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Work Table Index 2007 and 2008 05-27-08 One Tile Index: The tutorials that explain some of these things: Natasha Logs Chop Natasha Index, Bulls Eye and lace cane, Blended Plug, Pinch Pot, Add to a Face Mold.

Memorial Day Tile

Odds and ends done over the week end

Natasha Log Focal Bead

This started out as a Natasha bead. Then it was stretched out to be a tube. The ends of the tubes were pinched into bowl shapes. A bicone Natasha bead was cut in half to make the ends.

Bulls Eye Chop and Toss Pinch Pot

An old copper, silver and pearl bulls eye was chopped and tossed and cut into a Natasha Bead. Then it was formed into a tube. One end of the tube was closed and the rest eas formed into this double bulge pinch pot.

Lace Cane Pendant

It's upside down because it's raw. The copper, silver and pearl bulls eye was reduced and combined to be a lace cane. I sliced four leaf shapes off of that cane and formed a pinch pot. The top part of the pinch pot was stretched and curled for the "handles" where the cord will be strung.

Three Faces

These last three faces have been hanging around for a couple of weeks. Just couldn't justify turning on the oven for three wee faces.


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