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Mini Things - Human Study: 06-28-07 Broken Wings: Recycling bits, pieces and building a scene for a broken fairy.

Index - 1 - 12 pictures, recycle old clay and chop it up in a food processor. Dig out your 3D flower experiments. I had a broken mask made years ago and a broken mask is more evocative than a whole one. Toss the elements together and see what sort of composition you can make. That will be the foundation of the mini scene, just waiting for a figure.
Index - 2 - 12 pictures, salvage a broken fairy. Take a happy face and make it serious. Take a young face and age it. Use "line of sight" and "body language" to communicate feeling. Hide the crapped out areas. Plop the fairy in the scene and there ya go.
File Hand:  07-03-07, Actually filing all exposed skin on the fairy, but the hand was as big as a baseball mitt and that had the most drastic filing.

Gyoza Girl Visit - 07-03-07 - Index: It's GYOZA GIRL come to visit. Sharon/ClayChik graduated from culinary school. The face cane that went into the making of Gyoza Girl is our own Sharon, because she made some mini gyoza that were the best back in the early days of the clayart list.


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