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Food Index

Holiday Treats

GingerBread House Index: 12-10-03. Cured bits or Uncured bits which is best?

Heart Mints: Inspired by Maureen Carlson on Carol Duval Show, HGTV. 

The start of the preparation for the mini ginger bread houses for next week end's demo. 

GingerBread House-1: First mini effort in an old holiday tradition.  



GingerBread House-2: Taking demo holiday treats and applying them to raw "gingerbread" dough.  



Gingerbread-3: California Rendition of the Gingerbread House. A work in progress. Uncured. 12-16-03.
GingerBread-3: Bikini Gal. So Californian, a Sunbathing Babe.

This little lady is going to Luxemburg to hang out with Pascale. 04-01-04, no jive.


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