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How To Egg - 016


Step 16) Again this isn't really a step. I have to admit at this time that this whole egg has been an exercise to use all the scrap clay I had laying about. There are skulls on the lintels of the inside of the egg that are part of the bowl and skull covered eggs. The "feet" and "top" of this egg are the last two millefiori beads (the feet are made of one bead cut in half) left over from the cane that made the M98 plates and such all. The bottom of the outside of the egg where the feet are is the last of the end pieces of the African Trade Egg and African Bowl. The top of the outside of the egg is covered in a skin thin sheet of copper that is left over from the bottom of the miniature pottery I made for the Los Dias De Muertos altar. To me there is no such thing as garbage clay.

To see the Day of the Dead Egg's insides