1) You know the drill, drill the egg, blow, wash, dry in oven 10 min. 2) Cover the egg with a thin layer of white Sculpey then cure. 3) Draw where you want the egg to separate then carve n crack. 4) This is how it looks just cracked through. 5) Cover the inside, overlap the edges, smooth then cure. See (9)
6) Measure and mark where you will carve a space for the hinge. 7) Smerge an anchoring layer of clay for your hings to be set in. Flex back and forth. 8) Cover top of hinge with clay and smerge with edges inside and out, build up under any ledge. 9) when you cure after coating the inside or attaching the hinge, put paper between sides. 10) you don't want your edges to bond and you don't want your hinge to be bonded shut.
11) Now I know it doesn't look to eggish, but... 12) with a little carving and sanding it can look sweet. 13) I had done the inside before doing the outside. 14) This is what it looks like when cured too long...spacing out here. 15) This is the nearly finished egg with polymer clay deocrations.