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Food Index

The Salad Bar

Salad and Comfort food

Cane Review for making Salad Canes and some other uses for them.

05-14-08: the salad-canes are now on their new photo gallery page.

06-28-04, Ulrike wrote: I put pictures from the salad-canes (part of yesterdays demo) in my epson account. And NJ's descriptions of them during chat as subtitles. 

enjoy it


Danke Schoen, Ulrike! Ok Kitchen Warriors we're going to review the canes that go into making mini salad. Check out the screen shots above and revisit some old tutes.



Lettus Play: Putting a Salad Together


How to do Spring Onions


Cooked Bok Choy


Raw Haoli Food, for those who are just so tired of sushi and noodles. These are so fresh the water is still dripping off of them from the ice water dunk. 

CheeseBurger and Fries first experiments with tomato, pickle, lettuce and the famous melted cheddar cheese mix.

Pickled Vegetables

When the jar is the pickles and the pickles are the jar. That's Clay Zen.

Lunch Anyone?

Finger foods, fresh fruit

  Tomato Tomato  Five efforts of tomato cane

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