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Highlights Index March 2009

03-20-09:Spring Equinox and Sleeping in Flowers, PenPals - 03-20-09 Two Bodies, 03-25-09: Lace Drape, 03-27-09: Stress Kills, Second Pass:, Russell Brand Index, 03-31-09 Review Armature and bending limbs, AnatoMan Index update

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

03-31-09 While discussing sculpting I realized the links on poor old AnatoMan that referred to the anatomy section and the screen shots were still pointing to the "biz" site. The links are repaired now. 

10-15-05: AnatoMan Index: Using the Anatomy Book for sculpting the male figure

03-31-09 Review Armature and bending limbs. While discussing sculpting we stumbled on armatures. When do we need to use them? What's the benefit of being able to bend an armature after covering it with clay? It was time for a review.

03-31-09 Russell Brand Index This is the start of a sculpting section for my favorite comedian. The start is to gather up photos for study, easy enough to do with an exhibitionist. If you have a problem with skin, then don't click the skin section. If you want to learn more about him click the "About" section.

Second Pass: 03-29-09 - The whole bodies got a second sculpting effort. The hands show one hand worked on and the other not.

Jerome White Jr. African American singing star makes big in Japan singing traditional Japanese enka style. How cool is that? He picked up the love for enka songs from his Japanese Grandmother. They call him Jero in Japan.

His videos have been removed from YouTube and this is his website.

Japanese enka star to perform at DC festival

03-27-09: Stress Kills

Why CITY-o-Clay will reduce your stress and help you live a more healthy and longer life.

03-26-09: Sculpting seems to be on the worktable at present. I went through all my scrap clay looking for "flesh clay" and found a pile of unfinished bodies.

Some came from the Sculpting Class I taught in San Antonio TX in 2007. I also found some unfinished PenPal bodies, a man and a woman. Here's the link to the "Raw and Rough" start of that web section. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them. So there's no captions on that section yet.

Then a friend in MN, Fred, asked if I could recreate some vintage head/shoulder sculptures for his Lace Drape porcelain figures and I'm chronicling that effort.

03-25-09: Lace Drape is a form of porcelain art and the artists use molds to make the head, shoulders, and arms for the finished items. I'm doing some sculpting for my friend Fred, who makes lace draped figures.

PenPals - 03-20-09 Two Bodies No captions yet. Click on the thumbnail for the five pictures of the rough draft PenPal bodies.

03-20-09:Spring Equinox and Sleeping in Flowers

Some projects are worth revisiting. I'm making another Sleeping Lady in the flowers in celebration of the Spring Equinox. The original is no longer with me and I wanted one for myself. Today is the 30th birthday of my youngest son, Said. It is also Persian New Year and Dean, Said's friend is always happy when I say "Eid-eh Shoma Mombarak" on this date.

03-17-09: St. Patrick's Day, I wasn't feeling too lucky. My DSL was not working. I had been wrestling, and am still wrestling, some web tech woes. If you tried to contact me via and it didn't work, it should work now. My webhost's firewall was blocking my IP. It is fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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