some tonight - my husband bought it..
Princess: looks so real NJ!
Fearless Leader: I'll get the link for the purple onions
rickiebeth1: Welcome back
vlady6us: thank you
chelyha55: they've been showing that commercial for pineapple at Vons
and I just had to go get some
rickiebeth1: They are sooo sweet and juicy
Fearless Leader:
chelyha55: yeah as long as they are ripe
Fearless Leader: just bullseyes and more sheets make the purple onion
chelyha55: I think this one will be ok
chelyha55: NJ do you use any trans in your onion?
rickiebeth1: he picks them out when perfect to eat
rickiebeth1: he works at the grocery store and the produce people
help him out
Fearless Leader: no trans in the onion
Princess: well all I am going to head to bed, have a full day tomorrow
Fearless Leader: for it wouldn't show up, the design I mean
vlady6us: night andi
Fearless Leader: Nighty Night
rickiebeth1: sweet dreams
Princess: Thank you again for a wonderful demo NJ
chelyha55: I'll have to send you a pic of a burger I got from someone
else who does minis
Fearless Leader: you're welcome honey
MaMa Duke: need to head out myself ladies - thank you NJ
chelyha55: she uses trans in her red onion and it looks so real
Fearless Leader: nighty night
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: good night , and thank you for the demo, NJ
vlady6us: night pauline..see ya
Princess: nite all
chelyha55: nite all who are going
Fearless Leader: you're welcome
MaMa Duke: take care all
Fearless Leader: everyone heading out?
vlady6us: i have to leave too..its late
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: see you tomorrow?
Fearless Leader: then tomorrow
vlady6us: thanks bunches nj
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok
Fearless Leader: ya, we'll continue along this line tomorrow
vlady6us: tomorrow for sure
vlady6us: night now
rickiebeth1: me, too.... good night to all...and NJ - you give the
best demos...
Fearless Leader: I got BBQ on the brain
pdduke2003 left the room
chelyha55: corn on the cob...
rickiebeth1: I must volunteer tomorrow
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol
chelyha55: oo! kabobs!
rickiebeth1: haven't for several weeks
Kathy..arizona_sweet2004: volunteer for what tomorrow?
rickiebeth1: so I probably will not be here tomorrow..
rickiebeth1: at a thrift store that supports a national foundation
for children's crib safety
Fearless Leader: Just a burger on a wood platter pin
rickiebeth1: it is a really cool place..
chelyha55: oh that's great Rickiebeth
Fearless Leader: to wear when one goes out for fast food
rickiebeth1: thank you..
chelyha55: that's great NJ
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
Fearless Leader: Howdy Nancy
Fearless Leader: I just did a burger and we reviewed oranges
rickiebeth1: Hi Nancy!!
arizona_sweet2004 left the room
nancy: hey...chuckle..i had a project to do...
Fearless Leader: that's a pin there on cam
rickiebeth1: I am getting so sleepy that I almost fell into the
Fearless Leader: we were ending demo for tonight
rickiebeth1: until later.. bye to everyone..
nancy: looks good
Fearless Leader: I'm hungry
Fearless Leader: and that's the test
Fearless Leader: LOL
nancy: okay demo tomorrow?
Fearless Leader: yes, demo tomorrow
Fearless Leader: doing mini food this week end
chelyha55: tomorrow
nancy: good...
Fearless Leader: ok, so nighty night all
chelyha55: cool, then I will see you then
nancy: okay night all!
techi_mom56 left the room
Fearless Leader: xoxo


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