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Highlights Index June 2012:  Iím fixing to go vegan and start juicing veggies,, San Francisco Astrological Society's 20th Anniversary Party, Interview of Elliot Tanzer at SFAS
6/17/2012 Iím fixing to go vegan and start juicing veggies

I had to go to the doctor to check on a health issue which was worrisome. Good news it is treatable, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were good. Bad news is I was diagnosed as "pre-diabetic".

To regain my health, lose weight, remove the inflammation on my knee, and improve the quality of my life I'm joining Joe Cross of "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" in the "Reboot Your Life" program of juicing fruits and veggies to detoxify and heal my body. This blog post is the first part of chronicling my journey.

Rebuilding this web section where I will be selling polymer clay, fabric, and string products. When it's ready for Prime Time I'll let y'all know. Right now there's page holders.

Saturday, June 23, 2012   Featuring: Rick Tarnas 
"Comic Genius" 

Please note: RSVP. Space is limited. This month's event is on a special date, not our usual "last Thursday!"

Published on Jun 4, 2012 by 

Elliot Tanzer Interview for the San Francisco Astrological Society.
Elliot Tanzer has 44 years of astrology experience and has been involved with Feng Shui since the 1990s. Astrology, Astro Cartography, and Feng Shui are his specialties. He has written books and also offers personal readings and workshops on these topics. 

Editing Note: The two book covers are seen as if in a mirror. I inserted jpgs of the book covers seen correctly in 3 different video formats. Each time I uploaded the videos to YouTube the jpgs could not be seen. Check out Elliot's website to buy his books.

I apologize for the booming sounds in the background. Volunteers are setting up tables and chairs for the lecture. I'm sweating like crazy because I was doing that too just before the interview.



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