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tricia_608: I gotta run too. Bye everyone!
auntyalias: see ya Patricia
kgedrich: bye tricia
auntyalias: thanks for coming down
lil_mitch24: Bye, Patricia.
Betty: I'll try to come back..Thanks NJ
tricia_608: Thank YOU NJ!
tricia_608 left the room
bettyintennessee left the room
auntyalias: Kat got your chat log, thanks honey
auntyalias: now I'll take my break
kgedrich: ok
Katie (crzy4dzny) joined the room
lil_mitch24: Hiya, Katie.
Katie: Hi Mitch.
kgedrich: hi Katie
Katie: What is NJ doing. It's pretty
Katie: Hi
lil_mitch24: NJ's taking a break right now.
Katie: oh, ok
lil_mitch24: I don't really know if that's a pendant or what...I just
g back right before break.
lil_mitch24: got, sorry.
Katie: That's ok.
kgedrich: she's taking a lunch break back in about 5-10 mins
Katie: OK, what are you working on?
kgedrich: faux opal
auntyalias: back
kgedrich: my easy technique
Katie: thank-you
auntyalias: Oh you're making Opal Kat
auntyalias: how fun
auntyalias: Howdy Katie
Katie: Hi NJ
kgedrich: yep
auntyalias: Mitch and Libbi too, is that everyone
auntyalias: or am I not seeing everyone?
kgedrich: only thing with inclusions you have to work around them
lil_mitch24: that all i can see!
auntyalias: good, Yahoo has me punchy
auntyalias: it's going to be 90F/33C today
auntyalias: I'm already starting to feel the heat. I should close my
curtains or the sun will fall on me and I'll melt for sure.
kgedrich: wow
lil_mitch24: oooh, cool day, huh?
lil_mitch24: oh, i forgot, you're used to cool!
kgedrich: dog is laying on the couch curled up growling LOL
lil_mitch24: or at least cooler...
Katie: Ha, bad dream?
auntyalias: Mitch, I'm a warm weather whimp
auntyalias: I'm a whiner when it goes over 80
Katie: I like it around 75
auntyalias: me too
auntyalias: that's about right and I'll go cooler, but no snow
lil_mitch24: I'm too much of a baby to be cold...
auntyalias: that's why I live in San Francisco, the range is very mild
kgedrich: lol nj wouldnt survive the winters here
auntyalias: So who's up for Sculpting? I got the Jolly Green Giantess
that I wanted to dress with leaves
auntyalias: Oh No harsh winters for me
Katie: Cool
kgedrich: me
auntyalias: I'd become a Shut-In and never go out
auntyalias: ok, let's go green then
auntyalias: Nice, will look right nifty after curing
kgedrich: on the faux opal i just finished just bake and give it an
ice bath
lil_mitch24: I'm gonna be doing a little more packing up...
Katie: Moving Mitch?
lil_mitch24: switching rooms...
Katie: Oh, that's always fun. I like changing rooms around. Husband
isn't keen on it, but he goes along with me.
Katie: It's usually my craft rooms
Katie: He sure is green.
Katie: How do you know you have to give it an ice bath? Do you use
directions some how?
kgedrich: I just find when I'm doing the opals that it helps with the
transparency and also the thinest you can get on the trans
kgedrich: I use premo trans with bleach
Katie: OK, thanks
kgedrich: the flakes i used can be purchased at Michaels in the
scrapbook department
Katie: OK
kgedrich: or if not there try the paper making section
kgedrich: with 5 cats I have to put everything in bags to keep the
kitty hair out
kgedrich: closing the cam now to watch nj closely
Katie: Wow, 5 cats. My friend has 3 and they're so commical to watch.
kgedrich: 1 very old persian female, 2 fat males, and 2 hyper skinny
Katie: Nice family!!
kgedrich: regular zoo here LOL
lil_mitch24: oops, hubby just came in...guess it's time to move the
lil_mitch24: ttyl!
lil_mitch24 left the room
Katie: Hmmm, didn't get bye written fast enough.
kgedrich: 1 dog, 2 turtles and a betta fish and cant forget my babies
2 longhaired guinea pigs
kgedrich: lol me either
Katie: Oh my goodness. Definitely a zoon.
Katie: zoo
Katie: We have 1 goldfish and that's only cause my grandson gave it to
me when he left.
kgedrich: yep told my son if he brings anymore animals home its him
out the door next LOL
Katie: LOL, that's what my girlfriend said to her daughter about and
more cats.
kgedrich: love them all but a pain when you want to go anywhere
Katie: Yes, that's the only reason my husband says no dog
kgedrich: going to Virginia in a few weeks to see my brother and my
hubby has to have a list written out so he can take care of all the
Katie: NJ, saw an electric past maker at a garage sale today but
passed it up cause I'd really like a crank one.
kgedrich: what brand Katie
Katie: That's cute!!
Katie: I can't remember. It was brand new.
kgedrich: I like the control I have on my Atlas but i want the bigger
model I only have the 150 and i want the 180
Katie: I'll probably kick myself for not buying it.
kgedrich: keep eyeing the one I brought home from my father's estate
but my son says no way MOM im using it for pasta, can you tell he
cooks LOL
Betty (bettyintennessee) joined the room
kgedrich: wb Betty
Betty: Thanks, Kat
Katie: LOL, that's cute.
Katie: Hi Betty
Betty: Hi, Katie
kgedrich: making a outfit for your green lady
Betty: Hi, NJ, Libbie
auntyalias: ok
kgedrich: afk
auntyalias: now I took the leaf cane
auntyalias: pressed it on a sheet of green
auntyalias: first doing random background
auntyalias: then adding the four leaves that will go around the neck
in the center
auntyalias: I keep on trimming the sheet down to be able to fit it in
the press
auntyalias: I can always use that trim for beads or belts or head
auntyalias: I found to dress a raw clay figure like this
auntyalias: with a raw clay sheet that's also warm and tacky
auntyalias: it's good to use powder on the side of the sheet that
touches the body
auntyalias: so it doesn't stick when you're fitting it
auntyalias: I'll cut out a hole in the center for the neck
auntyalias: then I'll slice downward a bit so the head can fit through
kgedrich: Nora is your figure already cured?
auntyalias: nope
kgedrich: okay thanks
auntyalias: so we can pose it after dressing
auntyalias: so I dusted the side of the pressed sheet where it touches
the body
auntyalias: cut out a neck hole and a slit to allow the head to come
auntyalias: form the sheet around the body and we can just trim away
what we don't want
auntyalias: now to make the seams attach, I'll touch the edges where
the powder is with TLS
auntyalias: now if I want the front to overlap the back
auntyalias: I should touch the seam edges of the top part only
Betty: She looks good
auntyalias: anyone ever use Fabric Tac?
auntyalias: that glue for fabric?
kgedrich: not me
auntyalias: when making mini clothing with fabric we use Fabric Tac
auntyalias: a fabric glue instead of sewing
Betty: I've used a different brand
auntyalias: TLS is what we use when making clothing out of clay sheets
auntyalias: it's used in the same way
kgedrich: no sew is good
Betty: Okay to wash it by Aleenes, too
Katie: I've used no sew
auntyalias: you have to think ...what side do I put this TLS? On the
underside, but think are you going to overlap the clay sheet?
auntyalias: Well TLS is the fabric tac for clay sheets
auntyalias: use it in the same way, but after you put the two sheets
together, give it a wee mash
auntyalias: to make them adhere better
Betty: That's a great tip/lesson, NJ..thanks
Katie: She works magic with those hands.
Betty: It's amazing to watch
Katie: sure is
Katie: great job
auntyalias: now see how she becomes a person
kgedrich: ok nj lion head is done and stained on cam lovely lady
auntyalias: with the head wrap
Katie: yes
bettyintennessee left the room
auntyalias: Hey looks great with the stain, Kat
kgedrich: thanks
Katie: Very nice
auntyalias: the flowers are the Lei flowers we did last month
auntyalias: done in mini
Betty (bettyintennessee) joined the room
auntyalias: wb Betty
Katie: Hi Betty
auntyalias: glue her bottom to the chair folks
Betty: Thanks Nora
Betty: Hi, Katie
Katie: LOL
kgedrich: you have a tut on that dont you nora think ive seen it they
are so pretty
Betty: lol..I'll remember that
auntyalias: now that I have her head wrap on, dressed and with flowers
I can pose her in the final position and work on her hands and feet
auntyalias: I'll get you the link Kat
kgedrich: ok thanks
auntyalias: Everybody must get Lei'd
Betty: I remember that one! lol
kgedrich: got it thanks
auntyalias: the one she's wearing is picture 18
auntyalias: From the Water Lily demo
auntyalias: it's a loose hand blend and it came out so nice, I hope I
can make that cane again
auntyalias: it was an accident
kgedrich: got to love those accidents
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I love them when I can repeat them
auntyalias: then they can be proper tutorials
kgedrich: yep

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.

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