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Green Lady Index-1

log-4-13th, night

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doglove22000: Howdy NJ
auntyalias: Hey Rickie
dahs512: Hi Rickie and NJ
auntyalias: Hey Denise, I'm opening your cam right now
kgedrich joined the room
doglove22000: Iam very quiet tonight - I'm tired from my day.
auntyalias: Hey Kat, no worries Rickie, we're just farting around
doglove22000: Hello Kat
kgedrich: Hi Nora
dahs512: the yable is a bet away from the cam so i want' be chatty too
kgedrich: LOL Farting around I aint had no beans tonight
dahs512: table
doglove22000: LOL
auntyalias: just going about your farting Denise
auntyalias: I'm going to be doing hands and feet, if you want to look
over your shoulder
kgedrich: ah the wreath
kgedrich: brb need to pop my faux opal and spidee in the oven
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
doglove22000: I forgot - can I make a bowl that can be used for food?
auntyalias: I'm sending out my DOD sculptures by Priority but
tomorrow's Sunday
dahs512: the big pieces will be the hardest
auntyalias: won't get picked up until Monday
dahs512: mine is the worst
auntyalias: Howdy Jude
dahs512: that's ok I'l save room
auntyalias: they are small
doglove22000: Hello Judy
jude: Howdy!
jude: How is everyone this evening?
auntyalias: Rickie you can't use polymer clay for food
auntyalias: no cups, plates, bowls
auntyalias: but dig
auntyalias: I've seen folks cover glass pyrex bowls
auntyalias: make them pretty
auntyalias: use both sides of the clay
auntyalias: the food touches the glass
auntyalias: just got to hand wash them
auntyalias: I doubt if it would live through a dishwasher
auntyalias: I'm just feeling better that it's dark Jude
auntyalias: and cooled off
auntyalias: that heat makes me tired
auntyalias: I swear
jude: Yes, cooled off here, too.
doglove22000: Thank you for the info
auntyalias: you don't have my cam on Rickie?
auntyalias: you're not on the cam list is all
doglove22000: OOps!
jude: Did you dress the green gal?
kgedrich: she got a pretty leaf dress, leopard rug and some kitties
jude: A turban?
jude: Love it.
auntyalias: She'll have hair down on the back
auntyalias: so no flowers on the back of her neck
kgedrich: hmmm what color do you make a green ladies hair
auntyalias: I was thinking black
kgedrich: that would work
auntyalias: thick with lots of curling tresses
auntyalias: did you see the nursing mother?
kgedrich: oh yeah
auntyalias: my sculpture?
auntyalias: hair like that, but black
auntyalias: so I'm going to fiddle with her fingers and toes
auntyalias: if there's anything anyone wants to ask me before I get
lost in the sculpting zone
doglove22000: back soon
auntyalias: hollar out now
auntyalias: ok, Rickie
kgedrich: nope go for it on my end just waiting on the timer to bing
auntyalias: Okie dokie
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
kgedrich: nothing on tv tonight Governor died today so all over the tv
meows3xx left the room
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
jude: Howdy Roni.
Roni: hi Jude
jude: NJ is working on a figure she started earlier.
jude: Tonight it's hands and feet.
Roni: been working all evening trying to get this yahoo working
kgedrich: is it giving you an error message or just booting you
meows3xx left the room
Roni (meows3xx) joined the room
kgedrich left the room
kgedrich joined the room
dahs512: I think i have my cam set so that those here in this room can
see it without me having to ok it
kgedrich: yep worked fine
dahs512: good, cause i don't see when people come in
dahs512: I've been using wire to do a main secure, and then I think
fishing line should work well without being seen too much
kgedrich: cool did a chop that will look cool behind my faux opal
auntyalias: I still have her feet to do, TLS her hair
auntyalias: for those who are new, pizza protectors make nifty tables
kgedrich: cool hubby delivers pizza LOL honey can you bring me some
tables home
auntyalias: they make great tables, I should have a separate index for
pizza protector tables
auntyalias: LOL
doglove22000: The art work looks Great!!!!! I have to go soon and do
some laundry or no clean clothes for work tomorrow. I hope that
everyone is doing well and look forward to talking again soon.
XOXO....... From me, RickieBeth
kgedrich: bye Rickie
auntyalias: See ya Rickie
jude: Night Ruckie.
jude: er...Rickie.\
doglove22000: NJ did you use oils for color? left the room
auntyalias: Oh I'll have to write to Rickie, let me get y'all the link
on using TLS for stuff like hair and skin color
auntyalias: Oh Kat is that from today?
auntyalias: Just read your "why I clay"
auntyalias: a good read
auntyalias: I'm glad that Denise started the thread
kgedrich: yep thats the opal
kgedrich: working on spidees legs right now
auntyalias: Oh it's going to be one of your bugs?
auntyalias: Oh hey
auntyalias: that's cool, that's the mirror image you got
kgedrich: nope different thing
auntyalias: for the bug back, more different types of beetles than any
other bug
timtoys joined the room
auntyalias: Tim Toys
auntyalias: is in Da House
timtoys: Hello everyone
auntyalias: a first time I do believe and you have three cams to
choose from
kgedrich: thought that last one i showed you would be a great bug back
timtoys: yep, this is my first time here.
auntyalias: Great Bug Back, sounds like a name of a band. It also
says, abalone to me
twinmom94002 joined the room
auntyalias: Do you know how to open our Cams?
auntyalias: Libbi, hey honey
twinmom94002: good evening all!
kgedrich: yep that would be cool also
twinmom94002: <---sends a BIG cyberhug to NJ!
auntyalias: Tim.. if I can call you that, if you're on PC, if you came
in through the Friend's list
kgedrich: just chopped up some of my stained glass cane and there it
was so cool
timtoys: I tired to open dahs512 but it was blank
dahs512: I'll send an invite to you
auntyalias: Are you in chat through the webpage chat. You need to come
in through the Yahoo Messenger friend's list
timtoys: ok
auntyalias: thanks Denise
auntyalias: Cool Cane Kat
auntyalias: I feel like I'm transported to the 60
auntyalias: 60's
twinmom94002: nice cane, Kat!
auntyalias: I can see my hand, my hand, my hand
kgedrich: lol way out momma
twinmom94002: lovely wreath there denise!
timtoys: ok, how do I get there through yahoo messenger?
auntyalias: Ok, do you see my name auntyalias in bold on your Friend's
twinmom94002: hehehehe
timtoys: yes
auntyalias: right click on my name, down at the bottom of the menu is
"join user in chat" click that
auntyalias: it'll bring you to the java chat window
twinmom94002: are those the leaves from the cane earlier today?
auntyalias: Oh let me show you what I got so far Libbi,
twinmom94002: oh wow! she looks absolutely awesome!!!
dahs512: keegan is manning the camera...heheh
twinmom94002: I *love* her headwrap!
kgedrich: cute kitty
auntyalias: now she's getting TLS hair
auntyalias: falling out of her turban
timtoys: ok, well I was trying to use Trillian and it doesn't have a
'join user in chat'. I will load up the regular yahoo messenger and
find ya that way
jude: I have got to go. Night all! Thanks NJ!
auntyalias: Ok, Jude
jude: And, thanks to the other webcamers!
twinmom94002: the way the vein in the leaf mimics her
kgedrich: nite Jude
auntyalias: nighty night
twinmom94002: gnite jude
greatauntjudy left the room
auntyalias: That's why I had the last four leaves on the pressed sheet
auntyalias: going in the four cardinal directions
auntyalias: putting her head through the middle of them
auntyalias: so the center vein goes down her arms and her spine
twinmom94002: very kewl nj
auntyalias: Thanks honey
auntyalias: the sleeping kitties were done from before
auntyalias: and they seemed to need someone to snuggle up against
timtoys left the room
twinmom94002: oh! b4 I you have a tute on the salmon roe?
twinmom94002: hehehe...kitties are good
auntyalias: yes I believe I do ,let me get it for you
bonsaikathy joined the room
twinmom94002: ty...i'm actually going to try to adapt it to make
seaweed for RitaMaid
auntyalias: Hey Kathy, you're up late
twinmom94002: hiya kathy
bonsaikathy: haha, Gary and I just got home, went to watch the old
cars cruise in town, huge car show, grand rod run, it's a yearly event
timtoys joined the room
auntyalias: Ok, Tim you came in with my invite?
timtoys: yes, thanks
auntyalias: can you see the TV Icon by my name there?
timtoys: yep
auntyalias: right click on that and go "view webcam"
auntyalias: each of us with that Icon have a cam open
bonsaikathy: Denise, it's looking good
bonsaikathy: NJ love that sculpt Honey
timtoys: sweet, thanks!
auntyalias: \(*o*)/ YEAH TIM TOYS
auntyalias: shall we call you Tim then?
timtoys: You can if you want, but my real name it Theresa
twinmom94002: hehehehe Hi Theresa
auntyalias: Theresa, what do you prefer honey?
timtoys: Heya twinmom
twinmom94002: I'm Lib (san francisco)
timtoys: Theresa will be easier for me to realize that someone is
talking to me and not a
dahs512: hey katy this is keegan, and denise says hi
auntyalias: NoraJean, San Francisco
dahs512: kathy*
timtoys: I'm in Arkansas
auntyalias: I'll edit my Friends list to Theresa then
timtoys: okies
auntyalias: OH where in Arkansas
timtoys: Springdale
auntyalias: Close to?
auntyalias: I know around Little Rock
timtoys: Nothwest corner of the state...Fayetteville
timtoys: oh, we are about 3 hours from Little Rock
auntyalias: that's where my friend Katherine lives, stayed with her
timtoys: kewl
auntyalias: Ok, Now I know where you are. I know Fayetteville
auntyalias: kewl, catfish cool
auntyalias: they teased me
timtoys: hehe
auntyalias: being a west coaster, told me I had to pull out the
wiskers on cat fist before eating
auntyalias: and seriously I nodded ...Ok
timtoys: lol
auntyalias: and Katherine admonished her grown son not to fool with me
that way
auntyalias: they are still laughing at it
meows3xx left the room
auntyalias: I'm still itching from the skeeters
auntyalias: was bit to shit in Little Rock
auntyalias: LOL
timtoys: lol
twinmom94002: brb...gotta check on Emi (she's coming down with a cold,
I think)
auntyalias: Ok Libbi, shim poi poi to her
dahs512: like the kitty?
auntyalias: Theresa what do you do, I mean are you a clayer, do you do
auntyalias: I love my kwick kitties
timtoys: I'm a newbie...but I'm am wanting to learn all I can and I am
especially interested in beads
auntyalias: I take a large slice and do the body like a pinch pot
auntyalias: then fill with filler clay
auntyalias: add a chop and toss mirror face
auntyalias: Beads, have you ever checked out my chop pages?
auntyalias: where I chop cane to make mirror image beads? Better known
as Natasha beads
timtoys: Oh yes, I have been trying to read everything on your site!
auntyalias: Great Halloween clay things Denise
auntyalias: would you like to see some cane chopped and a bead made?
auntyalias: since you're into beads and all
timtoys: sure, that would be great
auntyalias: what if we took this leaf cane
auntyalias: and mixed it with Leopard spot?
timtoys: sounds kewl
auntyalias: or tiger?
auntyalias: or shall we do all three?
timtoys: My daughter would love that, she loves tigers. hehe
auntyalias: Tiger in the green
auntyalias: that's what we'll do for your daughter
twinmom94002: back...emi says "when is Nora coming back to visit?" and
thanks for the shim poi poi
auntyalias: Aw, tell her real soon
auntyalias: I'll make a hat for her barbie
auntyalias: and Libbi
twinmom94002: kewl...she'll dig that
auntyalias: may I use some real fur for Barbie Muff? Collars and
twinmom94002: <---ponders
auntyalias: want your permission before bringing in real fur
auntyalias: some folks got sensitivites and such
auntyalias: So while you ponder I'll chop tiger and the green cane of
today and get some beads done
auntyalias: we can make mini pots with the natasha beads, for our
twinmom94002: i'm kinda opposed to fur, but she'd get a real kick out
of it, I think...
twinmom94002: kewl...natasha chop!
auntyalias: Well it'll be under your feet, so I'll defurrrr to your
auntyalias: LOL
auntyalias: so let's chop some cane
twinmom94002: hehehehe
bonsaikathy: alright everyone, I'm caught up on my email and now it's
time for me to put myself to bed. It's almost 1 in the morning and way
past my bedtime, lol, nite everyone
auntyalias: sweet dreams Kathy
kgedrich: nite Kathey
timtoys: night kathy
kgedrich: oops Kathy
bonsaikathy left the room
auntyalias: if you lift the chop and drop it loose like
auntyalias: the larger bits go to the top
auntyalias: the smaller bits filter to the bottom
auntyalias: this will effect the mirror image
auntyalias: so we'd best make sure the center of the mirror image will
be the larger tiger chop
auntyalias: so I picked up the chop and dropped it a couple of times
and note the difference at the bottom of the pile
auntyalias: great Corn! Indian Corn, nifty
kgedrich: that is so tiny
dahs512: they even have hairs
auntyalias: now I'm going to do a half round
auntyalias: where the mirror image will be a circle
auntyalias: ok?
timtoys: ok
auntyalias: Shall I get the link for that?
timtoys: that would be great, thanks
twinmom94002: please do
auntyalias: Check that out while I fix a bad link on the bead page
auntyalias: I got to close Denise's and Kat's cam while I do that
auntyalias: brb
kgedrich: np
timtoys: oops, I closed out of Denise's and didn't realize it.
kgedrich left the room
kgedrich joined the room
auntyalias: Welcome back Kat
kgedrich: thanks
kgedrich: yahell again
auntyalias: fixed the link, now did y'all see what I mean by half
timtoys: yes
auntyalias: so we're going to do a simple two cane half round then
auntyalias: just tiger in the jungle
timtoys: That is so kewl!
twinmom94002: wow! there's a face!
twinmom94002: it looks almost like a tiger face, actually
twinmom94002: or else I'm tired and delusional
timtoys: I seen it too...that is so neat
kgedrich: defiantly a face
kgedrich: oops wrong word again LOL
timtoys: lol
twinmom94002: is kind of a defiant face
kgedrich: getting slap happy
kgedrich: or is it buggy to many bugs today
dahs512: do you think that it will work to use a hot glue gun on some
of these
dahs512: only the pieces that the glue wouldn't hurt
kgedrich: wouldnt think it would hurt them
twinmom94002: does hot glue react with pc?
dahs512: do you think it will hold up in shipping?
kgedrich: know you can make molds with hot glue don't think it does
kgedrich: react to pc
twinmom94002: gonna say g'nite...time to go cuddle with my dear
kgedrich: going to turn the cam off
twinmom94002: thanks guys for sharing tonite! kewl chop, nora!
kgedrich: nite nite give daughter a hug
auntyalias: Nighty Night Libbi and hugs to Emily
twinmom94002: u gonna be round tomorrow, nora?
auntyalias: Theresa, now let's take these four slices and make a bead
timtoys: night Lib
auntyalias: ya I'm going to be home, then after supper go to Ruth's
timtoys: ok
twinmom94002: k...i'll give you a call
twinmom94002: big hugs to all....
twinmom94002: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
twinmom94002 left the room
kgedrich: pretty bead
timtoys: very nice
auntyalias: with the other side being large we have an instant pendant
kgedrich: hey nj can you give the link again for that half circle chop
thats when yahell dumped me
timtoys: You make it look so simple.
timtoys: Here it is:
kgedrich: thanks
timtoys: np
timtoys: I see the kitty in the middle...hehe
kgedrich: two eyes nostrils and a mouth yep
auntyalias: I always see kitties in the in the tiger chop
auntyalias: here are natasha beads with tiger cane
kgedrich: hey nj about that tiger cane couldnt you make like a
teardrop and put it in instead of the straight maybe that would give
you the tamper you were after
kgedrich: taper dang
kgedrich: typo heck
auntyalias: this one is with leopard
timtoys: For someone on a limited budget, what colors would you
recommend that they might use most often?
auntyalias: yes you can taper
auntyalias: you can tube them
auntyalias: you can make them into mini pinch pots even
auntyalias: bubble beads
kgedrich: would make a neat heart bead also
auntyalias: there's 10 colors folks need for a basic pallet
auntyalias: black, white, 1,2,
auntyalias: red, blue, yellow, 3,4,5,
auntyalias: translucent, pearl, 6,7,
auntyalias: gold, silver, copper, 8,9,10
auntyalias: that's all I work from, now and then I splurge and get
burnt umber because it's perfect mini chocolat
kgedrich: yep from those you can make all the rest of the colors
auntyalias: chocolate
auntyalias: and raw sienna goes into the animal cane a lot
auntyalias: the rest we can mix and I do
kgedrich: yeah you made me spend more money with Karen yesterday Nora
on that one LOL
auntyalias: buy by the pound from Karen at ClayAlley, we all have a
auntyalias: she's my only clay vendor
kgedrich: discount comes in handy
auntyalias: I got to get more pearl, never enough pearl
timtoys: I will definitely check it out as soon as I can scrape
together some extra money.
auntyalias: well I'm going to spend some time with the hubs here
auntyalias: so he doesn't pout.
timtoys: Thank you for the demo!!
kgedrich: okay enjoy your evening and thanks for great demos today
kgedrich: hubby away this evening I'm FREE
auntyalias: Denise has her back to the monitor
auntyalias: Ya we had fun today
auntyalias: Thanks for getting to your first Demo Theresa
dahs512: what?
auntyalias: and eat some catfish for me
kgedrich: lol
auntyalias: I'm heading out
timtoys: She was showing off her knee's a bit ago...hehe
auntyalias: going to spend some time with the hubs
dahs512: nite then
kgedrich: nj wants smooch time with hubby
auntyalias: ya
dahs512: see you on the other side
auntyalias: my honey bunny
auntyalias: okie dokie
auntyalias: xoxo
timtoys: night nj
auntyalias: Nighty night Kat and Theresa
kgedrich: nite Nora

Life is like a lump of clay, both are what you make of it.

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