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Dog Index - Found Dog Diary 02-09-06

I was nervous last night before my ex-husband James came home because he didn't know we were hosting a lost dog. As soon as the dog and James saw each other it was love at first sight. The dog wanted up on James' lap while James played EQII.

James does hope that the owners see the flyers that are going to be put up because "He's such a good dog. Someone must have loved him."

We are both very happy to host this found dog until we find the owners but I know that we will both miss this dog when it does go to his rightful home.

I wish I knew his name. James calls him "Buddy" and I just make kissy sounds to call for him. We toyed with the name "Rodrigo" but I think "Buddy" is becoming his name by default. Update: Said thinks the dog responds to "BaBar". Dogs don't care what you call them as long as you don't call them late for dinner.  I'll stick with kissy sounds.

Buddy has eaten a half can of dog food. He was walked again at 6:30pm and again at 10:30pm last night. He slept with James in spite of my efforts to get Buddy to chill out with me, since I was up later watching TV.

This morning first thing Buddy was walked at 7 am and did a little poo. We came in from the walk and Buddy didn't drink any water or showed interest in dog food. I figured I'll put plastic wrap on the dog food and put it in the fridge. I don't want to leave it out to the air, doesn't seem nice to leave it out.

Around 8 am Buddy whimpers at the door and I take him out again and did a proper poo.

New observation:

He chases his tail, growls at it and turns totally upside down biting on his tail and back feet. It's the funniest thing in the world, especially when it's happening under your arm pit while you're lying on the couch watching TV.

He "digs" at the doggie mat and on James' bed, like he's digging in the ground, then he turns and turns and turns again before lying down to sleep. James and I are watching him and wondering if this is part of dog hard wiring.

He naps a lot. Goes through energy/nap cycles. Even though he napped a lot he slept through the night and was yawning sleepily when I took him out for "walkies" first thing in the morning. I've been making effort to walk him a lot, let him to sniffing around the perimeter of the tower. There's lots of lawn, trees, bushes and birds to chase.

We haven't had pets in decades. Where we live just lifted the ban on cats and dogs with the last owner change. I have no idea how old this dog is, if he got shots (most likely but still I don't know for sure), what breed this dog is and what are his needs. But I figure I raised four babies and cared for dogs when I was young so we'll find out way. I just hope we find the owner, for if it were me I'd be right pitiful missing my pooch.

He still has not barked once.

Other observations:

When he comes to me on the couch he'll lie on his back under my arm and do a "patty cake" play thing with my hands and try to bite my hands. It's play because he doesn't bite hard, it's just a "gotcha" game. He does it with my feet as well.

He seemed real sad to see James go to work. I'm so surprised how James and this dog bonded so quickly. Like they were buddies in a past life or something.

9:30am - Buddy acts like he never saw someone take a shower or something. He follows me about the apartment when I go get coffee or make the beds. I wonder if that's the nature of "companion" dogs, that need to be close all the time. Aunt Jude thinks he's some sort of terrier. I think she's right. His black and tan markings are common with Manchester Terriers but his coat is a little rough. His toe nails are not all black, some are black and some are lighter in color. He has a white patch on his chest. I've been looking at dog sites for hours and I can't find a breed that looks exactly like him, but I've found breeds that are close. So he must be a mix of some sort.

I had been promising myself to walk more and with Buddy staying with us for a bit I'm getting that exercise. So I'm showered, dressed, got my out door shoes on, no more walking on wet lawns in flip flops.  I'm taking a plastic baggie to go pick up the morning poos. I forgot to take one with me this morning and I want to be responsible as a dog sitter.

12 Noon: I called the SPCA and they said that if you've found or lost a dog to call Animal Control. 415-554-6364. I reported that we've found this dog and I was asked if he was neutered. I told the guy on the phone that the dog still has balls, so I guess not. I was asked if his ears were cropped. I think they might have been but I don't know that much about his breed. The tail is not cropped, and isn't a smooth tail, it has a bit of feathering. I told the guy on the phone where there's white patches on the dog's coat. I gave my phone number as a contact.

Said is coming over with more ink for my printer and copy paper so we can print out the flyer. Then we'll take it to Kinkos and get copies with ink that won't run in the San Francisco fog. Said is going to list the dog as found on Craig's list now that we have a webpage for it. My son was laughing, "Mom I went to your home page last night and BAM right there is the dog. How cool! I knew you'd take good care of him, I mean, not an hour after I left him with there you were walking him." Yes, on the first walk I ran into Said and two of his friends, bringing food for the dog. 

Before I called the Animal Shelter we took an even longer walk, there's a street near my tower that's all bushes, trees and over grown lawn on one side. We walked half way down that street until I saw a raccoon, dead on the lawn close to the street. Lots of raccoons get hit by cars down that street. I decided it's probably better to turn back at that point.

Buddy pulls on the leash, searching for something most intently. He found a gopher hole and had the best time sticking his nose down the hole and sniffing all around. This is a ratter terrier by nature it seems.

I found a raggedy rubber ball outside yesterday. Buddy's taking it around the apartment in his mouth, chewing on it, growling at it, rolling it off of the sofa or bed and then running after it. He does not "fetch". You throw this ball and he'll go after it and then run off with it. He takes it to where James sleeps and buries it under the pillow.

Someone fed him from the table. He does beg when you're eating.

Chilling on the leopard spots. He was resting but as soon as I get the camera out he looks up. His ears go up when he's interested or curious about something.


2pm: He was whining by the door, so I take him out back around the tower. We're chilling by a shade tree and this gal walks by with her BIG English Mastif.  Well Buddy just went nuts. He caught the dog's scent before I could see it. He watched as the dog approached with ears up and tail wagging. Then the Mastiff saw him, looking at him like he was lunch. The gal takes her dog the farthest distance from us and still get around the tower. When Buddy saw that the big dog wasn't coming to visit he just went nuts. He Barked. He yapped up a storm in a high pitch voice. Twisted and turned on the leash like he wanted to go play real bad. He whimpered and trembled. I had to hold him to chill him out but he was acting more sad than threatened.

Could he be from a home that had dog pals? I got to read up on dog behavior. Ah, so letting the dog go all over the place outside, checking it out, I've expanded his territory. The big dog was walking through his territory and didn't come by for a butt sniff.

Reading that page on dog behavior I realize I've been giving the dog mixed messages. I got to train myself and James so this dog doesn't go home with bad habits. One thing I learned was not to say a long affectionate "good bye" to the dog when leaving out and don't act all excited when you get home. So leaving and coming back is no big deal.

Hokey smokes, this dog behavior thing is a little more complicated than I thought.  This page says that some of this dog's behavior is separation anxiety. Hyper alertness to everyone's every move. Following folks around from room to room. I got to watch for that tail chewing, if it becomes excessive.


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