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Highlights Index - July 2010

All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

07-23-2010: New blog post

New Sewing Area and not enough time…

Not as earth shaking as our little 3.5 earthquake we had today. Just some "clear my head" nattering. Getting back in the blog flow.

07-12-2010: Updated Mini Bead section with enlarged pictures and more instructions. 20 pictures.

04-13-04: Mini Beads: How to make mini beads is exactly the same as making beads for full sized people. Just do it smaller. 

07-12-2010-Breakability: A ClayMate asked about the "breakability" of polymer clay and this was my reply to her.

07-12-2010 Smoothing Three main tips on smoothing polymer clay.


A ClayMate asked about polymer clay rings. I have not done many but I've done a few and this is my reply to her. I searched for other ring tutorials and added those links as well.

07-09-2010: Checking in

new blog post

get ready to yawn behind your hand

such is the romantic life of the artist.


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