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Pen Pals

The Chubby Dancer Index: 01, 02, 03,


The Chubby Dancer raw, first of three pictures

001- 03-11-04: The Chubby Dancer after the first curing and in the middle of getting filed.

002- 03-12-04: The Chubby Dancer TLS Make up, before and after. For more on TLS Make up experiments check the tutes. 

003-03-12-04: The Chubby Dancer Details. Here are different shots of various sides and close ups her lower parts.

09-16-06-ReWork: Two years after putting The Chubby Dancer aside I start to rework her. These are the tools I'm using on her cured parts.

09-20-06-ReWork-Index: Three days of reworking The Chubby Dancer I'm feeling as happy as she looks. There's more to do, but here are 5 pictures of her progress.


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