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Dog Index - Found Dog Diary 02-10-06

Angie says "as for his breed, he's a Min Pin, where the white on him came I don't know but these dogs are like little Doberman Pinchers, my daughter has two of them and they are darling little things, she feeds them Mighty Dog and some dry food which I believe is Pedigree for small dogs, they need that to help keep their teeth clean,"

So looking for a Min Pin with the white chest marking I found this older male in an animal rescue site.

and that looks very much like the dog we're hosting.

We put him in the kitchen with the door closed for a moment of privacy last night and he whined and scratched at the door the whole time. Hmmm, gonna have to figure that out. I learned that dogs are social and being separated from the pack makes them sad. But gosh the hubs and I need some alone time.

He also knows that there's another dog on our floor of the tower. They met yesterday, both about the same size and both very excited and nervous meeting one another. Since I don't know if this dog has had his shots or anything I told my neighbor that this is a "found dog" and until we get him checked out with a Veterinarian it's probably prudent that we don't have them play together just yet. The neighbor understood, the dogs did not.

Now he stands at the door and whimpers, sniffing around the lower part of the door. When we come out of the elevator he goes to the right instead of the left, because the other dog lives to the right in the hall way.

I got to get him some appropriate chew toys. I took an old sock and filled it with a rag and that's been a toy of sorts. We lost the rubber ball somewhere in the apartment.

He doesn't eat or drink a whole lot. It's a little disconcerting because I wonder how he survives on what I've seen him ingest. He hasn't finished a can of dog food in the two days he's been here.

We had "walkies" at 7am and he doesn't do a big morning pee but goes around to his marking places and just does a leg up, making his marks fresh. I don't have to remember where he poo'd yesterday, he goes right to it. So I was able to do poo pick up.

If I ran the whole time while we are on "walkies" he'd be happy. Having some overweight grandma running this little fast dog in her housedress and flip flops first thing in the morning isn't a sight the world is ready for, nor am I.

4:30pm LisaT says "Hi NJ, I breed Chihuahuas. I believe the little guy might be crossed with a mini pin and a Chihuahua. He has the deer head of the deer head Chihuahua (not the rounded applehead). If he doesnt have Chihuahua in him he may have Fiest and min pin. He sure is a cute little fella. I'm a softy to four legged buddies. They give unconditional love, doesn't talk back and just wants to cuddle on your lap. Sounds better than a hubby :)"

I found a picture for a ChinPin puppy.  But they didn't allow hot linking or copying the picture. So one has to go to that link to see the example. We posted to Craig's List and went with Chihuahua/ Min Pin mix. That's as close as we can figure.

He found the ball. We went for walkies 7am, 8:30, 11am, 4pm and will probably go for another short walk before bedtime. He ate well today. Maybe he's just feeling a little less unsettled and has his appetite back.

Now that he knows what my jingling keys sound like he came to see if we're going for walkies when I was just getting the camera. A neighbor asked him to "shake hands" and the dog lifted his paw. Well what do you know.

Last night the dog was on the bed and started growling. Both James and I were at our computers. I went to see what was going on and the dog was bristling and growing at its own image in a mirror besides the bed. He wouldn't settle down until long after I covered the mirror. The dog obviously understands Feng Shui, which says not to put mirrors by the bed. LOL

I got to get some chew toys. I had some fur from Alaska. One piece was to be the bottom of a man's slipper or something. So I figured it's so big and the fur on it is so short that it might work as an chew toy. The dog loved it. Tossed it about, chewed on it, took it places and ignored it after a while.

Well it's time for James to come home soon, so I best put on the coffee.

7:30pm, James ran late and both me and the dog were waiting at the door. LOL "Daddy's Home!". What a welcome James gets .

Bonsai Kathy offered this website for training. I'm going to go do home work. I want to make sure we don't give back this dog with bad habits that are our fault. That'll be rude.



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