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March 26, 2009: PhotoPoint pictures that were moved to Epson and that went off line. The screen shots from the webcam demos were salvaged and put in The Demo Screen shots. The pictures that were not screen shots were rebuilt in Rebuilt section.

October 05, 2005: In the last four years the PhotoPoint albums that were "disappeared" have been built into web sections on my two sites. The first three years of tutorials from teaching online were archived on NoraJean.Biz. The last three years of teaching online can be found on this site. What you read below is history.

December 18, 2001: PhotoPoint has gone dark and over 4,000 pictures and over 150 albums of mine are now not available. At last check there were over 326,000 hits and 357 guest book signings. I thank each and every one of the visitors to my PhotoPoint albums and this is what I want to do for you. 

I am putting tutorials on my website. I had been loading up pictures into Photos.Epson.Com and they just announced "Come back in January after our server upgrades." 

Oh a week before Christmas? Good planning, eh? Probably got overwhelmed with the Photopoint refugees, like me. I loaded up 400 pictures just yesterday. 

So I say...there's more than one way to peel a shrimp and I'm going to take this as a big wake up call for me, prompting me to put all my new tutorials up on my site here. I'll be using smaller pictures than I did with PhotoPoint. 

Below is a short list of the tutorials that are on the site now. As I get the other pictures loaded up I'll mark the picture with "On Site" mark so you'll know you're not going off into a Photopoint or Photos.Epson black hole. So going backwards in time I'll be loading up pages that will correspond to the pictures on this website. The most recent have already been loaded up since PhotoPoint has been gasping off and on before it finally died. 

If you were in the middle of working on the Stargazer lilies, for example and are just chunked and bothered that the album is gone WRITE TO ME, let me know which album you want up on this site first. Short Order Tutorials, I know you want to know how to muck about with polymer clay, I just need you to let me know which tutorial you're needing. 

Happy Holy Days to everyone of all beliefs

NoraJean Stone (Gatine)



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