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Thanksgiving Left Overs and Preparing for the Holidays

Cured with a Finish, check out the difference with the Iced Lemonade with and without a coat of finish. Use Future, or a discount acrylic floor polish, or use flecto verathane if you want. I want things cheap so I use the discount floor polish. 

12-04-03: Cured but with no Finish on them yet.


Use New Ice with the New Orange Tute and get sugared citrus, a holiday favorite from the days before refrigeration. 

12-03-03: Sandwich Earrings, the quick How To on making a sandwich. Take your mini food to go by making your mini food into beads. 

11-29-03-Demo: Holiday Cooking: A whole day of making mini foods. Links to relevant tutes. 

Lemonade Review: I've been wanting to build a section reviewing Iced Lemonade.


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