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BEADS 11-23-2008: Tear Drop Striped Bead - Remember the natasha banana? That's what gave me the idea of making a natasha bead with stripes. The tear drop shape is an interesting change of pace.

Jelly roll blend

Make a blend of any two colors, jelly roll the blend, form into a square shape cane.

Do the Natasha cut

Take a length of jelly roll blend square cane and cut in half length wise, open like a book. Take both sides and cut length wise again, open like a book. That's the natasha cut.

The natasha'd cane

Ok, this is how we get the stripes on the outer four corners. Remember to have colors that contrast or it'll be hard to see the stripes.

Tiny Tear Drops

Isn't there a song about tiny tear drops? Making a tear drop bead is easy. Round off one end and taper the other. Start it on the turkey skewer and then transfer to a thin bamboo BBQ skewer.

3 Tears per inch

That should be a title of a song, " 3 tears per inch". Anyway this is the brain fart of 3am last night.


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