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Highlights Index August 2006

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

She-Knees: 08-30-06 - There's a quick trick to forming knees. This is how a woman's knees can be formed with a pinch and a push.
08-21-06: I'm using Flickr for the "not ready for Prime Time" clay efforts. I'm still doing "re-chop" to old uncured beads and canes and reforming beads. I'm curing these skewers of beads by the dozen every other day or so. One thing it does prove, Polymer Clay has a very long shelf life. A lot of these beads are years old and the canes that made the old chop even older.

08-04-06 Scav - Chop: Taking the worst beads in my stash, chopping them up and better beads are made. 26 pictures and a review of the Natasha bead technique.

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