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Dog Index - Found Dog Diary 02-16-06

Each morning Buddy and I walk James to the bus, well almost the whole way. When Buddy stops for his morning poo that's when James just goes on to work. James can't wait for me to do the plastic bag poo pick up routine or he'll miss his bus. But it's become a routine for us and it's something that James enjoys a lot. It's good for the two of us because we get more together time.

Well so far there's no response from Animal Care and Control regarding this found dog. The responses from Craig's list is close but no cigar. I got to get Buddy to the SPCA to get him checked out and get him his shots and a license. I was putting that process off to give time to the owners to think of calling the Animal Care and Control people.

New tricks:

When we cross the street he knows to wait until I tell him "come".  With all the traffic around here it's important that he wait until I give him the all clear prompt.

He knows to bring the ball back when I throw it, instead of taking the ball somewhere to just chew on them.

Still needing work:

When I leave out and I can't take him with me I put him in the kitchen with his doggie mat, food and water. He has his toys and if the sun is going to go down I leave the light on. I had to go out last night to run an errand for a couple of hours and I could hear him whining and yapping.  He knows when the doggie mat goes into the kitchen that he's going to be left behind. I got to figure out something. I've been reading about crate training. But buying a doggie crate has been on hold until we know for sure we're going to be able to keep him.

Pulling on the leash during the walks. He gets so excited following up a scent he pulls on the leash. I worry about his neck. There's got to be a way to train him not to do that. Or I have to get a chest harness. What I've been doing is when he pulls on the leash I stop and say "wait".  He knows "wait" and will come and sit by my feet. I give him a "good dog" for doing that.  I can't run with him. My right ankle and left knee makes running an interesting proposition for me. I have to run goofy with my aging joints.

I do feel better walking him a bunch of times during the day. I feel more energetic. I swear I've lost weight this week by the way my clothes feel.  Each day we walk further than the day before so when he comes home he just falls out and takes a nap. I'm getting up earlier with walking James to the bus with Buddy, so all in all it's been a positive experience.

We just got to work on his leash pulling and whining when separated from us for a short time.


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