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Highlights Index August 2009

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

Abbey Road screen shots, 08-10-09: Animal Print Beads, 08-14-09: Various Giraffe Species PDF and screen shots of a giraffe cane demo, July 4, 2000: Star Flower, TLS - Lace and Printable Bead, Xev Pin 2001, Fire Beads - 06-17-2000, 08-25-09 Tongues of Fire Basket Weave, Out of sight, out of mind

08-31-09, Out of sight, out of mind  as an experiment for CITY-Computers I am trying out an account with Shutterfly. Observations on Shutterfly has been added to CITY-Computer's web section at

Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim Friends.

08-25-09 Tongues of Fire Basket Weave

34 pictures of how to prep, make a rectangle chevron log, samples of beads made with the scraps.  More on Basket Weave Screen Shots and Basket Weave Pendant

Fire Beads - 06-17-2000: Rebuilt 08-23-2009

To get flames from fire cane the clay has to be pulled, stretched. That is done by making a pinch pot from fire cane and then making a bead out of it.


Xev Pin 2001 08-19-09 rebuild. Another blast from the past. Taking a 3/4ths cut off of Xev-3's face and making a hairy pin out of it.

For more Lexx stuff check out Old Lexx and New Lexx

Lexx Pendants For more face mold/hair experiments.

TLS - Lace and Printable Bead

08-19-09 Rebuilt: An experiment that was lost for all these years.  My first experiment with translucent liquid Sculpey that Faun sent to me. I wanted to put lace and mini printables on a bead, for a Barbary Coast sort of Gold Miner's Dance Hall sort of bead, which is so San Francisco

July 4, 2000: Star Flower (rebuilt) 08-19-09 - I was doing a search for something and I found these pictures that were at PhotoPoint when it went dark. The album didn't get rebuilt so this is a blast from the past.

08-14-09: Various Giraffe Species PDF A girlfriend and I have been having a discussion about giraffe designs. I have screen shots of a giraffe cane demo but I now realize that it was only of one sort of giraffe. What's on the To-Do list is to experiment with giraffe sub-species for cane designs.

08-10-09: Animal Print Beads links to tutorials on how to make animal prints provided on the enlarged picture pages. Animal print never seems to go out of style. I thought it would be a passing phase, but nearly 10 years later it's still showing up. You got to have matching jewelry so here we go.


Happy Birthday

My darling Ms Lori Lynn

who is in Oregon helping clear out a girlfriend's backyard for a wedding that's going to take place later this month that Lori can't even attend. What a gal.

08-08-09: Forty years after the picture of the Beatle's Abbey Road album cover was taken you could have witnessed the celebration on live webcam. Those who came early could actually cross the street like the Beatles. Check out the 45 screen shots I caught as the crowd filled the street and stopped traffic.... more nattering on my blog.


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