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Highlights Index - March 2020
Update - 03-19-2020: Because of the shelter in place order for the CoVid-19 pandemic I am not renting my room at this time. I'll be posting when it will be available. For now, all of you take care of yourselves: wash your hands, keep your hands off of your face, and practice social distancing.


$1000 per month due on the 1st of the month.
Couple OK or SFSU Students sharing the room.

Unfortunately no children or pets.

Included: WiFi, Utilities, Water, Garbage. 
Shared bathroom and kitchen.
The room is quiet and has a door. The windows faces West and North with a great view.

No closet, a garment rack is provided.

Laundry in the basement, machines that use credit or debit cards.
Gym in the lobby accessible with the door fob.

Where's the room? 
Park Merced Tower one block down from 19th. Cross street is Brotherhood way.

5-10 minute walk to SFSU, and bus close to CCSF, & Stonestown Mall.

Public transit options:
57 & 28 both you to the BART that's 5 minutes away

29 stop by the Park Merced Office
Across from SFSU is the M & 28. 
Street parking is difficult. 

The Nopes: 
No smoking, recreational drugs, alcohol, do that outside the apartment.
No bringing strangers into the apartment, e.g., one night stands.
No loud music or TV after 11pm (Rules of Park Merced) earbuds or earphones are your friend.

My expectations of you? 
First and Last Month's rent. 30 day notice when you are moving out so the last month is already paid.
Pay the rent on the 1st. 
Your phone is your mobile. 
Buy your own food, toilet paper, dish and laundry soap, contribute to the purchase of the kitchen garbage and compost bags.
Separate compost, recycle, landfill, for your room garbage and when you use the kitchen garbage.

If you make a mess in the shared bathroom and kitchen you clean your mess.
If your relative(s) are visiting (sleeping over) give me advance notice and an indication of how long they will be staying.

contact me at if interested.


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