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Reviews  A Hair Raising Overview: This was a reply to Tina's question about applying hair to a polymer clay sculpted figure. There are a number of ways to put hair on a polymer clay figure.
At first I tried rolling out snakes of clay, which was an interesting effect but a PITA to do.

Most sculpted figures with hair, made of mohair or some such fiber, have one hair-do and you're stuck with it. When I was working on Cowboy Kai I wanted hair that could be styled in different ways. My girlfriend Milly brought over some hair extensions, which can be styled, brushed, even hot ironed. I experimented with embedding hair extensions into a raw clay scalp on a cured clay head.
Click on the tumbnails for the enlarged pictures so you can read the captions.

I found that embedding micro braids was the easiest and after curing I could undo the braids. Kai is from a planet called BrunnenG and they have this hair style that's a big bun on the top of the head.

I could change his hair style for his Kai Indian look.

I had a bald Centaur laying around and I put raw clay on him and embedded hair extensions. This page shows the process of cutting the hair, pin curling the hair, covering the pin curls with a wet strip of gauze before curing. After the cure brusing out the new hair do.

Then I wondered how hair extensions would look on a full sized face.
At the top of that page are links to the chat log for that demo.

Then I found an altogether easier way of doing hair, TLS (translucent Liquid Sculpey) mixed with solid clay color to a consistency of whipped cream or cake frosting, swirl and curl, cure and you're done. Here are a few examples:

and to see it done... No captions on this video:


One hair experiment came from taking faux wood grain, scoring it with a razor a bunch of times and it was an interesting effect. Scroll down to see the figure with a beard and the faux wood grain hair.

So it depends on what sort of effect you want, if you want hair that you can style and restyle as your mood hits you. I don't know if you noticed but the picture on our group home page is Traveling Kai and he is one of the earliest experiments with embedding hair extensions on clay.
Here he is in his traveling trunk.

So was that hair raising enough? LOL


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