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Transformational Equinox Salvage Tour of 2002

"Fell out early since I was running on 3 hours sleep and that was on purpose because Doffy and her husband Phil have "normal" hours, not vampire hours. Woke up and opened the blinds and THERE A HORSE!!

This town Norco, CA, is very very country. There were horses tied to hitching posts in front of taverns on the main street in Old Town. Dang!!  My cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat would fit in perfectly here. I told Doffy, "I only got on a horse once. It did burped or farted or something and I realized I'm way HIGH up, on an animal who knows I'm a chicken shit coward, and I'd best get off it right now."  Doffy laughed and said, "Ya they'll fuck with you if they know you're afraid."

See I was right to get off of that tall mammal. I'm no dummy."

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I have to admit the back side of this horse looked better than I did last year.

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