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I wanted to be sure to send you some photos of CuddleBug (the 16 year old tortie) and Osiris the psycho black kittie who behaves more like a monkey... LOL

CuddleBug is convinced she's a human princess - she is so spoiled rotten we keep checking her leg for an expiration date.  LOL  Her nicknames are "Lady Bug"  "Bug" "Buggy" and  "Her Majesty"  Full name is CuddleBuddicus Kitticaticus Gill (Randy's doing...)

Osiris is a complete and total spaz...  We figure that if he had a human counterpart it would be Urkel.  Nicknames are "Mr. Razor Sharp" "Monkey kitty" and "Velcro".  Full name - Osiris Peanut Jabo Aloisius Gill  (Randy's doing, not mine.  LOL)

Enjoy and if you'd like more, we'll see if we can't find or take more of them.

Our cats sleep hard so we don't have to - that's the honest truth.  <giggle>



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