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Work Table Index 2007 through 2009 - BEADS

10-03-09: WorkTable I wet sanded the rings and some TOF (tongues of fire) mirror image pendants. I had three pendants that had skewers stuck in them so I reheated them to remove the skewers so I can wet sand those. I have some 5AoF scrap/natasha beads cured on skewers. The last bit of the TOF beads to sand, the tear shaped hanging ones are going to be a bit of a pill since I have to sand them one at a time.

The life of a beader - 09-06-09: What is on my work tables. What you don't see are the bags of beads piled in boxes on the floor.
07-24-09 De-Skewer Beads: What is on my work table, taking beads off of the skewer after wet sanding and floor polish finish.
10-03-08 Collage: WIO-Pop-Up This is the most current collage I've made for my Women's Initiative class. I mentioned creating collages to the ClayMates today as a way of "goosing their muse". This collage is a pop-up book, so there's things that open up on some of the pages that have collages inside.
05-27-08 One Tile Index: Odds and ends done over the Memorial Day week end and hub's vacation. 


05-22-08 Re-Org - Taking a break from rebuilding the former Epson albums and doing a re-org on my work table.
05-13-08 WorkTable 2pm PST

Show and tell shout out to the ClayMates on CITY-o-Clay.

03-28-08: Computer wrestling. Sometimes what's on my work table is tech geek stuff.

April 2007, 2007 Worktable Index: Gathering up the wet sanding sections, showing the beads that are being worked on, links to the canes that went into their chop, gratuitous pictures of me living the glamorous life of the artist.

Chop Index old

Chop Index new

Wet Sanding Tips old

Bead Round Up: Between August and September 2006: Draft page, 10 large pictures on one page, no captions. These pix were up on Flickr because they were not ready for prime time. Now nearly a year later these beads are being bagged.

03-19-07: Wet Sanding and Finishing : This is a colander of PITA stuff. All the things that were loose and had to be sanded carefully. Also the drip dry Inro trick.

04/05/07 Work Table: The skewers that need to be done

04/20/07 Sanding Granny: Still wet sanding a month later. Don't let your wet sanding chores pile up like this. It ain't fun.

04-20-07: Three piles of beads: Three piles of beads: Links to the canes that went into the chop, as well as links to different techniques using chop.

04-23-07 Drip Dry Skewers Index: After skewers of beads get a finish they get sorted, reheated, the beads removed when warm and then bagged. Picture of all bags of beads done during this recent frenzy.

04-24-07 Pendant Penance: 04-24-07 Pendant Penance: This is what I get for making stuff and just throwing them in a drawer. Just like the beads that I've been making out of old cane ends and scraps, these pendants were made during those early experiments. So it stands to reason that I'll find some matching beads for them.


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