MizKoshka's old GeoCities: Area51/Shadowlands Site:Work from around 1999  

ClayMan welcomes you, from his hinged egg. He hangs out here and watches over the earlier projects with polymer clay and miniatures for Nora-Jean.

For more current work and the online lessons for CITY-o-Clay please visit my PhotoPoint  albums, over 60 albums as of 9/1/00, highlighting technique, jewelry, miniature food, dolls and the  Desperados: grown up stories done with dolls

How To Projects with Mixed Media
Koi Fish,
How to hinge an Egg,
Book project: clay versus paper;
Gold Folded Box
Kimono and Futon plus some

The Bistro is where Claystress in the egg is hostess. Open with Polymer clay Tea Pots, dishes, munchies, Japan Room picture gallery, Jen's Doll,  Mr Mousie's House, and MSATClayArt's earliest tips.

Food: Breakfasts, Salads, Bento Lunch, Sushi, Peeps, Indian corn,

Dia de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead altar.

MerMom and her baby in a hinged egg.

Hinged and polymer clay covered eggs,
Miniatures  of 98

My First Millefiori,1998.

March 1999
minis: abalone shells, vanity set and thigh high black stocking

What is the Day of the Dead?

New computer graphics

Bonsai Trailer Court: Short stories and computer graphics, Aunty Alias' hang ou

If you are interested in making miniatures
check out MiniScenesAndThings.