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December 2012 - recycling old tutorials because of a death in the family.
Highlights Index 2012-12: My nephew Tim O'Hare died, Jesus SnowFlake, Review of the Winter Holidays Tutorials, JenDoll is getting ready for the holidays. Holy Daze, Dreidel, Poinsettia Pen Index Poinsettia Screen Shots, thank you Denise.
Tim Patrick O'Hare

My nephew, Tim O'Hare died a day before his 29th birthday on December 16, 2012. Sad holiday season for our family and his many friends.
Jesus Snowflake

Review of the Winter Holidays Tutorials

Here are a few tutorials from that page
JenDoll is getting ready for the holidays.
This exercise is to show mixing of miniature scales (sizes) in one room box. The doll (JenDoll) is 1 inch scale - 1 inch = 1 foot in real life.
She has a doll house that is 1/4th scale. She has sculptures that are 1/16 and a project on her table that is 1/72 scale. Mix the sizes for a more realistic look to your room box.
 Holy Daze
This link takes you to the collection of "Holly" experiments done over the years. These holly tutorials are 3D holly leaves.
Dreidel Mini Tute
One year we had a Chanukah swap and I made a miniature dreidel. To my delight it worked! The ladies who participate in the swap sent me 3 of their items so I could gift them to the Jewish old ladies in my apartment building. It was such a hit, one lady, Charlotte Choen, wept. She was a secretary at the Neurenberg trials.

Checking highlights from past years one can find tutorials for seasonal items like poinsettias.

Poinsettia Pen Index, using the left over poinsettia cane to cover pens.

Poinsettia Screen Shots, thank you Denise.


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