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Lurking Man - Index 1: 07-25-04: Demo Log starting from the beginning of putting skin on the armature for Lurking Man. On to giving him clothing and just before first cure.

Fearless Leader: ok, I have four sheets of skin clay. I'm going to
barrel through putting on the first layer, gonna save log but why
don't we do roll call for today?
Fearless Leader: NoraJean, San Francisco
shargoose: Sharon V in TN
vlady6us: sandie florida
elissaheart: Elissa, santa clara, CA
Phyl: Phyllis - Las Vegas, Nevada
Kat Indpls IN: <--------------me
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: Kathy, Arizona
rickiebeth1: Rickie Beth in Walnut Creek
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: HI Kat
Kat Indpls IN: hi Kathy
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: you going to do another demo on brain
Fearless Leader: Sharon, the brain cane folds, the feather cane is
stagger stacked I can't see how the brain cane would work as a feather
Fearless Leader: gonna save log, brb
Kat Indpls IN: hadn't planned on it Kath
shargoose: k
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i took pic, but don't think i have enough, so was wondering if you were going to do any more demos, then send you my notes
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: be right back
jude (greatauntjudy) joined the room
Fearless Leader: I was going to get the tutorials for sculpting, but my biz site is down
elissaheart: hey jude!
Kat Indpls IN: well being that i have alot of pics of Shrinemont with the originator of this technique i wouldn't post a tut until i got his permission to do so
vlady6us: hi jude
jude: Howdy! How is everyone this afternoon?
Fearless Leader: it's nothing serious I think they are backing up the servers
shargoose: That's a good idea, Kat
Fearless Leader: Howdy Aunt Jude
rickiebeth1: Hi Jude
vlady6us: fine here ty and u jude???
jude: Fair to middlin'.
shargoose: I'd love to see his demo but asking first is the good thing to do
Fearless Leader: so I'm going to cover this armature here and you all just have fun
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok, good idea
shargoose: Tell him a bunch of friendly ladies wants to learn!!
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: maybe he could give demo?
Kat Indpls IN: lol shar, i'm sure he'll say its okay i just want his permission before posting one with pictures etc.
elissaheart: Kathy, I want to tell you that I really have enjoyed seeing all of your Shrine Mont pics!
Kat Indpls IN: thank you it was such fun going, i hope i can go next year
elissaheart: I even complimented you over at PCJ.
Kat Indpls IN: aw shucks
elissaheart: I am so jealous!
Kat Indpls IN: my son is still mad about it LOL, so i don't talk about it here at home
elissaheart: Would love to go to Shrine Mont one of these days.
elissaheart: why is he angry?
Kat Indpls IN: next year they are making it for a full week, he didn't get to go was in school
Phyl: oh guys look at this fairy
nancy (techi_mom56) joined the room
Phyl: omg i am totally in awe
elissaheart: Isn't Kat's work astounding???
Fearless Leader: it'd be nice to have her book in our library
vlady6us left the room
Kat Indpls IN: i got to work on my workstation again, its so overload with stuff i can't work again LOL
Kat Indpls IN: which one NJ
Phyl: I almost ordered the one last night found it used at amazon
nancy: too
vlady6us joined the room
Kat Indpls IN: would love to take a class from Katherine
nancy: kat has books out?!!! what are the titles?
Kat Indpls IN: not me, katherine dewey
nancy: oh okay...i was confused...i will check them out
Fearless Leader: Jo Ann Thomas, anyone got her on their friend's list
Kat Indpls IN: she has one on critters and people
Fearless Leader: she got cam but not chat
Phyl: no I don't have her
Fearless Leader: Katherine Dewey's book on figures
Kat Indpls IN: nope not on my list
vlady6us: tell her to go through the group website
Fearless Leader: I sent a long instruction post to the list
Kat Indpls IN: ah, maybe if you could yank it out of my clutches i might donate it to the library LOL, or maybe i can get another from crafters choice
Kat Indpls IN: i love dinko's new book
Fearless Leader: brb, going to check this something out...
Kat Indpls IN: daniel won't let me see it for very long
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: what is books name from dinko's ?
Kat Indpls IN: hang on get the title for you
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: k
Kat Indpls IN: creating fantasy polymer clay characters by dinko tilov
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: we lost NJ?
vlady6us: yep
Phyl: oopsie
rickiebeth1: yes we lost her...
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: yahoo at it again
nora_gatine joined the room
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: oh, than you Kat
nora_gatine: I thought I'd still be here
Kat Indpls IN: wb nj
nora_gatine: sent Jo Ann another invite, when I sent that last one I crashed
nora_gatine: close out old cam windows and I'll get this one up
Kat Indpls IN: wow yahoo is being mean to you lately
nora_gatine: I think it's my computer, frankly
nora_gatine: I got to take a couple of days to move files and defrag
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: NJ, run Ad-Aware, could be programs running in back ground , using up free memory
shargoose: Three ties and I got you back, NJ
nora_gatine: I ran that the other night
nora_gatine: I am low on space on my C drive, got gigs to spare on my D, which means a defrag
nora_gatine: I have just been avoiding it is all
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: than you are right , it must be needing a defrag
Kat Indpls IN: get a program called easy cleaner
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: when i do this computer it takes over 8 hrs
nancy: what does it do?
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: what defrag?
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: or ad-aware?
nancy: easy cleaner
Kat Indpls IN: cleans out all cache, removes duplicate dll's all kinds of stuff
nancy: hmm...will google it..thanks
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: oh, i do that my self
Kat Indpls IN: for defrag i use executive software diskkeeper
Phyl: I have one called Ace Utilities that does that
rickiebeth1: brb..
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: k
Kat Indpls IN: much quicker then microsofts defrag
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i have more than one drive
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i have 3
Kat Indpls IN: takes like 10-15 mins to analize and defrag a 20 g harddrive
Phyl: wow that is fast
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: nice
Kat Indpls IN: yeah got sick of waiting on microsofts defragment taking all night
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: that is fast
Kat Indpls IN: so went on a techie site and ask for their recommendation
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: how much is it?
Kat Indpls IN: um, couldn't tell ya i got it for free (rolling eyes and whistling)
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: oh
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol
Kat Indpls IN: one program that i paid for this year i took back it blue screened me to death
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: NJ, you are going to fast
Kat Indpls IN: lol
Phyl: lol she is on a roll
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i have that, when i get the blue screen
nora_gatine: Just rolling the #6 over the face to get those points I mentioned in the post to the list
nora_gatine: did you all see the post on Questions about the face? The size clay shaper?
Kat Indpls IN: yep
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes
Phyl: yes and Cheryl said that was very helpful
nora_gatine: first pass with the big tool is to get major places, cheeks, jaws, forehead
nora_gatine: so that's what I'm doing first, just outlining the edges of the face
nora_gatine: I wish my archived tutes weren't off line
nancy: i have 24k dialup (thats all thats available except satillite) so my favorite program is download accelerator plus..
Phyl: from earthlink nancy?
Kat Indpls IN: thats a good program, msn has one built right in to their browser pack
rickiebeth1: back
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok
nancy: local provider..but the problem is the phone lines are very very poor
nancy: so i harrass the heck out the phone company...chuckle..any noise in the line and they hear from me...
Kat Indpls IN: dang figures i buy paint last week its on sale this week
Phyl: That is an unwritten rule Kat
Kat Indpls IN: Michaels 1/2 off clay this week
Kat Indpls IN: liquitex 1/2 off
vlady6us: i already went and got clay today
Kat Indpls IN: 40 % off coupon in flyer and 1/2 off jewelry findings
nancy: some stores have a 30 day thing were you can get a refund of the difference
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: what is liquitex for?
Kat Indpls IN: acrylic paint
Kat Indpls IN: use it all the time on my projects
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: oh, ok
Kat Indpls IN: great for mogume gane, with metallic paint
Phyl: Have you tried the luminere paint from Jacquard Kat?
Kat Indpls IN: yep, had problem with them peeling when i slice into it on raw clay
nancy: i havent but want to
Phyl: oh good then I won't try it , have you tried it on baked?
Kat Indpls IN: yes its pretty, but i find i can get the same results from liquitex and golden
Kat Indpls IN: i love goldens interference paint
Phyl: golden has some great paints
nora_gatine: Ok, resting my arms, and that's the first pass with the #6
Phyl: rest woman rest
rickiebeth1: golden does have great colors...
nora_gatine: lol and eat
Kat Indpls IN: hm anyone know how late michaels is open on Sunday LOL
nora_gatine: I'm munching apple right now
nora_gatine: brb
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: k
Phyl: Michaels is open till seven here I just called
Kat Indpls IN: wow i still got time LOL
Kat Indpls IN: hm wonder if i should even try to go to the small one or drive farther to the bigger store
Phyl: run, do not walk to your nearest Michaels
Kat Indpls IN: need to list the colors i need, my premo color pallet is getting low
Phyl: As soon as ih gets his butt back here i am going to a bigger one
Phyl: am buying paper mache boxes to cover
Phyl: gotta check out those findings also
elissaheart: hey, did you know that Fimo has a new metallic white?
Kat Indpls IN: the small store close to me is a joke, hardly anything on the shelves
Kat Indpls IN: classic or soft elissa
Phyl: ya i hate those kinds of stores
vlady6us: paper mache stuff is half price too
elissaheart: soft
Phyl: yup shure is
elissaheart: I see some real possibilities for making faux opals!
Phyl: we have a Joann's like that teeney weeney
shargoose: Kat if you go could you see if they have those carbachon forms you used a few months back?
Kat Indpls IN: I only use classic and i get it at fimousa for 6.50 a lb
nora_gatine: back, had to send a note to the webhost of my biz site which is down
shargoose: You know the silver colored rounds and hearts?
nora_gatine: and I can't get to the online control panel
Kat Indpls IN: okay sure will
Phyl: oh oh NJ
Kat Indpls IN: hopefully this bigger one will have them
nora_gatine: that's why I have two webhosts
shargoose: Buy me a few packs of the hearts and one of the round.
nora_gatine: it's the archived tutes that are off line
Kat Indpls IN: you just want the silver they come in gold also
nora_gatine: but the current stuff is still up
shargoose: I will PayPal you.
Kat Indpls IN: its a combo pack
shargoose: We have NOTHING here in the sticks and they aren't listed online
Kat Indpls IN: hang on will tell you exactly whats in them
elissaheart: kat, I only use classic too, but the metallic colors only come in soft.
nora_gatine: now I got to step away again, brb
Phyl: k
shargoose: I like gold better, didn't know they carried that but I will be happy with anything!!
Jackie (ljcswartz) joined the room
Jackie: hi all
Kat Indpls IN: oh heck with it i'll open cam so you can see what it comes with
Phyl: Hi Jackie
elissaheart: thst's new too. They see how popular the Premo gold is.
shargoose: thanks
shargoose: Wow
shargoose: How much a pkg?
Jackie: I have some of those
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i just bought that this morning
Kat Indpls IN: i don't know LOL, its should be at 50% off right now
Kat Indpls IN: are they on sale Kathy
shargoose: I'll take 5 pkgs, OK?
nora_gatine: back, thanks for the log Sharon
Jackie: our store is out thought probably $3
shargoose: Welcome, NJ
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes, 50% off
Kat Indpls IN: okay all gold or both
Kat Indpls IN: okay i got to get to michaels
shargoose: $ gold one silver if they have them
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: think it was something like 1.55
shargoose: one gold
Kat Indpls IN: oh man there goes my pocket book again LMAO
shargoose: 4 Gold and ! Silver if they have them
shargoose: I could send PayPal now if you want, Kat
Kat Indpls IN: okay will do shar
Kat Indpls IN: now i got to rope the kid in
Kat Indpls IN: take him when i go on the west side of town
shargoose: LOL
nora_gatine: Ok, now I'm really back
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok
nora_gatine: had to answer JoAnn's note about not being able to get here
shargoose: wb, NJ
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: why is she having so much problem getting here?
nora_gatine: I sent her two invites, one with MSATClayArt, then I got booted and then again with this yahoo id
nora_gatine: no response
Jackie: want me to try?
greatauntjudy left the room
rickiebeth1: have to feed husband..he's home for lunch....
shargoose: Bye RickieBeth
nora_gatine: so I really don't know what her difficulty was. She's not logged into Yahoo Messenger right now, so I sent a post to the list.
nora_gatine: Howdy Master Lawrence of the Lunch
nora_gatine: Thanks Jackie for the offer
nora_gatine: I'll do the second pass on this face with the next size clay shaper and I only use #6, #2, and #0 because that's what I have
nora_gatine: not because they are the best
Kat Indpls IN: i'm still here just going through my premo to see what i need color wise
rickiebeth1: he says HELLO to YOU ALL
Kat Indpls IN: hi back at him
msatclayart left the room
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: NJ, your twin left
rickiebeth1: There is a sort of a problem at the place I volunteer
and they need me to come on in and help..
rickiebeth1: please let NJ know where I went...
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok
rickiebeth1: and bye to you all..and thank you for the good time.
nancy: bye rickie..take care...huggs
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: bye rickie
Phyl: bye rickie
rickiebeth1: BYE!!!
rickiebeth1 left the room
Phyl: and I have to run to I hear Michaels calling my name
Phyl: see you guys later
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol, ok, later Phyl
shargoose: Lucky you
phyllisinvegas left the room
shargoose: No Michaels or any craft stores here
vlady6us: darn...
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i think you can go on their site and
order from there
nancy: there is one about an hour from here..problem is i am kind of
house bound for a couple more days...recovering from dental surgery
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: the sale will be on until next saturday
Kat Indpls IN: Sharon you need anything else, before i close from
nancy: i look pretty funny..oh good...
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: nancy , it's best to rest
nancy: yeah i have been sleeping alot...have lots of energy
today..been clean house some...
shargoose: No, that's all, Kat and Thnaks
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: don't do too much,
Kat Indpls IN: ew yuck i have to have more then energy to clean
house, i'm the worst housekeeper
shargoose: ME too!!
Kat Indpls IN: okay well see you all later perhaps off to Michaels
nancy: i wont..hubby is here...he wont let me..been spoiling me
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok, Kat, have fun
shargoose: Thanks and let me know how to pay you
Kat Indpls IN: paypal will be fine i'll give ya a total when i get
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: always nice to be spoiled a little
nancy: i wish karen carried those...
nancy: smile...
kgedrich left the room
shargoose: Thanks
nora_gatine: it looks like a man wants to come out
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes
nora_gatine: I keep on making effort to do a female and a man's face
wants out
vlady6us: lol...
nora_gatine: so we'll let him be male then if he insists
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol
nora_gatine: the body is gender non specific at this point
shargoose: It's funny but the clay just seems to tell you what it's
going to be
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: bossy stuff this clay
shargoose: I have that happen all the time
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: he's a good looking man
nora_gatine: he's getting there
shargoose: Set out to make something and out comes something
nora_gatine: good thing I didn't give him breasts ahead of time
nora_gatine: would have had some explaining to do
nancy: chuckle...
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: well, could be a manly woman?
shargoose: Like fetus, I swear the clay has tose little people in
there and they will come out no matter what we do
nora_gatine: but anyway, the point of the exercise is this, use big
clay shapers to move shape big areas, middle sized ones to get rough
features and small ones for detail
nora_gatine: if you try to smooth with a small tool you'll make more
work for yourself
shargoose: Well, some guys have big breasts
nora_gatine: LOL
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol, true
nancy: i have a older male family friend who had breast cancer...twice
nancy: until then i didnt men could get it...
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: oh wow, i didn't know men get breast
nancy: yeah and he was pretty fit...(has a farm)
shargoose: Yup, they can
arizona_sweet2004 left the room
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004 (arizona_sweet2004) joined the room
vlady6us: hi kathy
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: damn yahoo!
nancy: its unusual but it happens...
nancy: good idea to teach our guys the self exam thing
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i must me moody today, yahoo usually
don't bother me
nancy: i am happy...i am eating cold smooshed up watermellon...
nora_gatine: well there he is, the manly man
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: mmm, that sounds good
nora_gatine: youngish
nora_gatine: now what determines it is a man's face and not a
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes, look young
nora_gatine: what are the signs?
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: larger nose, chin
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: jaw
elissaheart: angularity
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: wider face
nora_gatine: heavier brow
nora_gatine: stronger jaw
nora_gatine: those angular cheeks
nora_gatine: and men's noses don't stop growing until they are 45, so
if you marry a young man, check his father's nose, that's the one he
will grow into.
shargoose: LOL
nora_gatine: just as he's checking your mom to see what your body is
going to look like later
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: wow, so that's why my hubby nose is so
much bigger
shargoose: He looks really strong and sweet, too
nora_gatine: Look at movies of Carl Malden when he was young
elissaheart: NJ, I heard that noses never stop growing.
nora_gatine: then check that nose later in his movie life, the thing
has a life of its own
nora_gatine: never stop growing, on men?
nora_gatine: noses I mean
elissaheart: women too.
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol
nora_gatine: interesting I never heard that
nora_gatine: oh I just thought of an awful joke
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: and ears
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ears keep growning
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: growing
shargoose: Yes?
elissaheart: I hope you're right, Kathy. MY ears are too small!
nora_gatine: What did Pinocchio's girlfriend alway say?
nora_gatine: "Lie to me baby, Lie to me!"
shargoose: I love it!!
vlady6us: lol
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: why ? NJ
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol
nora_gatine: let's say it was part of their foreplay
nora_gatine: LOL
elissaheart: I bet there's a website somewhere that has pictures of
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol
shargoose: I put up webcam if you want to see angel being made
shargoose: She's about to go to oven
nora_gatine: I have enough of the old folks around me, what I find is
men start looking like women and women start sprouting wiskers
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: sure
nora_gatine: Ok, let me see
nora_gatine: Oh with the brain cane hanging hankie
nora_gatine: how did you do the wings?
shargoose: Yup
shargoose: I use this hold on
elissaheart: Yes, NJ, for me it's already an endless battle!
vlady6us: wow. awesome wings
shargoose: They are 4 inch metallic fabric wings
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: NJ, men start looking like women?
nora_gatine: wow on the wings
elissaheart: that's another cat out of the bag!
shargoose: I roll the clay on #! setting, place wings on it and roll
shargoose: That leaves the impressions
shargoose: Then I cut them out
nancy: well most women with the problem wont admit it but i have been
fighting wiskers for years...
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: oh wow, good idea
vlady6us: isnt that what they invented tweasers for ??????
nora_gatine: Yes, the adrenal glands below our kidneys put out male
and female hormones in everyone, when women hit menopause and men go
through their change of life the opposite sex hormone makes men have
more fat, get breasts, have women sprout wiskers
elissaheart: yup
shargoose: I buy several pair as the puffiness gets lost after you
roll them many times
nora_gatine: make a mold
elissaheart: viva la tweezer!
nora_gatine: Sharon take a good pair, make a mold, use the mold for
vlady6us: lol elissa
shargoose: I tried that
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: crap, now i'm going to grow man hairs
nora_gatine: and it went wonky?
nancy: yeah...but i now use a good quality electric going
to see a dermatologist to see if that laser thing will work for me
shargoose: but I can't get them to come out thin enough
shargoose: This workd best for me
nancy: beautiful angel!
nancy: is there a tut on the brain cane? i slept through that demo
shargoose: Thanks, going to do TLS hair like NJ taught us
nora_gatine: I'm sure it doesn't happen to everyone, but I find that
older women can be more assertive with that adrenal gland testosterone
nora_gatine: so wiskers or street fighting, it's a toss up
elissaheart left the room
elissaheart joined the room
elissaheart: got Yahooed!
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: the new trick on how NJ makes hair, i
don't get it yet
shargoose: Just watch
elissaheart: or should I say "Ya-hooeyed?"
shargoose: I'll show you
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: sharon, the angle is very pretty
shargoose: Thanks
nora_gatine: when I put hair on this figure I'll do the new hair
trick, have you seen people put rows of extensions under their hair
nora_gatine: so their hair looks thicker?
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: how do you get ya-hooeyed?
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok
nora_gatine: rows of hair, like hanging off of a line
shargoose: I will be working so if I miss your question or comment
just wait a bit
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes
nora_gatine: well this faux wood grain razor slices is like those
hair extensions on a row
nora_gatine: oooo gold
nora_gatine: what's that TLS and gold?
shargoose: Yes
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: oh, ok
nora_gatine: so you start adding these sheets of razor cut hair
around the rim
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok
nora_gatine: moving into the crown as you add more layers on the head
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i understand
nora_gatine: just like wigging a doll
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: sharon, what is that? TSL and clay mix?
nora_gatine: yes it is
nora_gatine: TLS and gold
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok, i get the idea
nora_gatine: looks yummy
nora_gatine: gonna save log, brb
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: sharon, if that angel was a little
smaller, would be nice x-mas ornament
nancy: tree topper size?
shargoose: I make them all sizes
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: could be, glue two to gether
shargoose: This is ment to hang on the wall
shargoose: Got to bake her
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: so pretty
shargoose: It's hard to put her hair on while she's unbaked
vlady6us left the room
nora_gatine: ya it's easier after they are cured
vlady6us joined the room
shargoose: So she's cooking now.
nora_gatine: welcome back Sandie
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: hi sandie
vlady6us: thank you nj
vlady6us: hi kathy
shargoose: I'm going to go and get some work done here, need to wash
our undies or else!!
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol
vlady6us: lol....
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: what go naked?
shargoose: No wear them inside ouit!!
shargoose: out
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol, did you see that site
shargoose: Yes
shargoose: Neat idea
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: you can ware undies as a top
shargoose: Especially since bras are so expensive
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes
shargoose: At least in my size!!
vlady6us: ionly wear a bra when i have to be out in public
shargoose: Thanks, NJ for demo and sharing group time
shargoose: I love it here!
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: they look comfy at any size
shargoose left the room
nora_gatine: oops missed saying good bye to Sharon
nora_gatine: I'm looking for pressed cane sheets to make quick
clothing for this guy
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: she left kinda fast
nancy: i second it here..
nora_gatine: I'm going to dress him without putting a second layer of
skin on him
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: oh, rickie wanted you to know why she
left-->rickiebeth1: There is a sort of a problem at the place I
volunteer and they need me to come on in and help.. rickiebeth1:
please let NJ know where I went... rickiebeth1: and bye to you
all..and thank you for the good time. nancy: bye rickie..take
nora_gatine: ok, thanks
nora_gatine: Clothing you can't find at Walmart
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol
nora_gatine: he's going to be fey-ish
nancy: or in camoflage?!!..
nora_gatine: same thing, Fairies got to hide
nora_gatine: from mortals
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: NJ, do you make any sculps of kids?
nora_gatine: sometimes, with moms and in family groupings
vlady6us: bbl..need food
nancy: she makes lovely baby sculpts
vlady6us: ty nj
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes, she does
nancy: i have to go..friends just dropped by..huggs to all..great
demo NJ
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok, bye nancy
techi_mom56 left the room
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: a diaper
nora_gatine: I don't want to bend him except for his final pose
nora_gatine: I don't want to goof up my wood grain
nora_gatine: I'm going to add more to the top, but I don't know what
just yet
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: NJ, think we lost a few peps
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: must be a busy day for most
Jackie: I'm here just - with busy hands
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i'm sitting here watching you eating
jelly bellies
nora_gatine: Ya it's been slow on Sundays, but it's more like open
cam for me
nora_gatine: Oh I want some
nora_gatine: I like to mix them up to get a banana split in my mouth
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: stick to my teeth
nora_gatine: banana, strawberry, chocolate,
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: mmm, i do that sometimes
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i like the coffee ones
nora_gatine: coffee with chocolate
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: what you making Jackie?
nora_gatine: I like the buttered popcorn too
nora_gatine: ya, what are you making Jackie?
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: oh man , not me
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: even the dogs don't like tham
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: that's bad when you can't even pawn them off to the dogs
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: they spit them out,
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol, yes
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i've have not had any time to sand the
wings i made , when i'm done and send you the wings, i'll send some
jelly bellies with them
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i buy them at costco, they are big bag of
Jackie: back---
Jackie: I am making earrings with old canes
Jackie: experiments really
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ic
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: all i can do in this room is sit and
eat , drink, wish i had room to put my stuff in here, so i could work
and watch
Jackie: NJ is the reason my clay place is at the computer
nora_gatine: some folks pack a TV tray with one project on it
nora_gatine: LOL
nora_gatine: I'm the instigator
Jackie: it is great
Jackie: thanks so much
nora_gatine: my pleasure
Jackie: you inspire more than you know !
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol, think you are NJ
nora_gatine: it just seems logical when we are doing demos and such
nora_gatine: I'm happy to hear that Jackie
Jackie: and I like to clay along
nora_gatine: I got to share this mania with someone, I'm glad I'm in
good company
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: not me
nora_gatine: LOL
Jackie: the company is a lot of the fun too
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes
vlady6us left the room
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: NJ, you finger pressing his clothes?
nora_gatine: I'm moving the clay underneath to other areas
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: oh, ok
nora_gatine: his clothing is his second layer of clay and I need to
redistribute some mass
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ic
nora_gatine: but I've been wanting to do wood grain pants for a while
nora_gatine: I was thinking of a wood grain man, but I don't have
enough wood grain made
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: that would be interesting , wood men
jill_z_q joined the room
jill_z_q: hihi
nora_gatine: Howdy Suzy
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: hi Jill
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: oh, suzy
jill_z_q: just got back from a bead show
jill_z_q: how long been demo"ing"
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: just open cam
jill_z_q: LOL what impeccable time
jill_z_q: I didn't see any clay stuff
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: buy anything at bead show?
jill_z_q: except for Cheryl friends Christie
jill_z_q: Yeah I got some stuff
jill_z_q: not much though
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: they didn't have clay beads there?
jill_z_q: you know semi precious beads are like as cheap as glass now
nora_gatine: So no polymer clay beads at the show?
jill_z_q: Just Christies
jill_z_q: CF Originals
jill_z_q: Cheryl H, Friend, she does cool stuff
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: don't think i've seen her stuff
jill_z_q: let me see if I have a link
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: k
nora_gatine: ya, does she have a site?
jill_z_q: she was in Bead & Button Magazine
nora_gatine: Oh yes I've admired her work
jill_z_q: she is really nice. I tease her an call her Mom
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol
jill_z_q: we did a show together, she had drinks, food, snacks you
name it she had it
nora_gatine: I've visited her site a couple of times
jill_z_q: it was too cute
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i've seen the fish before surfing around
nora_gatine: sounds like a good Mom to me
elissaheart: kathy, sorry, I had a long phone call, and never
answered your question.
jill_z_q: Talking on that cell phone again.
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: it's ok,
elissaheart: Yahooeyed=getting booted from Yahoo IM.
elissaheart: yeah, that ol' cell phone!
jill_z_q: Okay I got that stupid weather bug thing
jill_z_q: and its Bright red
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i remember asking that
jill_z_q: because its 100 degree out
jill_z_q: but it looks freakly like my system tray has a disease
nora_gatine: yikes, I can't take the heat
Jackie: wow
jill_z_q: I'm telling you I want out
elissaheart: neither can I, nor my computer
elissaheart: poor jill!
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: the older i get i find i don't take the
heat like i used to
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: i used to walk out side in my bare feet
in the middle of summer
elissaheart: same here. but I'm sure my being so overweight has lots
to do with it.
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: well, hot is hot
elissaheart: true, but lots of people just think of it as a natural
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: lol, ya
nora_gatine: James is making hungry noises and so is my stomach
nora_gatine: I'm going to call it a day
nora_gatine: and get us some food
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: ok, i'm getting hungry also
elissaheart: thanks for the demo, NJ.
nora_gatine: thanks for coming by
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: yes, NJ thank you
AzKathy..arizona_sweet2004: bye bye, see you later
nora_gatine: ok, see all y'all on the flip flop
jill_z_q: bye bye
nora_gatine: xoxo
elissaheart: bye all!
arizona_sweet2004 left the room

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