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12-06-03 Demo: Leaf on Water

12-06-03: DemoLog, from Noon to 3PM. Making the Cane and covering the tin. Check the links that are in the enlarged pictures and in this demo log to find the tutorials to help you make Leaf on Water Sheet. Doing the face is a whole other Demo.

Staci: Hiya NJ
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
Staci: Hiya Penny
liteladi: hi staci, NJ
Staci: I am really thinking I need to run to the store
and get some regular paper clips though
metalartiste2001 joined the room
Staci: Hiya Metal
liteladi: i have been productive today got to batches
of hungarian christmas cookies cooling the in fridge
and almost have a necklace finished for a gift
liteladi: hi metal
metalartiste2001: hi staci
Staci: cool
Staci: I have been messing with this darn scene since
I got up
Staci: which means I haven't been very productive
liteladi: yeah and i found an old gingerbread man
cookie cutter im going to try those gingerbread men
garlands for my tree
liteladi: you will get it staci the moose is cute
Staci: Oh they are so cute
Staci: I think I am going to make a few gingerbread
men ornaments for my tree
Staci: and I am making a wreath too
Staci: I might add some tiny ones to it
liteladi: yeah i have come choclotate colored clay so
i thought i would give it a try but my icing will have
to be had made since i dont have a clay gun
liteladi: wreath where can I see it??
Staci: LOL I haven't started the wreath yet
liteladi: oh well let me know when you do i want to
see it
Staci: I have a green wreath I am going to add fabric
and clay ornaments to it
Staci: I can work on that now if you want?
liteladi: oh that kind of a wreath
liteladi: whatever you wish to do is fine
Staci: yeahfor my front door
metalartiste2001: been snowed in all day, something
like 15 inches and still going
liteladi: cool idea. i have several that i made
myself. glued ornaments on them old ones that had the
tops missing and i use them every year
Staci: I would like to do some Poinsettas (sp) wonder
if NJ, knows how to make them?
liteladi: dang i want some of tha tsnow here
liteladi: its 34 degrees and the sun is out
Staci: I am glad our snow didn't stick yesterday
liteladi: maybe
Staci: I feel for you Metal
Staci: I can't stand snow
liteladi: we didnt get any snow
metalartiste2001: where are you staci?
Staci: I think I will move back out to Nevada
liteladi: to far north for this sotrm
liteladi: storm
Staci: Missouri
Staci: Springfield Missouri
metalartiste2001: what's nj doing today?
Staci: Looks like NJ is getting sheets of clay ready
Staci: not sure what she will be making
Staci: but looks as though she has some prepared clay
Staci: and she is getting her work surface clean and
material ready to go
Staci: Penny you see that tiny gingerbread man I
metalartiste2001: did she ever show her supply area on
liteladi: on your desk there
Staci: UGH
Staci: looks like my cam is frozen again
Staci: brb
smorgan364 left the room
liteladi: k
Fearless Leader: ok, so what am I preparing to do?
Fearless Leader: Penny knows, do you Janice?
Staci (smorgan364) joined the room
metalartiste2001: no
liteladi: a blend
Fearless Leader: Staci, what am I preparing to do?
Staci: Make a blend?
Fearless Leader: exactly
Fearless Leader: Janice when you want color to go
Fearless Leader: from one part of the clay to another,
let's say in a sheet
techi_mom56 joined the room
Fearless Leader: it's blended, Howdy Nancy
Staci: Hiya Nancy
liteladi: hi nanct
liteladi: nancy that is
Fearless Leader: Most folks think that they need a
pasta press to blend colors, but I do it by hand
Fearless Leader: it's quicker
liteladi: i see that little gingerbread cookie cutter
is cool staci
Fearless Leader: so that's what I'm going to do right
Staci: Nj, do you know how to make poinsettas (sp)??
Staci: I figured that would be the perfect size for a
little ornament for my wreath
liteladi: yup it will
Staci: here, let me move my cam
Staci: I will make a few really quick
liteladi: where do you find such small ones??
Fearless Leader: go search out some poinsetta links
and share them here, only way to make a thing is to
look at a thing
Fearless Leader: break it down to components
Staci: Those I picked up in a box
Fearless Leader: there's flower petals
Fearless Leader: leaves
Fearless Leader: and how they are piled up together
Fearless Leader: there's nothing we can't make if we
just look at it a spell, I'm now going to show Janice
how to do a blend, I'll get the link first
Fearless Leader:
Staci: See the box of them?
Fearless Leader: Also, if you go to my cam window
Fearless Leader: hit, WEBCAM
Fearless Leader: and then
Fearless Leader: Always on top
Fearless Leader: you can check out the links for the
tutorials and keep one eyeball on this boring part of
the process that I'm going to do right now
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: trick to it is this
Fearless Leader: instead of folding this clay in half
and passing it through the press 24 times
Fearless Leader: I roll it up
Fearless Leader: and wring it like a rag
Fearless Leader: then pull it to a flat shape to roll
it up and wring it again
Fearless Leader: that's how I get the blending done in
less moves
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: So now I'll get on to it
bonsaikathy joined the room
liteladi: hi kathy
Staci: Hiya Kathy
bonsaikathy: Hi Folks
metalartiste2001: hi kathy
Fearless Leader: Shall we do a roll call so everyone
knows each other, first name and location
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
metalartiste2001: janice, sharon, ma
liteladi: Penny Lansing MI
techi_mom56: nancy nw oregon
Staci: Staci, Springfield Missouri
Staci: I gotta move my camera somewhere else so I can
use my pasta machine LOL
bonsaikathy: Kathy in E. TN
bonsaikathy: I'll be back in just a bit. I need a
little TLC from hubby on my neck. Weather changes are
killing me. If I don't I'll end up with a headache
from you know where
Staci: Take care Kathy
liteladi: by kathy
metalartiste2001: got to watch my daughter play in the
snow a while - be back later
liteladi: by janicerd
liteladi: janice
Fearless Leader: That's a blend
Staci: Nice NJ
Fearless Leader: and I still think it's quicker this
way than with the fold in half and press
Staci: that is the same way you make a blend for your
flowers correct?
bonsaikathy: ok I'm back
Fearless Leader: yes it is Staci
Fearless Leader: this sheet here is a sandwich of
silver and blue
Fearless Leader: I have this idea that I'd like to try
bonsaikathy: I love putting those colors together
Staci: Wb Kathy
bonsaikathy: thanks honey
liteladi: i have neck problems that give me a headache
too kathy if i dont do my stretching every day
bonsaikathy: there is no way to stretch today, it's so
stiff all of a sudden I can barely move it,
liteladi: yeah i was in physical therapy for my neck
for 6 weeks and its much better now but i cant slack
off on the exercises or i feel it
metalartiste2001: i start pt next week for the neck as
well. it must be an artist thing
liteladi: yeah all that bending the head down forwards
i think
metalartiste2001: just ran upstairs to see what point
she was at
bonsaikathy: with me it's from a car accident and
arthritus, but oh well,
bonsaikathy: NJ it looks like you took your blend that
you rolled into a jelly roll and then started placing
the cut strips around the roll
bonsaikathy: now slicing off the end
bonsaikathy: gives you a slight strip look around the
outter edge
bonsaikathy: if I'm seeing correctly
techi_mom56: i like that NJ...but i love blue
Staci: I have to try to make a smaller tool
Staci: my other one is too big
Staci: So I am using a plastic q-tip
Staci: for a mouth
bonsaikathy: I missed something NJ did but it looks
like now the roll is in a wedge shape and I'm not sure
if she isn't denting in each side somehow
Staci: Yep, makes a perfect mouth
Staci: I think NJ, cut the log into 4 weges
bonsaikathy: yup,
bonsaikathy: now kind of fitting them all together
bonsaikathy: oh NJ, it's fantastic
liteladi: wow cool
bonsaikathy: hang on and I'll get a screen shot of
Fearless Leader: ok?
bonsaikathy: ok I've got two screen shots
Staci: I got a full screen shot too
Staci: that is beautiful
bonsaikathy: it's beautfiul
bonsaikathy: I absolutely love it
Staci: LOL but once I made NU's cam big
Staci: I couldn't figure out how to get is small again
bonsaikathy: lol
bonsaikathy: fantastic NJ
bonsaikathy: hang on
bonsaikathy: hold it up again so I can get a screen
shot please
Fearless Leader: How's that Kathy?
bonsaikathy: got it
liteladi: gorgeous NJ
bonsaikathy: thanks
Fearless Leader: now we can deconstruct this
Fearless Leader: we got our blend
Fearless Leader: then after doing a jellyroll of that
Fearless Leader: we stack sheets, not just sheets, but
a sandwich of sheets
Fearless Leader: three sheets pressed at the widest
Fearless Leader: then stack the sheets and when you
have a stack you slice off slices
Fearless Leader: and wrap those slices of lines around
the jellyroll plug
Fearless Leader: now that's the new wrinkle
Fearless Leader: wrapping lines as a surround
Fearless Leader: then surround that with a solid color
Fearless Leader: the cut
Fearless Leader: is the fish scale cut
Fearless Leader: cut into fourths lengthwise
Fearless Leader: and stack with the points all
pointing in the same direction
Fearless Leader: reduce and cut four sections and
stack that and reduce
Fearless Leader: that's our triangle cane there in the
Fearless Leader: now it doesn't look like much at this
Fearless Leader: techniques like this look better
after pressing
Fearless Leader: a lot of faith goes in to the making
of this cane
Fearless Leader: because you're never sure how it will
look until you press it for the first time
Fearless Leader: if you like the initial press, you're
all good to start making sheets
Fearless Leader: slice, lay on a sheet
Fearless Leader: press
Fearless Leader: back with more of the backing color
Fearless Leader: press some more
Fearless Leader: then you can start doing stuff with
it, cover tins, light switches
Fearless Leader: notebook covers
Fearless Leader: stuff like that
Fearless Leader: I always do blue and silver
experiments around the holidays
Fearless Leader: seems very Elvis Blue Blue Christmas
to me
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: so questions?
Fearless Leader: Now this can be the first layer, see?
Fearless Leader: we can now press other stuff on top
techi_mom56: is the blue bluepearl?
Fearless Leader: using this as a background, it
reminds me of water patterns in kimono
Fearless Leader: that's a blend of silver and cobalt
blue straight out of the pack
Fearless Leader: from the Blue MerFamily
techi_mom56: perfect...i am out of blue pearl
Staci: I think NJ, has alot of blue
Staci: I am still trying to figure out how the silver
looks like triangles
liteladi: making notes to get some blue pearl
Staci: or was that the wedge you cut?
Staci: It is beautiful....
Staci: I dont have any of that color of blue though
Staci: eeewww
Staci: my cat just killed a mouse
liteladi: lol in front of you
Staci: LOL which kid can I talk into cleaning it up
Staci: ???
Staci: No, in the living room
Staci: we live in the country
Staci: and the winter the mice find their way in
Staci: the cat caught a mouse, blood in one spot and
dead mouse in the other
liteladi: heck i live in the city and they find their
way in here from time to time too
Staci: Then kid threw up
techi_mom56: laugh...well we do have something else in
common staci..i live in the country too and never
leave the light off and go into the bathroom...cats
leave there gifts there...
liteladi: after the holidays i need to get me a wish
list going for clay stuff and some of those cutters
Staci: LOL
liteladi: our cat once left the carcass in my husbands
shoe for him to find
Staci: Penny, I think I got mine at JoAnne Fabrics
Staci: but I believe I saw them at Michaels too
Staci: Eeewww
Staci: my new cat caught 3 mice a couple weeks ago
Staci: Nj, I love that
liteladi: the cutters? our michaels doesnt have much
in the way of cutters. my husband found it when he was
getting ready for work the cat was very proud of
himself. Needless to say my husband was less than
liteladi: totall awesome NJ looks like blue and silver
Fearless Leader: leaves falling on water
Fearless Leader: is what I'm going to call this
liteladi: yup it sure is
bonsaikathy: sounds like a great name for it
bonsaikathy: I took 4 screen shots of it
Fearless Leader: see you can't tell how it will look
until you press it
Fearless Leader: and this was pressed 3-4 times,
turning it around to even out the slices
Staci: Brb I gotta go find the peroxide to clean up
the blood off my carpet
liteladi: ugh staci
Fearless Leader: ok if there's no questions at this
point I'll save log and open up everyone elses' cams
Staci: Gross
Staci: I only had a tad
twinmom94002 joined the room
twinmom94002: hi gang
Fearless Leader: Howdy Libbi, just got finished making
this sheet
twinmom94002: oooooh! very very pretty!
twinmom94002: that's gorgeous, nj
twinmom94002: cobalt blue & silver?
Fearless Leader: yes
Fearless Leader: and then after that fish scale
background I laid leaves down
twinmom94002: do you have a link for fish scale?
(sorry if redundant)
Fearless Leader: no worries, I didn't give that link
Fearless Leader: let me get it
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: what I did different was stack sheets
and then cut slices and put those slices around the
jellyroll blend
twinmom94002: oooh! simple and very effective!
Fearless Leader: I had this thought for a while,
putting strips around a cane
Fearless Leader: to get dashes like that
Fearless Leader: now if we take this and instead of
laying down lines
Fearless Leader: we lay down more jelly roll blends
Fearless Leader: or leaves, surround a plug with
fancier stuff than just stripes
Fearless Leader: that's where I'd like to take this
Fearless Leader: so I'm going to get something to
drink and take 5 minutes
twinmom94002: surround the plug with something else,
like reduced jelly rolls in interesting colors
Fearless Leader: yes, exactly Libbi
twinmom94002: k...happy break
Fearless Leader: it is sort of paisley like or fractal
Fearless Leader: ya, got to "go", brb
bonsaikathy left the room
bonsaikathy joined the room
Fearless Leader: back
Fearless Leader: had to get a bite to eat as well
Fearless Leader: got to remember to eat
liteladi: i have 4 3.5 inch gingerbread men to bake
metalartiste2001: well, i'm back - boy she loves the
snow. Got some great digital shots, too
metalartiste2001: what's nj doing now?
Staci: LOL Penny you been making big gingerbread men?
liteladi: yup for my tree LOL
liteladi: they are huge compared to yours lol
Staci: I have one mini done
Staci: that is it
liteladi: cute
Staci: But I had to wait for the clay to get soft
enough for me to push through the gun
liteladi: i rolled mine out by hand
liteladi: but thats ok it looks my frosting jobs
anyway lol
Staci: this little guy is `1 3/4 inches
twinmom94002: so, we're getting our xmas tree
tomorrow! I'm so happy!
Fearless Leader: Where you getting the tree from?
twinmom94002: it's more of a solstice tree, tho,
twinmom94002: delancey street lot on 19th
liteladi: cool idea
Fearless Leader: The kids can make polymer clay
twinmom94002: yep!
Staci: I already have my fake tree up
Fearless Leader: that's so cool
Staci: but it looks reql
Staci: real
liteladi: mine is up too all ten foot of it
Fearless Leader: covered eggs make nifty ornaments, or
take last year's ornaments and cover them with clay
twinmom94002: for those of you who don't live here in
SF, Delancey Street is a wonderful organization that
helps recovering addicts develop job skills and
twinmom94002: brb...ben wants bologna
liteladi: i got some glass ornaments from michaels
last year after christmas need to figure out how to
use clay on them
Fearless Leader: That's my tree
twinmom94002: oh! you can cover 'em with sheets, or do
cut-outs and use tls to apply 'em to the balls...all
kinds of nifty stufff!
Fearless Leader: LOL
twinmom94002: hehehehe
Fearless Leader: love this Christmas junk box
liteladi: thats too cute nj
twinmom94002: heh! looks like our full-sized x-mas
Fearless Leader: it was a gift
Fearless Leader: I didn't make it but I've had it for
liteladi: you gave me an excellent idea NJ next
weekend alex (grandson) and I can make some ornaments
out of clay and old cookie cutters for the tree
twinmom94002: i'm gonna run and clay a bit (puter's in
the kitchen now....andy redid the office/studio much
to my benefit!
Fearless Leader: have you seen my "Getting for
Christmas room box"?
twinmom94002: let me know if you and RB need a break
tomorrow....she's welcome for tea & chat too, of
Fearless Leader: RB is next week, tomorrow is the
astrology reading, Libbi
twinmom94002: oh...duh
Fearless Leader: naw
Fearless Leader: it's ok
Fearless Leader:
twinmom94002: well....anyway  See y'all later
twinmom94002: <----waves and vanishes
twinmom94002 left the room
Staci: Nj, I really love my shaper I can fix stuff I
would normally squish
Staci: Nancy what ya making?
techi_mom56: snowmen ornament hangers
Fearless Leader: when did you get the shaper Staci?
Fearless Leader: I love mine to bits
Fearless Leader: got to change the video
metalartiste2001: what do you do with the shapers?
Staci: Oh, I think I have had my shaper for about a
month now
Staci: just started using it over thanksgiving
Staci: You move your clay with them
Staci: or NJ, makes the most beautiful flowers
Staci: that is a shaper
Staci: can you see on my cam?
metalartiste2001: i'll have to look
liteladi: one day ill have to get one of those i think
liteladi: those are shapers too NJ?
Staci: Oh, NJ has all hers out
liteladi: awesome
Fearless Leader: use the big ones to move big bits
Fearless Leader: go to smaller and smaller sizes as
you refine and make details
Staci: when I just put that hanger in the gingerbread
man, I poked it through his face which left a hole
that wasn't suppose to be there
Staci: so, I fixed it with my shaper by moving some
clay to the hole
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
liteladi: oh good gosh thanks for the reminder staci i
have to have something to hang these guys up with lol
metalartiste2001: i've got about 5 shapers here using
them for decorative painting - now they have another
Staci: Yeah, I have another one besides the one I use
Staci: and I don't like it
Staci: because it was meant for paint
Staci: and it leaves marks on the clay
metalartiste2001: not good
Staci: can you see the big one with the pink ends?
Staci: I don't use that one anymore
Staci: leaves marks
metalartiste2001: yeah
Staci: but I am sure I will use it for my paintings
later on
pcajenny joined the room
sewdaisy2001 left the room
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
liteladi: what are you going to do with the snowmen??
techi_mom56: use a few on my tree and give the rest
for gifts...
liteladi: how big are they going to be??
techi_mom56: around an inch...ish
liteladi: sounds cool
sewdaisy2001: Hi all, Pretty NJ!
liteladi: hi
Fearless Leader: Let's do roll call
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
sewdaisy2001: Sheri here , Ohio
metalartiste2001: janicew, sharon, mas
liteladi: Penny Lansing Michigan
techi_mom56: nancy nw oregon
pcajenny: Jenny Pat, Minnesota
Staci: Staci Springfield Missouri
metalartiste2001: does this have a technique name?
liteladi: lovely NJ
Fearless Leader: oh, sheets... let me get you a link
metalartiste2001: or just something you whipped up?
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: more like a continuation of a blue
and silver meditation
Fearless Leader: LOL
metalartiste2001: thanks! i'll go look
Fearless Leader: leaves we do
Fearless Leader: fish scale we do
Fearless Leader: take fish scale and monkey around
with it
Fearless Leader: and I got these wave patterns
Fearless Leader: drop some leaves on top of them
Fearless Leader: and we have a sheet we can cover an
AOL tin with
metalartiste2001: waves - link for those as well?
Fearless Leader: I'll be adding something to the top
of this
Fearless Leader: the fish scale, let me get that,
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: I love how the mica in the silver
plays with the light
liteladi: f
liteladi: sorry grandson was fiddling with the
Fearless Leader: see how when you turn this around
you'll get different looks
Fearless Leader: because of the mica shift
sewdaisy2001: Nancy, ornament hooks, or plain wire?
techi_mom56: ornament hooks but this one is a paper
clip...grin..gotta find the ornament hooks..
liteladi: verry cute nancy
sewdaisy2001: LOL I know how that goes
pcajenny left the room
pcajenny joined the room
Fearless Leader: is yahoo being mean Jenny?
Fearless Leader: I should save at this point if that's
the case

pcajenny: no, I just had to switch computers
polymerfairy joined the room
jakmiami joined the room
Fearless Leader: Howdy Bonny and JudithK
Fearless Leader: golly let me show you the blue and
silver sheet that covered the aol tin
polymerfairy left the room
polymerfairy joined the room
jakmiami: Hooray hooray I can see it! At last!
Fearless Leader: YEAH Judith
Fearless Leader: LOL
polymerfairy: Hi everyone boy Yahoo is acting up today
liteladi: its being nice to me today
sewdaisy2001: Hi Bonny Sheri here
Fearless Leader: Here's the first press of the
background sheet, looks like water waves
Fearless Leader: shall we do roll call again?
polymerfairy: Hi Sheri
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
polymerfairy: Bonny West Palm Beach FL
jakmiami: JudithK, Miami Beach
liteladi: Penny Lansing MI
sewdaisy2001: Sheri, Ohio
pcajenny: Jenny Pat, Minnesota
techi_mom56: nancy nw oregon
metalartiste2001: janice, sharon, ma
Staci: Staci, Springfield Missouri
bonsaikathy: sorry, Kathy in E.TN
bonsaikathy: I'm doing 3 things at once at the moment,
trying to get dinner ready
bonsaikathy: so I'll be in and out for awhile
polymerfairy: np Kathy..good to see you
liteladi: ok time for me to go dinner time here. what
to make is the question LOL
liteladi: bye for now all
liteladi: NJ fabulous work as always
liteladi left the room
polymerfairy: brb cat is getting into something grrr
Staci: LOL I dont think I could get another cam on my
desk if I had to
Staci: 4 plus a chat screen is alot
pcajenny: lol
pcajenny: how many do you have open?
pcajenny: I am managing 4, plus the chat window
Staci: I have mine and 3 others
Staci: plus chat
Staci: but I did have my friends in CA and an IM
window too
metalartiste2001 left the room
polymerfairy: looks like she's making a rose
pcajenny: brb
pcajenny: bk
polymerfairy: back in a bit ...I need to spray primer
some cd's for my clocks...
Fearless Leader: One mention about the trick here
Fearless Leader: when reducing the petal cane
Fearless Leader: do it as a cone
bonsaikathy: love that rose
bonsaikathy: how pretty
Fearless Leader: then cut the petals
Fearless Leader: then take some from the small end
Fearless Leader: to do the middle
Fearless Leader: take some from the middle slices
Fearless Leader: for the mid range petals
Fearless Leader: take some from the fat end
Staci: Nj, kinda like if you look at the end of the
cane it looks like a tear drop?
Fearless Leader: for the largest outer petals
Fearless Leader: jellyroll blend, pressed to a leaf
Fearless Leader: but I work the petal, widen it
Fearless Leader: I can give you a link, in the Fiji
Flowers section
Fearless Leader: brb
Fearless Leader:
Fearless Leader: check this one page
Fearless Leader: start out with a leaf shape
Fearless Leader: form to be more rose petal shape and
then start sticking them together
Fearless Leader: for more on these "chained" flowers
like in a Lei, check out...
Staci: Nj, you just amaze me
Staci: such talent
Staci: I am so jealous
Fearless Leader: more experimentation and practice
Fearless Leader: I got to show you something, hold up
and let me get a link
polymerfairy: back...wait for that coat to dry and
then do another
Staci: Wb
Fearless Leader:
these are early flower experiments of mine
Staci: wait for what coat to dry?
Fearless Leader: going back to ... 1999
polymerfairy: spray paint on cd's ..primer them before
I do what ever to them lol
Staci: Oh lol
Fearless Leader: Now, Staci, it's less talent than
Fearless Leader: this I'll admit any day
Fearless Leader: so folks figure that they can do it
too, when I put these old flowers up back then
Fearless Leader: That was the best that I could do
Fearless Leader: thought I was hot shit too
Fearless Leader: LOL
Fearless Leader: I look at them now and laugh
Staci: LOL see I think it is better than I could do
Staci: OK...that is it
Fearless Leader: so will you, with anything you're
looking at with your own development
Staci: I am going to quit doing gingerbread
Staci: and ya all can laugh at me trying to do my
first blend
Staci: and try these flowers
liteladi (liteladi) joined the room
polymerfairy: NJ...did you get the email I sent?
Staci: wb Penny
liteladi: ok made it back and had cream of broccoli
soup for dinner. thanks staci
Fearless Leader: Oh with your snowmen, I'm sorry I
didn't reply but they are very cute
Fearless Leader: why not share that with the pix list?
Fearless Leader: and then I'll forward it to our
ClayMate's album
Fearless Leader: they are very cute indeed
polymerfairy: will do and thx...that was a mess of
snowmen lol
Fearless Leader: no kidding
Fearless Leader: I love the dismembered ones on the
Fearless Leader: shows the bits you're using and al
polymerfairy: lol all the parts
liteladi: they are so cute
polymerfairy: I had more but that was all that would
sewdaisy2001 left the room
polymerfairy: the palm leaves are made from white
pointsette petals
sewdaisy2001 joined the room
Staci: Hmmm Nj....what color would go good in a blend
with maroon?
Staci: should I do a white?
Staci: or a pearl?
Staci: or what?
techi_mom56: brb.............
pcajenny: you know what makes an awesome blend to
maroon is yellow!
Staci: ok, let me see if I have any
pcajenny: it gives you a firey sort of look
Staci: which yellow? Zinc or Cadmium?
Staci: I think I like the Cad better
pcajenny: the warmer one
pcajenny: I am not familier with premo color names
liteladi: opps left the dogs out brb
polymerfairy: something I want to try tonight..I
covered a pen with a solid color of clay then I want
to put embossing powder on it
polymerfairy: I know the oven temp isn't hot enough to
melt it so I thought I'd melt it first before baking
Fearless Leader: I'm going to go to the Post Office
Fearless Leader: I got a ride and a package waiting
Fearless Leader: I'll be back in a tiny bit
Fearless Leader: I'll post to the list if all of you
have wandered off
liteladi: k
polymerfairy: sound good


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