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kgedrich: got to love those accidents
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: I love them when I can repeat them
auntyalias: then they can be proper tutorials
kgedrich: yep
auntyalias: I'll take questions now about dressing a figure with this
kgedrich: just messing with the cam right now folks going to see if i
can zoom in on the kitty
auntyalias: zoom looks good here
Katie: It's just like me to have questions when I'm suppose to be
watching and not talking.
kgedrich: okay thanks
auntyalias: Oh, Manymo_r is Pascal's Neice
auntyalias: from Luxemburg that's why we had a language problem
auntyalias: I just saw the post
auntyalias: Oh there's someone coming through the door Kat
auntyalias: better let him know he's a Movie Star now
kgedrich: well that explains alot
kgedrich: already did my son Daniel
auntyalias: how old is he?
kgedrich: 13
auntyalias: give him a face back
kgedrich: hold on he wants to see
auntyalias: or gave him a face back
auntyalias: LOL
Katie: Made my husband laugh NJ
auntyalias: I got no shame
Katie: LOL
auntyalias: that's the ticket
auntyalias: Oh I got that one beat
auntyalias: tell him to come back
auntyalias: I'll give him the face my kids hate
kgedrich: i did
auntyalias: is he back yet, your cam seems to have frozen
auntyalias: ok, dig this face
auntyalias: how's that?
kgedrich: he's says that was scary
auntyalias: my kids said the same thing
auntyalias: still say it now that I do it for the grandchildren
Betty: lol..wish I'd gotten a screen shot
auntyalias: warping the minds of the young
auntyalias: Oh Betty, like my reputation needs to be more rotten
auntyalias: LOL
kgedrich: he's already warped
Betty: LOL
auntyalias: let's set her on the leopard sheet I got here
auntyalias: that would be fun
auntyalias: I should put some foil down because I'll have to reinforce
the leopard sheet later on
Betty: I'd like leopard
Katie: Hey, my granddaughter would love one of them.
kgedrich: look at that pattern
kgedrich: i call that one face
kgedrich: cool leopard rug
kgedrich: now is the fringe just edged
Katie: Beautiful. Looks very soft.
kgedrich: he said to say does this remind you of something
kgedrich: noisy
Katie: A skunk?
auntyalias: Hey guinie pig? (sp)
kgedrich: no guinea pig
kgedrich: lol
auntyalias: ah that's the spelling
Betty: lol
auntyalias: no one is allergic to them I hear
Katie: Oh, I knew that. I thought you ment it was suppose to look like
something else. Giggle
kgedrich: son sneezes with shorthair but not the long hair go figure
Katie: Awwwww. How cute!!
Betty: He's so sweet
Katie: Very nice job NJ
auntyalias: now it doesn't take much to make a story
auntyalias: here are two sleeping kitties
kgedrich: thats Rocky he's from the southside animal shelter he's a
auntyalias: she is bent forward, head turned towards them
kgedrich: aw so cute
auntyalias: a protective arm around them
auntyalias: we know she loves them
auntyalias: we know they trust her
auntyalias: so we are filled with a good feeling when we look at this
auntyalias: this is what I mean by building a mini scene
kgedrich: love it nj
Katie: Cool NJ.
Katie: Great teacher
auntyalias: now that she's posed, can do her hands and feet
auntyalias: get more to go around her, like leaves and flowers
auntyalias: so she's like a magical green lady in the forest
auntyalias: I love how the kitty closer to her is nestled by her foot
auntyalias: and the other one is like looking up at her
auntyalias: they were made separately but they seemed to want to go
kgedrich: yep defiantly a set
auntyalias: it's getting very hot here so I'm going to end this
afternoon demo and come back when it has cooled off some
auntyalias: I'm melting
kgedrich: okay try and get cool nj
Katie: OK, thank you
Katie: Bye everyone
kgedrich: thank you for the wonderful demo
auntyalias: if you're able to come back later I'll post to the list
when it's cool enough to clay
kgedrich: okay
Betty: Thanks, NJ
auntyalias: you're very welcome and Congratulations Kat on getting
your cam up and running
auntyalias: ATTA GIRL \(*o*)/
kgedrich: appreciate the help nora
auntyalias: my pleasure
Betty: Yes, Congratulations! Kat
auntyalias: ok, so see all y'all later then
Betty: bye bye
auntyalias: I'm going to find some AC
auntyalias: xoxo
Betty: xoxoxo

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.

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