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Heart Mints: 001, 002, One Tile Tute: Using cutting tools I used a heart that was smaller than the circle. Cut out hearts and stacked them. Cut out circles and then cut out hearts from the circles. Clip at the point so you can open up the heart space and start wrapping the blue around the white. When you have a stack of five, pressed at the widest pasta press setting, stop, that's enough. Stack five hearts, five heart cut out circles, reduce just to tidy then surround the outside with stripes of pressed sheets. Two sheets, one white and one blue, pressed together at the widest setting.  Slice and stack and press again, then slice and stack... pre-reduce for minis please, makes your life a little easier. Once you have the stripes surrounding the circle and heart, reduce to mini candy size. When slicing roll the cane back and forth to preserve the round shape.


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