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Highlights Index March 2011
All blog posts will be un-linked. Two blogs disappeared when I changed webhosts 4/2012.

03-12-11: I've been working on this for days and when my site was MIA (burnt out motherboard on the server was the cause) I was pulling my hair because I wanted to set up this site for my son, Tosh Stone, teacher of Martial Arts and all around good guy, if I may say so myself.

03-12-11: Help Japan. Yoko Ono is. Text "Red Cross: to 90999 = $10 on bill, or Donate here

Save The Children

If you are feeling anxious read the Ramble from 2003:


What a Difference a Month Makes

New blog post about astrology and world events.

03-01-11-17 hats 17 hats 03-06-11: I got the captions rewritten! Eyelash yarn, 4 ply acrylic, were used the most.

 04-06-11: removed slideshow.


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