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How To Egg - 001

Step 1) If you don't know how to blow out the innards of an egg you're in for a real treat. Trick to this is to pierce the yolk and stir something sharp, thin, long enough to get up in there and muck about. Poke holes at both ends of the egg. Aim the larger end hopefully larger hole over a bowl. Place your lips around the narrow end and get a good seal and blow. HARD

When you've gotten all the innards out take your now empty egg shell and dunk it in hot soapy water and let bubbles rise up. Let it fill half way and take it out and shake the soapy water out of it. Do that a couple of times, rinse a couple of times.

Dry out the egg shell with at least 10 minutes in a warm oven. It can share space with your clay stuff while it is curing.

Step 2)move step by step through the close up pages to save time.