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Close up of good end


The side that lived to tell the tale.

Votive bottom

Trumpet beads in M98 can

When you don't know what you are doing. ;-) view one, view two, of broken pretty thingie.

Lovely idea, that curve of the dish and the pointy ends of the cane square, the juxtapostion of sharp and soft, of Appolinian and Diosynsian...but I digress.  Do you think some Liquid Sculpey laid on like a stained glass maker would use the copper and flux, could we increase the bond and not loose the translucency?  Inquiring minds just want to know.

Tube bead in M98 cane

Couldn't even bear to part with the scraps, so they got made into tiny beads.

See what the end pieces of this cane did to this egg.