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Dog Index - Found Dog Diary 02-13-06

No entry for the 11 and 12th, human family was in the forefront for the end of the Chinese New Year celebration.

I've received a couple of email from Craig's List for a lost Chi-MinPin male lost in San Jose, around January 21st. Jeese Louise San Jose is an hour by car from where this dog showed up at my son's home. The picture of the lost dog doesn't have the white chest and the tan area of the face is higher towards the eyes. So close, but no doggie cigar.

I got the dry dog food that was suggested and lo and behold he eats it. We are making effort to break him of the habit of begging when we're eating. It's really difficult because he's so cute.

He is getting the concept of "fetch" with the raggedy rubber ball. He'll bring it back, sort of close to where I am, but I want him to bring it right back to me and drop it at my feet. It's just a matter of him doing that by accident and then praising him for that.

I've been making effort to have him "wait" before going through doors when we're going out. The doors to the apartment tower are metal and we have elevators to think about. So before we go through a door I say "wait" and he sits and I praise him. Then I open the door and go through first and then say "come" and he does and I praise him. Same thing for crossing the street. "Wait" "Come" "Good Dog". It's a bit of a bother at first but it'll protect him in the long run with the amount of traffic we have around here and he won't get mashed by a metal fire door.

I had to go run errands and James was "watching" him on Saturday. I got home to find my Tatami Mat flip flops chewed up. I bought a doggie chew bone and Buddy took it and hid it somewhere in the apartment. Now I am on this kick of baby proofing this apartment.

I thought that training James was going to be the biggest challenge. That hasn't turned out to be the case. James has seen improvement in Buddy's behavior with the consistent positive reinforcement I've been using. So James has been cooperating with my suggestions, like don't return home and get the dog all excited. Come in, put your backpack down, take off your coat, say "Hi" to the dog but go about your business. When the dog settles down then give him attention and say "good dog". It's working.

"Although, when you leave out," James admits, "He whines at the door and is really bummed out."

"So play with him when I leave out. Toss the ball." I suggested.

James thinks it's the funniest thing how Buddy is so enthusiastic about running after the ball. This morning Buddy and I walked James half way to the bus and James was laughing the whole way because Buddy literally pulls me along.

"I can see why you don't let him off the leash." James said this morning as I'm being pulled along. I stop when Buddy gets too enthusiastic about following a scent and say "wait" and Buddy will relax and sit by my feet. I'm going to loose weight with this dog walking activity I tell you true. I got to get Buddy a chest harness. I worry about how he pulls on his collar. That can't be good for his neck.

Each time Buddy stopped to mark a new location it struck James as terribly funny. It has been a long time since James had a dog for a pet. It's been a long time since I've seen James be reduced to a giggling fit. This dog is a good addition to our lives in many way. I'm getting out and being made to walk a handful of times each day. James' heart is opening up and letting joy come in.

Oh he got the chew toy from the hiding place. I told him "Good Dog" and he's carrying it around in his mouth.


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