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Review:04-29-09: Review of Roses
I started out looking for the easy breezy rose tutes for June (Mininana) and then got the searchies for all 3D roses I could find on my website. Once you get the rose trick down you can do a lot of other things: stretch the petal, ruffle the edges, use different colors, use colors that are not in the kingdom of flowers. So here's a handful of links I gathered up for those who are interested in roses, flowers in general and seeing the steps through screen shots.
and oldie but goody easy breezy rose trick.
Screen shots of a purple rose demo from 2003.
Blurry digital shots from the purple rose demo.



Same rose technique with slices of faux wood...



Same rose technique, stretching and ruffling the petals.



Screen shots of that Fiji lei flower in the making.

The finished lei pendant.




If you practiced your 3D roses and other flowers in solid colors first you can ball them up and practice a couple of times. Sometimes using a different pallet can be interesting: black, pearl, silver.


For those who want to make a 2D rose cane, here's how I designed the rose cane on paper first and then constructed the cane.


Oh, for those who are not sensitive to aromas, I mixed yellow rose essence oil into silver clay and my girlfriend said her clay rose emitted the aroma of yellow rose for a long time, more than a year. Just thought I'd share.

Yeah, sun's out for me and flowers just seem like a fun thing to think about.


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