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Green Lady Index-1


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auntyalias: Ok, close out old cam windows and then I'll open the cam
auntyalias: and let's do a roll call
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
lil_mitch24: Mitch, Louisiana!
kgedrich: Kathy Indianapolis Indiana
Betty: Betty, Nashville
tricia_608: Patricia, North Carolina
kgedrich: oh and a hot to trot Gretchen glad the cams off now LOL
she's rolling on my lap
auntyalias: Ok, if you see Roni on your list. She's offline, it's a
list malfunction
lil_mitch24: NJ, did you start your cam back up? Or am I the only one
that don't have it?
kgedrich: not yet here either
lil_mitch24: got it now...
kgedrich: okay got it
Betty: I have it
auntyalias: Now Kat I'm going to ask something of you
kgedrich: sure
auntyalias: I'm going to ask you to tap the chat log and right click
it, select all, copy and paste into an email and send it to me.
twinmom94002 joined the room
auntyalias: You were in the chat room first and have the log I lost
due to crashing.
auntyalias: Howdy Libbi
twinmom94002: happy saturday, y'all!
kgedrich: okay
lil_mitch24: Hiya, Libbi!
twinmom94002: Hiya Nora
Betty: Hi, Libbi
auntyalias: Thank you Kat, I appreciate it. When I crash without
saving a log it makes me think I miss questions
tricia_608: Hi, Libbi
kgedrich: okay got it on word pad
auntyalias: Can you paste it inside an email to me?
kgedrich: yep
auntyalias: sometimes Outlook strips my attachments
auntyalias: so inside is better than attached and again, thank you
lil_mitch24: NJ, how would you get TLS off of wood? Alcohol?
auntyalias: is it cured?
lil_mitch24: no.
auntyalias: wet wipe, paper towel and Simple Green
kgedrich left the room
lil_mitch24: Lene got it on my balcony roof!!!!
kgedrich joined the room
auntyalias: it'll be alright
auntyalias: I still can't get over the fact that I dropped the cap of
the TLS bottle into the food processor while conditioning pearl
kgedrich: whew good thing I got it before i went bye bye NJ its on its
way to you
auntyalias: I'm still picking pieces of it out of the pearl
lil_mitch24: heehee
kgedrich: LOL
twinmom94002: hehehehe
auntyalias: Thanks Kat, I know how that feels, just get it copied and
then yahoo crashes
tricia_608: Ohh.
twinmom94002: i can't get over how well the processor conditions clay!
auntyalias: Friends
auntyalias: don't drop your TLS cap into your clay, it's not a good
kgedrich: I need to get a bigger processor I just have a small one
auntyalias: Oh I love my food processor
twinmom94002: me too, kat
auntyalias: I'm surprised it hasn't gone up in smoke by now
auntyalias: Ok, I was nattering about this leopard spot here
kgedrich: I bought two of the tiny ones at walmart for 6.00 each
tricia_608: Does the processor really make a difference in
conditioning the clay?
kgedrich: and it does real good conditioning my old fimo classic
kgedrich: oh yes tricia
auntyalias: it warms up the clay enough to pull it like taffy
auntyalias: and that makes pressing sheets with the pasta press easier
tricia_608: I have a small one that I don't use anymore..
kgedrich: I have real bad arthritis in my hands and it really saves me
some pain
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
twinmom94002: i got a lot fewer air bubbles in my sheets, too
auntyalias: it makes preparing for making canes easier, Hey there Jude
jude: Howdy!
tricia_608: I think I'll bring it to my work station
twinmom94002: hi jude!
jude: How is everyone today? What a nice crowd!
tricia_608: Hey Jude.
auntyalias: So shall we dress the Jolly Green Giantess with Leaves?
kgedrich: Hi Jude
auntyalias: Shall we raise cane?
jude: Is she nekkid, NJ? GASP!
kgedrich: lol
kgedrich: what happened to robot lady LOL
Betty: Hi, Jude
tricia_608: Jude you crack me up!
jude: NJ, you gonna cover up the good parts? Hmmm?
jude: I know, go to my room...
twinmom94002: brb
kgedrich: LOL
kgedrich: hb
auntyalias: so what shall we do today?
jude: I missed that demo, but why is she green?
Betty: Faces or feet! lol
tricia_608: canes
auntyalias: She's green because the clay was mixed, pressed and handy
bettyintennessee left the room
manymo_r joined the room
jude: Okie. Sounds reasonable.
auntyalias: and I have leaf cane that I thought I'd put on her as
kgedrich: she's a martian
auntyalias: Manymo_r: Hello
Betty (bettyintennessee) joined the room
kgedrich: wb Betty
auntyalias: You're not an English speaker so type what you can
Betty: Thanks, Kat
auntyalias: Don't be shy
jude: Jolly needed a girlfriend? He must be lonely.
tricia_608: Betty, yahoo still giving you problems?
Betty: All the time, Patricia...I'm getting used to it! lol
Betty: But, hate it bothers others, too
auntyalias: just sent a cam invite to Manymo_r
tricia_608: Bad Yahoo! hehe
Betty: I know
auntyalias: so we have a vote for faces and feet, some canes
jude: Canes is good.
kgedrich: hey i just found a real cheap engraver 2.00 battery operated
that I can use to sign my pieces way cool, think i'm going to pick up
the rest of them
kgedrich: canes
Betty: Fine with me
lil_mitch24: OH, pooh! I'm supposed to be getting a cabinet ready to
move out the living room!
Betty: I love canes
lil_mitch24: Gonna go fo that, then hopefully come back later...
tricia_608: sounds good!
Betty: Oh, Pooh, Mitch
Betty: See ya in a bit, then
auntyalias: are there any other requests, let's make requests so we
lil_mitch24: ttyl!  pefully it won't take me more than an hour!
lil_mitch24 left the room
jude: I'm all for canes. Maybe leaf of flower canes? We can do so many
different things with them.
kgedrich: yes a leaf cane would be nice to see
jude: I'm only here for an hour or so, so youz can do what you want.
auntyalias: Manymo_r is having difficulty, I'm helping right now, ok,
Leaf cane we can do
manymo_r left the room
auntyalias: I'll get some green sheets. I think I have some already
kgedrich: no problemo carving my lion head
kgedrich: oh you could make a wreath of neat leaves and put them
around your green ladies head
manymo_r joined the room
auntyalias: Ok let's see if Manymo_r can gee cam
Betty: Hi, Many
auntyalias: just sent an invite to cam
auntyalias: or right click on my name and select "view webcam"
auntyalias: help our new person folks
auntyalias: I found three sheets of green, some gold and some dark
auntyalias: I think we can do some leaf cane with this
manymo_r: Hi
kgedrich: Hi many
kgedrich: did you get the cam open yet?
tricia_608: Hello Many .
auntyalias: Manymo_r doesn't have the cam open yet, the profile is not
english so I don't know what the language skills are at this time
auntyalias: I'll continue to set up
auntyalias: Many declined the webcam invite?
auntyalias: now I'm confused. If you don't want to see the webcam, why
come to Demo?
auntyalias: was that what you really wanted to do?
manymo_r left the room
manymo_r joined the room
An Invitation to view your Webcam was sent to manymo_r (9/13/03 12:51
kgedrich: hm maybe problems with yahoo
manymo_r: me too
auntyalias: Many, what's your first name?
auntyalias: I'm NoraJean, San Francisco
auntyalias: introduce yourselves ClayMates
Betty: Betty, Nashville
tricia_608: Patricia, Charlotte, North Carolina
kgedrich: Kathy Indianapolis Indiana
jude: jude, Tehachapi, CA
auntyalias: I'll continue to set up and let's see if we can't help
Many with getting organized
Betty: ok
auntyalias: Manymo_r, what's your Name please, let's start there
tricia_608: NJ - I took out the processor..How long should I process..
right now the clay looks like little rocks. still hard though.
kgedrich: tricia you might add some tls to it to soften
auntyalias: if they continue to be rock hard, drizzle TLS on it until
it clumps upn a ball the size of a potato
kgedrich: just dont add the cap like nj
auntyalias: then it's warm and sticky enough
tricia_608: Ok got it. Thanks!
auntyalias: Ya right... no hard plastic things in the processor please
kgedrich: lol
auntyalias: I'm going to start out doing leaves that are just sheets
auntyalias: stacked sheets
auntyalias: I'm going to use green, and a sandwich of yellow and black
auntyalias: if you put yellow right next to green, it won't show up
very much
auntyalias: the yellow is translucent and needs something to make it
stand out or reflect light
manymo_r left the room
manymo_r joined the room
auntyalias: I was thinking that if I put yellow in a sandwich and then
layered it in the green we'd get an interesting leaf pattern
auntyalias: going to show the basic chevron flip, and I'll get you the
link that goes with this trick
auntyalias: if you add pearl or white to yellow it'll show up more
than yellow straight out of the pack
auntyalias: so that's what I'm going to do, but not mix it all perfect
auntyalias: perfect is over rated
kgedrich left the room
kgedrich joined the room
kgedrich: yahoo is having fun with me today
meows3xx left the room
Betty: wb, Kat
kgedrich: thanks
Betty: yw
jude: I like the way she has a dab of clay on each end of her blade.
kgedrich: do that to keep from picking up the wrong side of the blade
jude: Yes!
tricia_608: Yeah Jude. It was a week ago I sliced my pinky.. STILL
jude: Yikes!
twinmom94002: is that yellow between two sheets of dark green? (sorry
I was afk)
Betty: Sorry Patricia
tricia_608: It's getting better.. But now I have clay on the ends of
my blade too.
twinmom94002: ty...i see now
kgedrich: green black yellow black green
auntyalias: it's yellow with a bit of pearl, sandwiched between black
and pressed together
auntyalias: and green by itself that's the same width
auntyalias: stacked
twinmom94002: kewl, ty
auntyalias: now if you slice along from corner to corner diagonally
manymo_r: excuse me but I stop because I have problem with yahoo
auntyalias: it's the start of the chevron flip
auntyalias: ok, Many
manymo_r: bye
auntyalias: ciao
kgedrich: bye
manymo_r left the room
bettyintennessee left the room
auntyalias: poor darling, it's difficult with a non English speaker
auntyalias: here's some leaves you can make this way
Betty (bettyintennessee) joined the room
kgedrich: wb betty
Betty: I'll have to put the clay all over the top. I'm that clumsy!
Betty: THanks
auntyalias: if we just flipped one side over and reattached
kgedrich: kewl
twinmom94002: gotta love that chevron flip!
kgedrich: black yellow black strip in center
auntyalias: but it looks better with a center vein
auntyalias: so when making the sheets to stack, remember the center
vein and surround, save some aside for this
boobearns joined the room
auntyalias: Hey Doro
boobearns: Hi
kgedrich: anyone want a yodeling female cat argggg
Betty: Hi, Doro
boobearns: what's NJ working on?
kgedrich: leaf cane
auntyalias: chevron flip
boobearns: thanks
boobearns: no...have 2 here that were doing that recently...both going
in for fixin' soon!
kgedrich: yeah waiting on new clinic to open up here to get 2 of mine
boobearns: Betty, I don't remember seeing you before...where are you
Betty: Nashville TN
Betty: I'm Bettyintennesse
boobearns: I remember you
Betty: LOL
kgedrich: she's chopping again
jude: I have got to go now. Take it easy and have fun!
boobearns: take care!
kgedrich: bye jude
Betty: Bye, Jude
greatauntjudy left the room
tricia_608: bye jude
boobearns: look...eyes!
kgedrich: pretty
kgedrich: turtle shell
boobearns: I think I saw a ladies profile for a second there
kgedrich: carving small things is a pain need a hand break
boobearns: what are you carving?
kgedrich: small lions head for my balloon vessel
Betty: Clay carving or wood?
kgedrich: clay
boobearns: have pictures?
kgedrich: check out cam
boobearns: very nice !
auntyalias: WOW
auntyalias: Very nice
auntyalias: make a mold
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: Hey Very Nice
Betty: Oh, That is good, Kat
tricia_608: nice job Kat
boobearns: I want a horse head mold
kgedrich: yep after this is done carving im molding it
kgedrich: thanks
boobearns: I wouldn't have the patience to carve that!
kgedrich: thats why im doing it slowly LOL
Betty: Do you use powercarving or knives and chisels?
kgedrich: lineolum cutter
Betty: neat
Betty: kewl
kgedrich: wow nj that face tracking is weird LOL
auntyalias: turn off the face tracking, I can't see how it helps at
all, kat
lil_mitch24 joined the room
kgedrich: pain
kgedrich: course it will work when trying to catch teenager doing
something he's not suppose to be doing LOL
boobearns: amazing NJ!
lil_mitch24: that's so pretty!
kgedrich: that is so pretty
auntyalias: and easy too folks
auntyalias: taking the chevron flip
Betty: I love it, NJ
auntyalias: and changing colors, size
auntyalias: different after slice manipulations
auntyalias: you got a gazillion different effects
auntyalias: what if the yellow were purple?
kgedrich: any suggestions on what to put on this plate been stumped
for a couple of weeks now hate that
auntyalias: Sea weed
boobearns: I have to get going, need to work on cleaning the house
before Kaitlyn's b-day party tomorrow
boobearns: yes, sea weed
auntyalias: water plants coming up from the lower right hand corner
Betty: Bye, Doro
auntyalias: like the turtle is swimming upward
kgedrich: oh good idea, son has aquatic turtles in his room
auntyalias: Happy Birthday to Kaitlyn
Betty: Have a good birthday party..tell Kaitlyn Happy Birthday
boobearns: have fun everyone!!!
auntyalias: how old is she going to be?
tricia_608: good bye Doro
kgedrich: happy birthday Kaitlyn
boobearns: she say's Thank You...she'll be 7 tomorrow
auntyalias: tell her that's the BEST Age
auntyalias: I loved being 7
Betty: A great age!
auntyalias: hand a lot of fun
kgedrich: nice age trade you have a 13 year old son yuck
boobearns: that's from Kaitlyn
auntyalias: awww, kiss her for us
Betty: lol
boobearns: just did
bettyintennessee left the room
auntyalias: feel the love, baybeeee
boobearns: she's gotten 2 ponies for b-day gifts..she think's this is
a good age too
auntyalias: Ok, now folks
auntyalias: what if we changed these colors to black, gold and pearl?
boobearns: ttfn
auntyalias: and did the same thing
boobearns left the room
Betty (bettyintennessee) joined the room
auntyalias: we'd end up with a totally different look
auntyalias: Kat is that Faux Opal?
auntyalias: like the tute on PCC?
kgedrich: yep first attempt
kgedrich: nope my own
kgedrich: was messing with irrenscent (sp) flakes one day
kgedrich: love to experiment with inclusions
auntyalias: now did you put a finish on it or polish it with a buffer?
kgedrich: get some really strange stuff
auntyalias: build some tutes for us
Betty: That's pretty
auntyalias: show us
kgedrich: polished first then finish
auntyalias: that's how you become a teacher
kgedrich: okay will have to work on that one LOL
auntyalias: ok, I'm going to take a potty break and get some grub
auntyalias: how about 15 minute break here
auntyalias: I'll save log before I loose it
Betty: k
kgedrich: okay
tricia_608: I gotta run too. Bye everyone!
auntyalias: see ya Patricia
kgedrich: bye tricia
auntyalias: thanks for coming down
lil_mitch24: Bye, Patricia.

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.

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