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How To do the Canewich

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I started out with cane I was not in love with. Feathers, then some lace cane with mint green and pearl, then some stripes made of the colors of the feather and still it didn't make me happy.
I sliced two slices and made a sandwich of pearl in the middle, thinking maybe a fat bead but it was still not working.
So I sliced it up and before I was going to chop I thought... wait a minute, let's see what happens if I control the chop?
The slices were laid down in one direction and I started to slice on a diagonal, stacking each slice on top of the other. Going diagonal made the colors not line up.
So this is how the stacked slices look half way done.
So now that stack of slices were compressed into a half round.
I would squeeze out four slices, nifty.
Open like books, so you have two set of mirror images.
This is what we got but the backs are sort of uneven so flip them over on their good side.
Fill in the uneven backsides with something, I'm using pearl in this instance.
Here they are backed with pearl.

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